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» MC6: A Month of Music!, Month of September
 Posted: Jul 3 2017, 11:47 AM
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Welcome to this month's Monthly Contest! These MCs, as they are known, happen every non-holiday month, and are fun little events or contests that staff put up for you members to partake in. Whoo!

user posted image

There's nothing quite like music. It can make people feel a whole spectrum of emotions, and provide inspiration - speaking of which, that's what this month's contest is about!


In this month's contest, we'll give you some songs to listen to! Your job is to pick one that you like, let it inspire you, and write or draw whatever comes into your head. Art and writing will be judged separately, with separate prizes for each.

Our songs are as follows:
- The Arena by Lindsey Stirling
- The Glade from Dust: An Elysian Tail
- Sonera by Thomas Bergersen
- Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite
- The Battle from The Chronicles of Narnia
- Wildlife Exploitation Preserve Ambient from Borderlands 2


Here are the rules of this MC!
  • Pick only one song!
  • You can enter both the art and writing sides of this contest, but may only have one entry for each medium.
  • You can include as many characters in your entry as you wish, but be sure to ask permission if you want to use someone else's character!


Please fill out the form below to participate!
Song Chosen:


user posted image 1st: 1000j and a shiny badge!
user posted image 2nd: 750j and a shiny badge!
user posted image 3rd: 500j and a shiny badge!


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Thanks to SpiritSai for her beautiful art!
 Posted: Aug 1 2017, 02:11 PM
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This event has OPENED! Have fun, guys! :D

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
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 Posted: Aug 5 2017, 12:55 PM
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Name: JPG
Art/Writing?: Writing
Song Chosen: The Glade - Dust: An Elysian Tail - song begins at a certain point which is noted during the piece
“Freak” by JPG

A squire’s life was hard for a being such as Chimaera. While most squires were treated with some level of condescension - especially the bloodthirsty ne’er-do-wells of the Black Knights of Leartes that he shared company with - Chimaera could not even claim camaraderie with more than a handful of individuals. What with his seemingly childish appearance accompanied by the monstrous and beastly features of his tentacle arm and various assimilated aspects of other creatures, the flesh golem found that even in training exercises, it was better to put distance between himself and the group.

Today’s exercise was no different so far. Bikks, a recent orc recruit, and Wedgel, an apparent constant companion of the aforementioned orc, were his partners for the patrol.

As they traded remarks about who would to get to bash what head in, Chimaera found his senses attuned to the forest they were patrolling, wrapping his cloak around his leather-armored self to hide his hideous left arm - the tentacled one - from the world. His monkey tail curled underneath the cloak. Sure, the cloak made him conspicuous, but it was better to leave his form to the imagination - after all, the reality of his monstrosity dwarfed what people imagined was underneath.

Suddenly, an orcish bellow disrupted his focus. “Oy, Chimmy-chum! Wedgie and I got a bet going. If we sees baddies, last ‘un to bash a head in has to buy drinks! You in!?”

Chimaera glanced back at Bikks and Wedgel, his pupil-less eyes gazing from Bikks to Wedgel with a lethargic pace. “You mean of the alcoholic variety?”


Wedgel chimed in. “Eeeheehee, yer a knucklehead, Bikks! Chimmy don’t drink! He’s a kiddo!”

Bikks nudged the goblin. “Shut up, yous gabbin gob! Ise just tryin’ to be...friendly and stuff.” Bikks then grinned toothily at the boy.

Chimaera shook his head at the antics, and resumed keeping vigil over the area as they advanced, while Bikks and Wedgel started arguing over something or other, as they tended to do. He drew himself further into the cloak, wrapping it tightly around himself.

His thoughts turned to the only creature that he could really identify with - the mimic, Dorah. In spite of their demeanors being polar opposites, she was more open-minded to his monstrous form, without treating him as such. Perhaps because she understood how much variety there was to be had in form.

It was at this point during his thoughts that he heard the whispers.

