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Welcome to the land of dragons and elves; demons and death. Here, you may weave tales of all creatures, great and small - magic is found in everything, and many worlds one can explore are open for discovery. By Tooth And Claw Dragons, often shortened to BTACD, is an original high fantasy role-play site with over eighty species and ten solid worlds, fifteen years strong. Freedom of creativity is boundless within the established lore, and member suggestions are not only accepted, but encouraged. We release new content monthly, and are always expanding our wondrous Realms. Come and play with magic, honor the great gods, and beware the balance that governs all...
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Today at 10:57 am
Name: Jack aka Cracker Jack, One Eyed Ripper Jack
Species: Cyclops
Gender: Male

Towering over most at a massive 13’ tall, the cyclops known as Jack often keeps his red-irised cyclopian hallmark covered by a metal plate helmet which covers the unsightly eye. A brute in size, form, and combat prowess, but carrying a certain gentleness in his movements, Jack is a being of much contradiction. He is often found wearing a bright green sleeveless tunic and sandals.

His battle gear, which he keeps in storage in case a serious threat comes along, consists of spiked pauldrons and black studded leather armor - haphazardly clodged together. To fight threats to Ning Su’s orphans, he takes off his helm so he can see properly - revealing a long mud brown mane of wild unkempt hair.

Martial Prowess: In a past life, One-Eyed Ripper Jack was a slaughterer of many - men, women, even children. He is most skilled with a chain sickle - an odd choice for a clumsy cyclops - as well as his fists and feet. When engaging with enemies, he takes off his helmet to see properly.

Intelligence is relative: While Cracker Jack is no genius by any stretch of the imagination, he is more cordial and refined than most of his time. And he smells pleasant enough to boot. His diction is clear if simple.

Driven: Activated when Jack is protecting children. When protecting Ning Su’s orphanage, Jack is able to overtax his body. However, this comes at the cost of his own well-being, as can be seen in the weaknesses.

No Magic: Zip zilch zero. Can’t even make portals.

For the Chilluns: Jack has one goal - protect the children at any cost. He takes this to heart - if his life can be given up for the sake of children, he will, no questions asked. This is non negotiable. Worse, if children are hurt on his watch, he falls into a depression lasting weeks.

In a previous life, Jack was known by his bandit/mercenary name: “One-Eyed Ripper Jack.” A monstrous being whose crew, the Jack Pack, was known to massacre entire merchant caravans, leaving no survivors. No remorse, no mercy, no regrets. While he was not of legendary renown, he was a feared name among the mountains and desert where he dwelled - the Exodus Desert and the Darklights.

That is, until he came upon a curious event.

Normally Jack’s presence scared children off, or scared them shitless. However, on one particular raid, a father had tried to protect his little girl. A common sight. He had bought enough time for his little girl to escape. Fair enough, they could chase her down later.

But then, the little girl with clearly no training stepped up and brandished her father’s dagger - barely able to lift it. She stabbed him in his shin.

The assault, resulting pain, and audacity of the little girl shocked him. It troubled him. In his shock, the girl was able to drag her father away with a feat of nearly inhuman strength.

While he was used to the sight of people throwing their lives for each other, the little girl’s boldness and feat of adrenaline in the face of overwhelming odds made him think.


Upon stopping at a nearby town for rest, he allowed his gang to move on ahead. He had some thinking to do. The look of both conviction and anger vexed him greatly.

It was then he heard a scuffle ahead of him. His gang was being thrashed by an old woman protecting a young orc girl, who held onto a younger girl made of swirling reiatsu - individuals who he would come to know as Ning Su, the elderly dragon, Liangyu the fire elemental orc, and Feng Feng, the storm elemental - and both of them were protecting the girl from earlier.

Ignoring the presence of the young girl, he chewed out his gang, giving the excuse that they couldn’t even manage to beat up an old woman who was clearly carrying nothing. He found that they turned on him almost immediately - pointing out the hypocrisy - they weren’t idiots, they saw that the little girl was there - the one he failed to stop, the one that he let scar his leg.

