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» Sahria, [x] Dawnling || Female
Name: Sahria

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Species: Dawnling (Halgian X Vystrian Elf)


Being part Halgian and part Vystrian Elf, Sahria has an interesting look about her. She has obtained most of her Elf mother’s features, however her Halgian father has left her literally pale in comparison. Her would be flaming red hair seems as if it has been snuffed out with a thin white veil, her forest green eyes are dimmed to the colour of an olive. Even the skin covering her body has the glow of only a memory of a dark-skinned elf. Despite her washed out features, the smile that is commonly displayed on her face tends to brighten her entire appearance. She stands at a tall 6’3 with long limbs and lean muscle coverage.

As she has lived in Evylon amongst the Halgians all her life, she dresses and acts similarly. All of the clothes she owns tend to be a light pastel colour. She is most commonly seen wearing either a flowing dress with a tight bodice or a tight-fitting blouse paired with a loose-fitting, light-weight pants. A number of different styles of belts can also be found strapped around her waist each day, her mithril dagger attached. Her light-grey cloak is often seen on her shoulders, especially when traveling or in colder weather. She usually wears one of three pairs of shoes, those being a taller boot with a thick heel, an ankle boot with a thick heel, or a pair of flat shoes for more formal occasions.

She is always wearing a thin mithril necklace with a small tree pendant that was given to her at a young age by her mother. More recently she has obtained a double-edged sword with an elegant forest pattern engraved on it which she wears on her left hip.


Sahria is a light-hearted, seemingly happy, outgoing woman on the outside. She is always friendly to those around her, and stands up to those who are unkind. This being said, she can be shy when meeting new people, depending on the situation, but warms up quickly to them.

Sahria has some family issues, which has always made her feel the need to hide her true feelings and put up a friendly front. Sahria’s mother always had difficulty living amongst Halgians, as she had always wished that she could have been of their race. Because of this, she always pushed Sahria to be the perfect definition of what a Halgian should be, leaving her always unsatisfied with who she was. Although her father was much kinder and accepting, the damage of her mother’s pressure has shaped Sahria’s mind into an ever self-loathing world. She is currently still trying to accept herself for who she is, as it has been a rocky path.

Even with her happy exterior, she is extremely competitive and can be a sore loser, though she doesn’t necessarily show it to others. When competing or learning new skills, she gives it her all, making her an excellent pupil. She also has a lot of anger towards people who feel they are superior, and although she has always had success in keeping her feelings to herself, she gets closer and closer to breaking every day.

All in all, she keeps her emotions hidden, and it is rare to see her break. Since it is difficult for her to open up, she never keeps good friends for very long.


Sahria is quite adept at riding horses and connecting with animals. She grew a special love for all animals ever since she was a little girl. Most animals are generally honest, pure beings, and she felt they were better company than her peers. Knowing this, her father enrolled her in horse-riding lessons at a young age, and eventually she obtained her ever faithful companion Elven Rohn’na stallion, Maverick. Maverick is a black 4 year old, who, classic to most stallions, can be a bit of a knucklehead, especially when other horses are present. He is very smart, however, and has served her well over the years.

She has also learned basic sword-play, and has excelled in it. She is quite quick on her feet despite her long limbs, as most elven descendants are. Her fighting ability even without a weapon is quite good, and she grows in strength every day.

Apart from her physical abilities, Sahria is also good at earning others trust and respect quickly. Due to her happy and friendly outward personality, people tend to like and accept her without a second thought. This can sometimes give her an advantage with people she isn’t necessarily fond of.


Although Sahria is quite good with a sword, she has been unable to learn archery. She lacks the steady hand and eye of a proper archer. This being said, she is also terrible at any type of throwing actions, such as using a spear, or even throwing rocks. Basically, she has terrible aim.

She is also not very skilled at the art of magic, although she hasn’t pursued learning it yet. When she does, she will find that her skills are extremely limited.

Putting aside her physical weaknesses, she also has some psychological weaknesses. Although she often defends people against unkind people, she has extreme difficulty defending herself against unkind people. She takes any type of criticism or insults extremely personally, which tends to affect her abilities. For example, if she was in the middle of sparring with someone and they insulted her in some way, she would become flustered and would most likely lose the battle. She has immense difficulty staying outside of her head, which is something that she is trying to improve on.

Lastly, Sahria has a terrible sense of humour, meaning she could not tell a joke if her life depended on it, and the jokes she does end up telling are either inappropriate, or just awkward.


Sahria - Dawnling || Female || In Use
Maeya - Vystrian Lion (Rahima) || Female || Not In Use
Azrog - Lethaos Demon (FOH) || Male || Not In Use
James - Human (FOH) || Male || Not In Use
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