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 The Bird and the Shadow
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Fetiro and Mikhail

SETTING: Vystriana, forest near Namamel


TIME: 2 months ago

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Fetiro and Elizabeth
It was a sunny afternoon, the blinding rays beat down on the forest Fetiro lived in. A pleasant breeze blew through the trees and rustled the leaves, cooling the forest. The young avian in question sat snoring at the base of an oak tree, a dusty tome resting to his side next to a small satchel bag. The book sat open with the cover facing up, barely legible on the front cover was the title of the book "A Tutorial on Invocation" in fading gold lettering. The book was stuffed with bookmarks, most incorrect, and notes written in basic common, written by an obviously wise mage as input on the various spells and pages of information listed in the book. Resting atop the child's head was a seemingly normal rock with a face painted on it. The rock was the size of a large man's fist and has a happy expression painted on it in some kind of red paint.

The sleeping boy's dark red hair blew lightly in the wind, his wings sat folded one on each side of the tree. He snored the time away without a care in the world, the noise obvious to anyone nearby, hopefully he could spent the rest of the day sleeping but that would most likely not be the case.
(OOC: Could you enter in dragon form please, and wait until he at least sees you in dragon form before you shift, Thanks)
Elizabeth moved between the trees. Her long, human legs making swift progress over the ruts and hills of the tree roots. Her pale hands passed over the rough bark that surrounded her. A light breeze blew through her crimson hair, making it wave as though it was alive. Playing with the shadows around her feet, Elizabeth smiled as small sparks of lightning danced. It was as if she was walking on lightning storms. However, Elizabeth's Idyllic joy would be short lived.

A great snore rumbled through the trees. Groaning, Elizabeth scorned the snorer for ruining her walk. She had been planning this little gettaway for months now. Just a few days, all to herself. No studying, no fighting, no scrounging for scraps. Annoyed, Elizabeth's temper began to bleed through.

She wasn't an inherently angry person, but hell, things just had a habit of pissing her off. And this was one of those things. Thee snoring continued, and as she walked on it continued to get louder and louder. The damn thing was practically unbearable. Her hand drifted to the pommel of her blade. Her thoughts drifted with it.

This was a blade that she had carried for centuries. One that had shattered several times and been beaten into submission. Elizabeth smiled, darkly, as she remembered winning it in a contest of strength and skill. On one side of the blade were three letters where there was clearly space for six. The first and the last two letters were carved into the blade itself, close to the guard. They were runes, and the letters were S, L, and D. Three spaces separated the S and the L. It was obviously meant to be the word SHIELD.

Coming to a less dense part of the forest, Elizabeth's electric blue eyes danced about around her. Then, suddenly, a rustling in the branches above her alerted her to whatever it was that snored so loudly. Looking up, she spied the figure of a boy, and avian to be exact. Sighing lightly, Elizabeth forced her hand from her sword's pommel. Instead, she removed the sword, sheath, belt, and all from her side. After laying the weapon down on the ground, she once again looked up at the boy, but instead of anger there was a mischevious glint in her slitted eyes.

Stretching her neck, dark shadows began to billow up around her. They spread out and surrounded the base of the tree. Swallowing her up, the last thing that could be seen was her devilish smile. Small flashes of lightning danced in the dark cloud, undoubtedly waking the boy up. Then, suddenly, a large dragon's head poked out from the cloud of shadow. Its bright blue eyes were the only specks of color to be found. Its long, powerful neck brought its head up and over the boy's figure. Then, in a gargantuan, draconic voice, it spoke.

"Wake up, ya little snorer."
The boy's sleep was invaded by dreams, he dreamed of a field of wheat, golden in the sunlight, dancing with the wind. He lay in the grass staring at the clouds


The rock on the boy's head bounced in a vain attempt to wake the boy from his loud slumber. The dragon in human guise crept closer as Fetiro's dreams led him to a babbling brook, He sat on a rock with his feet dangling in the stream.

Clunk Clunk

The rock again hopped around on the boy's head, attempting to liberate him from his peaceful dreams. Again, in vain. The draconic visitor crept closer still, taking off her belt, scabbard, and sword. The boy's dreams drifted back to the field, this time pitch black as the dragon's scales. Stars dotted the black sky, and the boy stared up at them, trying to make shapes with them as an invisible force pounded on his head, the first he was aware of his friend bouncing on his head.

Clunk Clunk Clunk

As the dragon's transformation was near completion arcs of lightning flashed in the small grove, illuminating the now shadowed trees. The boy's peaceful dreams shifted into a nightmare, the night sky became a raging storm, lightning arced from the heavens and lit the field ablaze. The storm seemed to be conscious, two red orbs burned in the grey clouds, their light making the clouds into a dark red like a bloody mist. A voice from the clouds, booming like thunder, spoke. "Wake up you little snorer."


The youthful avian woke in a cold sweat to see a dragon, a living embodiment of his recent nightmare standing mere inches from him. This was not the first dragon he ever saw, he saw many flying about the forest, Afavos even described their appearance to him, but this was the first dragon he saw this close, and the scariest he ever saw. The boy grabbed the rock off his head, holding it close to his chest like a mother holds a sleeping baby. "Please don't eat me mister dragon!" the boy cried, his words blubbering from his lips, the gargled speech barely coherent. As the dragon's eyes pierced into what seemed like his very soul, the boy remembered something. Magic. "Chromteichious!" the soil near the base of the tree was pulled up, like the peel of an orange. It pulled itself around the boy until it formed a tight dome, the roots of the tree weaved into the earthen shield.