He lashed out with his chain sickle - attempting to draw their ire away from the old woman and her little girls.

Immediately, he was clubbed from behind by one of his bigger members, and he felt their weapons raining all over him before blacking out.

When he came to, he was being tended to by the four, in some place deep in the Darklights.

“We could use a brute like you for a bouncer. How would you like to wash your clothes clean of all that blood and get fed as well, young man?” the old hag inquired. “Maybe find the answers you seek.”

At first, the big blood-thirsty cyclops was bewildered. But in the orchard outside the orphanage, the children often had him crack the local nuts for them - breaking the shells with his massive fingers.

“Thank you, Mr...!”

“Call me...Cracker Jack.”
Yesterday at 09:33 am
Anyone who has a crazy ass character idea they just want to run loose with.

SETTING: Probably starting with Vystriana

WEATHER: varies

TIME: equivalent of 11 AM

Bear Hans n Thunderthrash (JPG)

The purpose of this thread is to act as an outlet for nuttery. About the only thing we'll turn down is anyone trying to undercut fun. If you're up for wacky shenanigans with high octane ACTION AND TESTOSTERONE we're welcoming. ;)

Only rule is that it has to be an existing character in BTACD - lore is followed loosely, and rules of keeping it completely 100% IC are bent.

Essentially, you are all a bunch of mercenaries in a guild somewhat resembling a parody of a superhero group (with the word 'hero' being used super loosely). I'll be tossing out dumb missions for you all to run amok on. Depending on how many are involved, I might have to modify posting order or something. We'll fly by the seat of our pants on this.

Not going to put a hard limit on characters, but I am going to urge you try to keep it so you're not chattering with yourself endlessly.
Mar 18 2018, 03:35 PM
Name: Caerbannog
Species: Demon; Lethaos; War/Death Kingdom Cross-bred
Gender: Male

A hulking, minotaur-sized creature with white fur and front teeth like a sabretooth tiger’s fangs, Caerbannog is a frightening monstrosity standing at 9’ tall and with arms about the size of the torso of the average humanoid in diameter. His eyes engulfed in a bright red hue, and his fur is matted with dirt, mud, and blood. His legs are thicker than the oldest of trees - and from the looks of them, one good kick could snap such a tree in half. Of curious note are his ears, which are long and floppy, much like a rabbit’s. His shoulders have natural spikes jutting from them. Upon his forehead are an array of deer-like antlers - some of the thicker ones near the bottom curling up like that of a ram.

His cloth often is gladiator style. Loincloth, leather harness over his chest, necklace made from the fangs and teeth of his victims.

Enhanced Strength/Agility: Caerbannog’s physical prowess matches the pinnacle of Lethaos. Able to cross large gaps in a single leap, and snapping lesser beings in two with his mighty axe or hammer, the only warning that can be given is to fear the bunny.

Stealthy: Caerbannog is surprisingly quiet when he wants to be. Able to slip around quiet as a mouse, it tends to get very loud very fast when he does decide to attack.

Martial Combat Prowess: Caerbannog is skilled with just about any common weapon - he favors ones that take advantage of his ridiculous strength, such as his favored two-handed battle-axe, a greatsword in the shape of a ginormous cleaver, a ball-and-chain, and a sledgehammer.

Heightened Senses: Caerbannog can also hear, smell, and see better than most creatures. This makes him hard to sneak up on.

Lunar Boost: While Caerbannog is not solely reliant on the moon, lunar energy further enhances his strength and agility - making him capable of competing with lower-class N’vaen. However, this makes him uncontrollable - to the point where even Cirque has to step back as he cuts loose.

Dumb-bunny: Caerbannog is not very bright. Borderline feral and single-minded, he often serves as Cirque’s muscle, and little more. And while he can sense something wrong and tends to pick up on traps, he is poor at knowing when he is being duped. It should be noted that in spite of this, Caerbannog is still intelligent enough to know how to execute an ambush.