Finally found you…

The boy stopped, stiffening, eyes scanning the area. His right, human hand went to his short sword’s hilt.

“Oy! Chimmy! You spot da baddies?” Bikks bellowed. He could hear Wedgel’s high-pitched giggling.

I see you’ve brought friends. I suppose I’ll have to entertain them too.

Chimaera started to back away, eyes still scanning the area for any sign of the source of the whispers.

(The Glade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofFckFUqYxU )

From behind a tree, an effeminate silver-haired, ponytailed man in a maroon open vest and long-sleeved white shirt befitting that of castle wait staff stepped out, adjusting a set of leather gloves.

“Whozzat? He dun look like no baddie. Look like some bougie wanker.”

Wedgel shouted shrilly. “We are the Black Knights of Leartes. Tell us why yer here or we’ll shank ya where ya stand!”

Chimaera eyed his two companions, before returning his gaze to the silver-haired man. “...we are the Black Knights of Leartes. We are patrolling the area, as we’ve had reports of odd creatures sighted in the area. Would you happen to know of these odd creatures?”

The man grinned - his smile so wide that his eyes seemed to be squeezed shut. “A smelly orc, a loud-mouthed goblin, and a freak of nature want to interrogate me about odd creatures? Surely you jest.”

Chimaera frowned, but inhaled.

Before he could reply, Bikks stepped between the two.

“Who ya callin’ smelly, ya ritzy twat? Gimme dat lip again, and ah’ll smash ya with m’ hammer.”

The well-dressed stranger continued to smile as he turned his squinty-faced look to Bikks. “Excuse me, lapdog of Leartes, but I need to speak with your little friend here. So if you could please bring about your stench elsewhere.”

“Ah’m not sure if I understood everytin youse said to my face, but I don’t like the looks of ya. So it’s hammertime for ya’s!” With a swift motion, Bikks drew out his mighty warhammer and swung it at the frail, effeminate stranger, who leapt out of the way with surprising speed, allowing Bikks to embed his hammer into the ground.

“Bikks, stop - we are not to-”

Drawing an...umbrella? from seemingly nowhere, the stranger jabbed the tip at Bikks’s left eye, extracting a pained roar from the orc. Wedgel rushed over to tend to Bikks as he thrashed about, roaring and clutching his face.

“He is fortunate that I can barely stand the stench of him alive, let alone dead and rotting.” The stranger’s pleasant grin had neither intensified nor faded. He then looked to Chimaera who had since drawn his short-sword and loosened his tentacles from the cloak, holding a dagger with each tendril. “I’m here to reclaim you for Master Icarath. For Lethias’s purposes.”

“I do not know your master...I serve Leartes and only Leartes.”

“You speak of your god like he will swoop down and save you himself.” He paused to clear a lively, amused giggle from his throat.

The well-dressed demon raised a gloved hand into the air, and snapped his fingers. The earth shook, rumbled, and trembled in fear. As the first emaciated, bony hand burst from the earth, the stranger giggled. A humanoid being with a death-like gray-blue hide crawled from the earth, a similar set of tendrils to Chimaera’s own. Unlike Chimaera, the creature held no veil of boyish innocence. Hairless, its beady black eyes devoid of any life, and its mouth only uttering monstrous hissing. Its joints were bent in inhuman ways, beyond that of any contortionist.

“It seems you do not recall what you are.” The stranger clicked his tongue, and wagged his finger. “So much to explain, so little time. First, let us administer the rod, so as not to spoil the child.” With that, he pointed his finger for the creature to attack, still maintaining the same grin.

The creature snaked out his tendrils, grabbing a tree limb above, and swinging at Chimaera with a shrill screeching cry, its right hand revealing long deadly nails - each one the size of a knife - aimed at his throat.

Chimaera brought up his short sword to guard against the nails, but the momentum caused the creature to crash into him, knocking him over, the creature tumbling as it landed a short distance away.

Suddenly, he heard the shrill cry of Wedgel. “Back, back I said, freak!”