The boy thanked his quick thinking for giving him a second to collect himself as he grabbed his bag and slung it over his shoulder, carefully picking up the tome and placing it into the bag he dusted himself off.

'I wonder how fast a dragon is'
Elizabeth blinked in surprise as the boy surrounded himself in earthen shielding. Weaving herself around the structure, Elizabeth examined it closely. It was awfully well built, even if it was just in the spur of the moment. Elizabeth rifled through her own memories of magic to see what would bring this crashing down.

As she did so, Elizabeth shifted back into her humanoid form. Even though she was a dragon, the woman would be the first to admit that she was far more comfortable in her human form than her draconic one.

The draconic body faded back into a shadowy mass, within which Elizabeth donned her belt, sword, and scabbard once more. Examining her weapon in the near darkness that surrounded her, she turned back on the earthen mound. Stepping towards it, Elizabeth tied her hair back into a ponytail. The curly mess threatening to break the band, she knelt in front of the mound.

Thinking for a moment, the woman smiled. Coming to a conclusion, she began to carve into the earthen shield. "Lae'en," The word slipped from Elizabeth's mouth as she carved in the ancient rune. It would start the process, the spell. Completing the rune with the utmost precision, she moved onto the next one. "Shicur," The next word scarried power with it as it bound itself to the previous letter. However, the process wasn't completed yet. The runes knew that, they only needed one more. Carving carefully, the last rune's name was muttered from ELizabeth's lips, "Dhest."

Immediately, the three runes came together, their power amplifying each other's. The mound visibly loosened as the power shook through it. Elizabeth smiled as she stood up. Letting the Runes take their time, she stretched her back. Then, with one swift kick, Elizabeth struck the earthen mound.
Fetiro caught his breath, just as he finished his deep breath the ground and his barrier shook, he gasped in awe abut also curiosity. This dragon was not only a dragon (and a frightening one at that) but also a wizard of some sort! The boy planned his next move, his energy was barely used but it would be used up quickly if the fight continued like this.

Fetiro though, then and wondrous idea struck him. As the barrier crumbled around him he picked up a handful of the dirt, throwing it into the air "Aspída Parithisi" the dirt vanished and the boy was surrounded by another shield, this one was paper thin and barely used any of his energy, but appeared to be made of rock. Hopefully the draconic woman out there was blind, and thought this was another barrier. Fetiro placed his hand on the ground and dispelled the first barrier he cast, it crumpled to the ground in a ring of gravel and dirt the roots lay uprooted sitting atop the forest floor.

"lófoi zontanoí" the boy whispered to himself, quieter than even a mouse squeak. Magic flowed invisibly through the ground and into the dirt and stone that was once his earth barrier. Telepathically linked to the now animate ground the boy commanded it to lay still, wait for the woman to approach the shield then immobilize her. Fetiro was quite proud of himself and his cunning plan, but wondered why the woman hadn't simply killed him in his sleep, maybe she meant him no harm? Fetiro would surely question the woman if he had a chance, but for now he would focus on saving his own skin.
Elizabeth coughed as the dust settled. All that was left was a another pile of stone. Narrowing her eyes, Elizabeth stepped back a little bit. All she had wanted to do was mess with the little buggert, but then he went and disappeared. Sighing, Elizabeth trained her eyes on the stone that had appeared. It hadn't been there before, she knew that for certain.

Elizabeth's brows knitted together as she studied the structure. There was something odd about it. It looked like stone, but she got the feeling that it was paper thin. However, that didn't make sense. Elizabeth knew stones, and this looked like a natural formation of granite. Just big enough to fit someone within it.

The lightbulb went off.

Elizabeth's frown slowly curved into a smile. Leaning forwards she began to talk. "Hey, Kiddo, why don't you just come on out of there?" Not waiting for much of a reply, Elizabeth walked up closer to the 'stone.' Bent on disrupting the illusion, Elizabeth neglected the illusion that blanketed the ground.

Stepping forwards into the trap's field, Elizabeth's eyes widened in shock. "Shit!" Her exclamation sounded among the trees as the trap was sprung.
The gravel shifted through the air, forming snake-like coils. The coils wrapped around Elizabeth, tying her feet together and wrapping around her arms keeping them firmly stuck to her sides. After Fetiro was sure that his visitor was captured, he dropped the illusion and the second shield. Rocky rolled and hopped happily. "We actually did it Rocky! Wait til Afavos hears this!" The boy exclaimed in glee, his surprise at the outcome clear in his voice.

The boy dusted himself off and straighten his sleeveless tunic and his satchel. Then he picked up the small painted rock and sat it on his shoulder. Pulling an apple from his bag he began to question the dragon.

"So... you're a dragon right, what's your name?" He asked casually, a look of curiosity overtaking his face, before chomping down on the apple. He chewed on his snack before biting another small piece off and sitting it on his shoulder near the rock.

"Why'd you attack me, it's not very nice to scary kids like that yu'know." he said, then chomped down on the apple again, some of the juice running from the sides of his lips. He stretched his wings out and gave them a test flap before folding them again.
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