Little-to-No Magic: Caerbannog has few magical powers to speak of. While he can open portals and do some barebones basics, he is much less dependent on magic than other demons.

Dual Curse: Caerbannog has both the Death and War curses - this means he must both kill on a regular basis and consume blood or risk wasting away.

Cirque generally trusts few people. But there is an ancient saying among the realms. “Children and fools tell the truth.” If you want someone trustworthy, find someone who is shit at telling lies.

Enter Caerbannog. A burly rabbit-based Lethaos, Caerbannog is a cross-breed between a Death Kingdom and War Kingdom demon. Ergo, no kingdom wants him. Cursed with both the death and war kingdom curses. Feral and unable to form proper thought without the word ‘kill’ somehow involved.

Cirque’s penchant for wanton violence and destruction made him very alluring, as does the Stars of Arcana. While he’s not quite intelligent enough to consider the higher-minded concepts, unleashing Caerbannog in an area can be quite a sight for those thirsty for carnage.
Mar 16 2018, 04:08 PM
Name: Lilyath
Specie: Undead; Technically Revenant/Demon; N’vaen / Elemental; Florid; Necrobloom
Gender: Female
Appearance: The brightly colored warning petals of a necrobloom adorned Lilyath’s head like a hat of sorts, a smaller rose-like construct adorning the top. Cascading spindly vines pouring from the top of her head took the appearance of hair. Her flesh was a sickly olive green, and her eyes stared ahead in a a constant, zombie-like lethargic tranquility. A darker shade of a leafy substance covered the torso of her humanoid portion.

Everything from the legs on down is an even larger necrobloom - about the size of a closet. The vine-tendrils writhed dangerously, showing that in spite of her deathly-ill colorization, this beast is certainly very alive, and very deadly.

Necromage: as a Necrobloom, it is only natural that Lilyath utilizes the arts of necromagic. Able to utilize the dead that she often surrounds herself with, Lilyath’s minions often have beautiful flowers growing out of various orifices.

Creeper Vines: Lilyath’s vines extend massively underground as a vast network unto themselves. These vines tunnel through the earth at quick speeds in order for sneak attacks. In addition, the spines on these vines inject various venoms into her victims or targets, such as necromage viruses.

Sporespray: Lilyath's vines also contain several pre-bloom buds. On her command, these buds burst opens, spraying clouds of spores, which are highly poisonous to those that inhale it. While it has little effect on elementals and any inorganic creature, prolonged exposure to these clouds can even make the proud, majestic dragons fall ill.

Dark/Earth Reiatsu: Lilyath is skilled in the use of magic. Her most common uses involve shrouding areas in darkness for sneak attacks and to induce fear as well as necromagic applications. In addition her earth magic allows rapidly grow any seeds or spores - which is how some of her seed-based attacks work.

Regeneration: As a plant, few bits of Lilyath can be severed permanently. In order for her to be killed permanently, her body has to be separated from the larger rafflesia at bare minimum. Complete incineration can also work.

Burrowing: Lilyath can burrow her entire body in about three seconds. At this point, she can reappear anywhere there is soft enough dirt as well a path via land. This is essentially how she moves.

Flexible Energy Source: Due to her unique composition, Lilyath draws energy from sunlight, darkness, soil, water, and blood, and is also an omnivore on top of this. Given this advantage, she is a hardy plant and will win most wars of attrition (please note, this does not mean she can absorb these elementals, just that she can feed off these as a normal being that feeds off these things can).

Tri’akun: From beneath Lilyath's necrobloom grows what looks to be an oversized-pair of flytrap jaws. These jaws close in on and engulf her, before reopening into Lilyath's tri'akun - a multi-headed flytrap hydra esque creature. In this form, Lilyath spews thick clouds of the necromagic virus from the various mouths on the tips of her vines. This breath attempts to necrotize anything it touches, preparing the target to be fertile ground for Lilyath's garden. In addition, the breath also contains the microscopic seeds for her plants. Stronger or larger creatures can have the constitution necessary to stave off these effects for some time, but organisms that are exposed to this for lengthy period of times generally fall sooner or later, becoming yet another host for her plants.

