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Country of Jes're'en


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SETTING: Various, starting at Roth Manor in Z'Leaf in Jes're'en
WEATHER: Rain, Thunderstorm.
TIME: Roughly 10:00 PM.
CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Lykoth (Asreal), Morgan Roth/Sedna (JPG), YOUR CHARRIE.

Note: We would prefer bounty hunters and mercenaries for the purpose of this RP. The job is on the more immoral side of things. You've been warned.

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The rain fell as if a million grains of rice upon stone, drowning out all else in its deluge. The flash of lightning and crack of thunder illuminated the night sky's clouds and split the raucuous cacophony of rain.

Roth Manor was an impressive sight to behold. The porcelain white walls, seemingly scoured of any scum or dirt, contrasted against the darkness, standing out in the rainstorm. The double doors were made of mahogany painted white and lined with hand-engraved gold trim. Two heavily clad knights stood forebodingly in front of the door, keeping a close eye out, while an attendant stood in a heavy cloak in the middle. Their helmets and hoods all hid their faces from any onlookers.

Several job postings had led a small group of mercenaries to this manor. Roth Morgan was the owner of a chain of famous Inns and Taverns known as the Golden Sail, as well as several properties known as "Roth's Street Bazaars." His family was a renowned group of merchants that were well known to participate in nepotistic hiring, price gouging, price-fixing, and other legal-but-unfair economic practices.

The job entailed was only shared among the hush-hush lines of communication. Someone's head needed to be rolled and brought on a silver platter. It paid QUITE well - 5,000,000 jaden was to be split among those who cooperated in this job. Further details were to be provided upon entering the manor on this dark and stormy night.

The soles of the black leather boots made no sound, despite obviously being combat type boots. (what was fitting for that time) But the steps were precise and sure, as the owner of the feet in said shoes walked through the rain towards the doors of the mansion. The person was dressed fully in black, but the most noticeable would be the cloak they wore; it flows down to around their ankles, closed around the front, and the hood hid their features completely, except that it seemed like their eyes had a strange electric blue glow beneath the hood.

Upon reaching the door they stopped, but didn't immediately knock on the door. Instead they stood there in front of the knights, not saying anything for several minutes, in fact, most knights, if they witnessed this, would have started to get uneasy with how long this person waited. "I am here to inquire about the job posting," the person says simply. Their voice would be slightly muffled out from under the hood, and just barely audible over the rain, making it impossible to discern the person's gender.

But the person knew the knights could hear them just fine from how they spoke. To this person, voice projection was key, they didn't want anyone to know anything about them until they were ready, after all... not many people approved of a lot of people like them.

I'm a little tea pot short and stout, thi- hey, whoa, wait, it's not time to tip me over and pour me out!

Natheniel S | Human
Alinoa S | Vampire
Balinore | Pure Elf
Sylvia | Gem Drake
The damp leaves on the ground flailed a bit and then picked up, swirling about as a miniature whirlwind formed just outside the grounds. Within that whirlwind, a figure silhouetted in the night slowly landed, his descent cushioned by the air.

It had been a long time since he had jumped between Realms. He had stayed in Felnova, mostly near Albronel, during his various jobs as a mercenary, so he found the change of pace refreshing. Unfortunately, it had still taken a while to get there because he had no clue where he was when he had stepped out of his slash-portal. He should have looked at a picture of the manor first... That didn’t matter now that he was here, however.

The wild air currents subsided, toning down into the regular nighttime breeze. As he approached the manor, his features became more clear — a worgen of sturdy build and imposing height, with a bushy tail just visible behind him.

What also became clear was that he was dressed for the occasion; his outfit was entirely black, matching his fur and contrasting starkly with the two crimson eyes that looked as if they were glowing from the shadow they were surrounded with. The hood had two slits on the top from which two lupine ears protruded. He appeared to be wearing a simple, featureless dark cloak, its hood almost completely blocking his eyes from outside view. The front was open, which made it look more like a coat, and under it equally black garments could be seen, a simple light shirt and pants. His feet were wrapped so that it stopped them from being hurt on rough terrain.

He came to the door of the manor and, unsure of the protocol for entering, stayed in front of the entrance for a moment. That was when he noticed the person standing next to him. Must be here for the same reason I’m here for, he thought as he regarded them. “You’re here for the job posting, aren’t you? Look forward to working with you.” His voice was deep and strong but a tiny bit scratchy, as if he was constantly growling under his breath.

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Main: Lykoth
Other chars: Demise
The cloaked attendant would eye the two newcomers. Weirdos. But they were always weirdos - who else would kill for a living? He nodded, and made a seemingly dismissive motion to one of the guards with a wave of his wrist. On cue, the knight would open the door with a grinding creak.


In contrast to the depressing downpour outside, the halls of the manor were massive, and the glint of gold, silver, and diamond was everywhere - the merchant lived better than how they might have imagined some royalty would! There was an avant garde statue pouring water into a pond-sized pool, nestled between two curved stair cases on either side, leading up to the second floor. Scarlet carpet lined the floor everywhere, gold trimmings noting which paths were available. Everything seemed clean enough to eat, sleep, and even kiss if it was so desired.

The simply armored knight would start up one of these stairs - with a glance, he bid the two newcomers to follow. For how armored he was, he could have been simply a poltergeist operating a suit.


Oddly enough, Lykoth didn’t take off his hood when he entered the manor, partly out of a compulsive desire not to reveal his identity — yet — and partly because he was attempting to appear intimidating. Not like he needed to worry about that. With his height and build, and his predatory appearance, he generally made people nervous.

Lykoth took in his surroundings, surprised by the sheer amount of wealth he saw. When he had seen the payout, he figured his hirer was rich, but he had never thought it would be this much. Diamonds and gold in quantities he had thought impossible surrounded him, almost blindingly. “Huh,” he grunted. “I figured he would be wealthy, but this...”

Now that he had seen Roth’s splendor, he was thinking about why he was hired. He quite enjoyed those jobs where someone needed permanent silencing; it gave him opportunities to make connections and sort of play around with his target, and with his odd fascination with games he was sure this job would be a different kind of fun.

When the knight finished speaking, Lykoth waited for his partner-to-be to climb first out of courtesy. He would follow her once she began to climb.

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Main: Lykoth
Other chars: Demise
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