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By Tooth And Claw Dragons > Vystriana > Fire Burning

Posted by: Concinnity Jul 6 2018, 02:28 PM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Concinnity, @Elffriend

SETTING: Vystriana, Song Forest

WEATHER: (Autumn) Sunny, cool in the shade.

TIME: Early Morning, Current.

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: (Conni) Adrian, (Elf) The Elf Friend

Posted by: Concinnity Jul 6 2018, 02:40 PM
Adrian was covered in soot, turning his normally white hair dark grey. He had been fighting the fire for hours now and still, it was only early morning. Pausing to cough a little of the smoke from his lungs he turned and left the firebreak that he had just cleared and moved towards where the fire was now moving.

He raced through the trees, rob hitched up and his Sikrin wood staff strapped across his back for ease of movement. He needed to get ahead of the fire so that he could again create a firebreak and at least slow the fire and turn it on itself.

Coming sharply around a large Redwood he skidded to a halt upon finding himself almost face to fact with a very odd figure. Instinctively pulling up his Seer ability in order to brace for a possible attack he saw... nothing. Knowing that the man in front of him meant him no personal harm, at least for the moment, Adrian relaxed somewhat and address him in the most time practical way he could,

"Friend or Foe?"

Posted by: Elffri3nd Jul 6 2018, 03:08 PM
The Elf Friend had been have a very nice morning. He had gone out for a morning walk around the woods, his nirn on his shoulders as he walked. Everything seemed fine at first, until he started to smell smoke. He had no way of knowing how bad the fire was.

He began moving towards the fire to investigate it's source but it didn't take long before he could feel the heat. The Elf Fiend instantly realized that the forest was on fire, that his home was on fire. This filled him with anger. He held a staff in his hand so tightly that he thought that it might snap in his hands.

He swung his staff and mist shot threw the air at the fire. As it shot through the air it became thicker and thicker until it was blasting the fire. He grabbed his other staff and stabbed it into the ground. He let go of it and it stood by itself. Roots seemed to grow from it towards where the fire was until it connected to the trees. The Elf Friend was attempting to preserve the trees as much as he could while he put the fire out. He didn't know how much he would be able to do. He didn't normally use this much magic. He normally was very precise about what he was doing.

As he was putting out the fire, he was approached by another. He had no idea who this man was but he hoped that he was here to help. When the man asked if he was friend or foe, the Elf Friend simply pointed towards the trees, showing him that he was trying to put out the fire.

Posted by: Concinnity Jul 8 2018, 03:55 AM
Adrian eyed the masked figure before him for a moment before looking to see what he was doing. Adrian could sense the magics that he was pumping into the trees nearest the staff that was planted in the ground nearby to keep them alive against the heat of the fire.

With a small nod, he again set his staff across his back before stepping up next to the man, a Liniah, he suspected from the nin that was close by and carefully dipped his hand into an inner pocket, mentally judging how many seeds he had left before pulling one out. Holding it in his hand he pointed towards the fire and said,

"I suspect mage fire. The burn does not feel like a natural one. If I am correct then we cannot stop it until the mage is stopped... but we can limit its ability to easily spread." He held opened his hand and showed the man the seed, "What we need is a fire break, something that it can't get past." With that, he flung the seeds towards the fire and started a low, throaty hum. Before it had even touched the ground it had started to sprout and grow at an unnatural rate.

Quickly the seed grew and spread along through the trees, turning into an overlarge and hungry Fire Vine. Quickly it reached the flames and as the flames licked the leaves it whole plant became to bloom and grow on it's own. Feeding off the head and flames.

Turning the Liniah with a smile and even with the youthful complexion of all elves and the confidence that shone from him, you could still see the tiredness and fatigue that the day had wrought on him around his eyes.

"They grow beside the volcanic pools in Driakkion in the realm of Evylon." He said, "And feed on the heat and flames from the Lava. It won't hold forever but it should buy us time...or someone time, to stop this." Again he turned towards the fire and the now happily feeding Fire Vine and added in an offhand way, "And to think that I thought those seeds were a bad impulse buy!"

Posted by: Verridith Jul 8 2018, 12:55 PM
user posted image

Oh no! An earthquake has stricken the area in which your characters are located in! It can be as big or as little as you want, just remember to make it happen!

You have 5 posts to work this plot event into your thread! Thank you!

Posted by: Elffri3nd Jul 11 2018, 03:03 PM
It would be hard to see it but the Liniah was starting beginning to get tired. He couldn't see what the druid was doing but he could sense it. He could sense the magic. He knew that he would have to have faith in this druid if he was had a any hope of saving the forest. The elf was right, they would need to make a fire break to prevent the fire from spreading.

The Elf Friend grabbed his staff and pulled it out of the ground. It gave a little resistance as the roots broke off. What he was about to do was the exact opposite of what he would like. It made he sad to do it. He turn to the trees that hadn't been affect by the fire. He took a deep breath and stabbed the same staff into the ground. This time roots didn't grow from it, instead the roots of the trees seem to move toward it ever so slightly and they seemed to wither. Before long the tree had completely died but then they withered until there was nothing left of them.

The Elf Friend had made a descent clearing in the trees but he knew it wouldn't be enough to stop the fire. He grabbed his staff again and slammed it into the ground with his other staff. It seemed to time it perfectly with an earthquake and used it to his advantage. With just a little magic he manage to amplify the earthquake and the ground split open. He hoped that it would help protect the forest.

He took a step back, somewhat stumbling. He looked towards the druid. He wondered what he was thinking. He knew that if they wanted to save the forest there was still a lot more work they had to do.

Posted by: Concinnity Jul 13 2018, 02:18 AM
Adrian winced a little as the Liniah cleared a space between the trees. He knew that is would help greatly to slow the fire but still, he went against his nature. He was also aware of how much power had gone into creating the clearing, but it was when the Liniah used the forces from the earthquake that he really eyed him. Under the odd exterior, there lay a very powerful magic user.

Something that could be very helpful in slowing the fire. But he could also see that he was as tired, or even more so than he was. There was a slump to how the Liniah stood that spoke of great weariness.

"Well... that should slow it for a time." He said, as he rolled his shoulders to ease the general tiredness that lurked under the adrenaline. "I am Adrian by the way... one of the Druids in these parts. My plan was to try and surround the fire to keep it burning in a controlled area but now I think that it is too larger for that. The best thing I can think of is to simply try and slow its advance, maybe long enough for it to turn back on itself. Even if it is a mage fueled fire it will make it hard to keep burning and will drain more of the mages energy if it doesn't have fuel to burn."

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