Fire Weakness: Lilyath must avoid fire at al costs. While she has barriers and can summon vine walls for limited protection, a direct hit by fire can cripple her. In addition, her minions are also similarly weak to fire.

Light Weakness: While Lilyath can absorb natural sunlilght, any focused offensive form of light reiatsu can wound her greatly due to her dual undead/demon nature.

Mobility: Plants are not known for high mobility, and Lilyath is rooted to the spot - her only movement capability is burrowing.

Lilyath was one of Icarath’s assistants in his research. Dealing mostly with collecting herbal ingredients for various reagents, she was loyal to his service as part of the Silus clan. She was also one of the original observers and assistants with creating Chimaera. Her herbs ensured that his pain was relatively minimized - as best she could anyway.

However, Icarath was narrowly focused on his goals. Any sacrifice he needed to make for Lethias, he would. One day, in the aftermath of abandoning Chimaera due to believing his body would not be able to maintain the amount of reiatsu necessary for his purposes, he used her Demon N’vaen body as the subject of his experiment - killing her, replacing her brain, and infusing a high amount of earth elemental reiatsu into her body.

Her soul trapped with a sub-optimally functioning brain, she now speaks in short phrases and obeys Icarath as one of his various abominations.
Mar 10 2018, 12:26 PM
Name: Thunderthrash (The Mountbreaker)
Species: Saurian (Empyrean Sub-Type)
Gender: Female
Appearance: An 18 foot tall maroon-scaled T-rex with a yellow under-belly and orange stripes running down its sides and an iron saddle staked to its back, with a crown of spikes adorning its cranium, Thunderthrash is a truly intimidating sight to behold. With claws replaced with larger, longer darksteel constructs with razor sharp blades affixed to the ‘fingers’ and parts of her face plated with similar Empyrean procedures, as well as a spiked morningstar added to the end of its tail, Thunderthrash is not the sort of saurian you wish to cross.

Fire Breath: Contrary to her name, the dino breathes fire like a dragon. It can also use this to superheat its iron claws, which hold heat well.

Darksteel Claws: Because tiny arms on a T-rex suck shit.

Mountbreaker: Enhanced strength means this T-rex is capable of at least taking a chunk out of a cliff wall, even if ‘mountbreaker’ is possibly a hyperbole.

Call Down the Thunder: Thunderthrash is also surprisingly fast for a lumbering saurian.

Steel Scales: Thunderthrash shrugs off weaker projectiles due to her large size and thick scales.

Ice Age Extinction: Thunderthrash is weak to ice, being cold-blooded.

Big Target: Also weak to incoming projectiles, such as meteorites. It should be noted that more mundane shit like arrows normally cannot pierce her thick scaly hide. Also means oftentimes she can’t be ridden indoors.

No Reiatsu: Beyond her fire breath (which is due to flame sacs and more biologically based), Thunderthrash is incapable of reiatsu due to the empyrean procedure

Having been raised by Hans from hatching, Thunder has been one of his frequent sparring partners as well as loyal friend and mouth. At one point, she had her arms and bits of her face bitten off by a dragon. Desperate, Hans turned to some contacts at the mage tower to have her arms replaced with Empyrean constructs. Meanwhile, he left and confronted the dragon. It is rumored that he punched the dragon so hard that when it landed, the earth quaked as if it were hit by thunder, the ground tremoring under its deaththroes thrashing - at about this time, Thunder awoke. When upon his hearing this event, he claimed the aforementioned rumor was not only true, but it would be the basis of Thunderthrash’s new moniker.

The procedure has left her with lots of anger which can be brought up by a significant amount of pain. This can cause Thunderthrash to...well, thrash about as she goes berserk. At such moments, it is up to Hans to beat her unconscious with a well-placed fist to the face.

Her temperament is gruff and blunt - and contrasting Hans's demeanor, she is anything but jolly.
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