“Wedgie, I can’t blasted see! Blood, blood everywhere! Point to the thingy I’m ‘sposed to smash!”

Chimaera eyed the two fellow squires, who were being set upon by another of the creatures. Wedgel was fending it off with his dual-daggers while trying to cover for the half-blind Bikks, his eye still bleeding heavily.

Chimaera then glanced back at the creature that was attacking him. The creature leaped again, hissing as it flew through the air for another strike at Chimaera.

Using his monkey tail, Chimaera grabbed a knife from his boot, and stabbed it into the creature’s chest, as he guarded against the claws with his short sword, kicking the creature up and over himself.

Leaping to his feet, he reached inside his cloak with his tentacled limb, and drew three more knives from his boot/leggings.

“You!” He shouted at the creature.

The creature obliged him, turning, hissing. He also drew the attention of the stranger, who had the same sickeningly content smile on his face. “Oh…?”

It was then that the sound of thundering hooves came galloping about in the distance. An awkward, confused silence set upon the area beneath the galloping storm.

“Hah!” Bikks laughed, forcing it through the pain. “Ya hearz dat? Dat be our boyz to back us up!”

“Mn.” The stranger rubbed at his chin with his gloved hand. “I could wipe you two out easily enough, but they might be too much trouble...I suppose we will have to continue our chat another time. Until next we meet, remember..." He grinned at Chimaera. “To this world, you are, and will always be, a freak. When you desire true purpose, seek your true home.” As he said this, the creature and the stranger faded, as if having never been there.

(end music)


The calvary arrived, and Bikks was patched up. Wedgel volunteered to give the report, but given his shrill voice and Bikks being incapacitated, the lieutenant colonel heard it from Chimaera. All three were commended for their good work on simply surviving, having been set upon by an apparent demon, well beyond their own skill.

Chimaera decided to leave out the parts where Bikks and Wedgel had not exactly been professional.

In the healers’ tent, Chimaera returned to Bikks and Wedgel, the former of which was seated on a hastily set up bench, head wrapped up halfway to a mummy.

Bikks was the first to break the silence, with sedated mutterings. “Oy. Thanks, Chim.”

“It was part of Black Knight duties - to ensure survival of comrades when it does not interfere with the mission. The chances for survival would have dropped if I had not maintaine-”

Wedgel jabbed Chimaera with his elbow. “Just say ‘You’re welcome,’ kiddo. Then rub it in his face.”

Chimaera looked to Wedgel. “If I’m not mistaken, rubbing something in another person’s face is considered rude.”

Bikks laughed raspily. “It’s alright - I like the little wordy bastard like he be. But I tells ya, I wish I had the chance to smash the heads of those...things.”

“The Lieutenant Colonel will file a report on our behalf. Until then...I believe you said last one to bash a head in had to buy drinks. Given that none of us ‘bashed heads in’...” Chimaera offered a small smile. “...does that mean we all buy our own? ...water for me of course.”

Charries (click for further information):
Chimaera - Flesh Golem - Little Wordy Bastard of an Artificial Life Form[/u]
"You are not on guard. I cannot quite comprehend how. Is it not basic life instincts to either be hostile towards or to be fearful of foreign species that operate outside one's worldview?"
Icarath - N'Vaen Demon - High Fantasy Dr. Satan Frankenstein
"Unfortunate. Subject expired sooner than anticipated. Need next subject. Cannot delay research, progress."
Ronaldo - N'Vaen Demon - Icarath's Umbrella-Wielding Demon Butler
“(quote will go here when there is one...)"
Bikks and Wedgel - Orc and Goblin - The Dumbass Dynamic Duo
"Who ya callin’ smelly, ya ritzy twat? Gimme dat lip again, and ah’ll smash ya with m’ hammer."
"Tell us why yer here or we’ll shank ya where ya stand!”
 Posted: Aug 9 2017, 06:51 PM
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Name: Nidelia
Art/Writing?: Art
Song Chosen: The Arena - Lindsey Stirling
Entry: user posted image

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