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» Character - Ogzagurr Ice-Rider
Ogzagurr Ice-Rider

Male, Yeti, Neutral Evil

143 years old

8’2” (2.5 m) 385 lbs (175 kg)

Towers even over other yeti, and outweighs nearly any humanoid many as well. Dark, pale purple skin (#ccaad4) is contrasted by hair akin to a polar bear’s in terms of color. Much like his clan-mates, Ogzagurr’s hair grows thick to keep warm, though his is kept cropped short for his travels into warm lands.
Burly arms give the large orc the strength to wield two large axes, topped with deadly picks at the butt ends he uses for climbing. Pale emerald eyes take in the world with a reservedness that only dissipates in trusted company. Thick leather armor, fur intact, protects against the cold and the claws of wild animals, further increasing his resilience and adding to his already imposing physical presence.
His broad, flat nose leading to a mouth equipped with two strong, thick tusks jutting up and slightly outward, almost announcing the deep scar running down to his chin from his left tusk. His upper lip, too, is permanently split, while a similar scar cleaves his eyebrow in two before traveling up Ogzagurr’s forehead, courtesy of a polar bear attempting to relieve him of his cranial pressures.

Like his clan-mates, Ogzagurr has nothing but disdain for magic. However, unlike most others, he does not hate magic users, only pity them for their weakness and their need to rely on something so intangible as magic. To him, the heft of a blade or club is far more reliable.
Thick arms easily swing in one hand what any of his kin would need two for, slowly carving through the ranks of any stupid enough to get within his long reach. If his axes can’t be used to their fullest, though, the huge yeti relies on grappling with foes, crushing them with his fists if he can, or squeezing the life from them in a deadly bear hug. Once incapacitated, victims are tossed aside to die a slow, painful death… if they’re lucky.

Ogzagurr has spent little time with his clan, far removed from the world on their mountain. His first raid, source of his name, gave the large yeti a growing, unquenchable desire to explore the lands beyond his frozen home. Before he had even reached his seventieth name-day, the powerful warrior trekked out from his home, carrying naught but an axe, the furs from his latest hunt, and the clothes on his back, eager to explore the world and all it had for the taking.
For decades, the yeti has roamed various lands, honing his skills and making a decent living off of contracting himself out. Soon, though, he plans to walk a new road in life.
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"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"
Yeah, I figured I'd wait to use him until that got worked with. As things need changing, I'll change them before it gets accepted :D
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