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» pretty sure I'm over you, [closed ;; MoonBleached]
Hadvar clung to the warm scales of his dragon, Jaddith. The sunny weather had taken a turn for the worse when dark clouds had symbolized the forthcoming of wild rain. Not really terrible winds, but the rain was freezing cold and had soaked the little eight year old to the bone. For a kid who was probably seventy pounds soaking wet, it wasn't the best feeling.

"Jaddith?" he tentatively vocalized, drawing a concerned look and a protectiveconcernedworried wash of emotion over him.

"What is it?" she rumbled softly, gently encouraging him to clamber up on her back. The kiddo did so eagerly, soaking in her attention and concern like a weed. Plus, the warmth radiating from her as he hid beneath the wings that blocked the rain was heavenly.

"Why don't we live in a permanent place?" his voice was so innocent sounding that it nearly tore Jaddith's heart in two.

"I have some bad people after me who want my head," she admitted quietly.

"But you didn't do anything!" Hadvar adorably protested, his long hair clinging to his face in wet, stringy strands.

"No, I didn't," Jaddith murmured softly. "My kin did."


PLAYERS INVOLVED: Jinn & MoonBleached

SETTING: Albronel, Vystriana

WEATHER: random event weather change! went from sunny to storming.

TIME: in the current time. still not sure how to determine the proper date.

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Jaddith, Hadvar, & Kazarekt

Kaz absolutely loved the rain, stepping out from under an archway from where he was resting the avian spread his wings. Tilting back his head, the man closed his eyes, letting the rain wash over him. Even fluffing out his feathers so that rainwater could trickle down to the skin underneath. Rain was a beautiful thing, it helped plants grow, gave nourishment to animals and soothing like the caress from mother when you felt scared.

"Ahh bliss that this is" He spoke to no one in particular thinking himself alone. After a moment or so Kaz shook his wings slightly to even his feather out, loosely folding them. The avian reached into his pouch for a quick snack, pacing slowly as he enjoyed the weather and an herbal biscuit.

The brown thresh Avian visited many locations searching for plants to add to his collections, especially ones he did not currently posses. One could not have enough plants, and in his trade those usually meant healing plants. But some vegetable and fruit plants were scattered through his collection as well. As a good diet was just as much a good healing remedy as any one of his salves, goof body good health.

As the Avian mulled over what plants he had, Kaz just so happened to pass by a few archways, glancing over the earth had a new hill where one usually wasn't.... "Oh" he stopped in surprise it wasn't a hill but a dragon. Well that was a sight for sore eyes, standing there munching on his biscuit Kaz mulled over how he should approach this scenario... And ended up just looking like a weird peeping stalker in the process.

Cupping his hands in the rain to let some of it gather, Hadvar curiously peeked through the white-ish scales of his adopted mum. Bright green eyes scanned around him as he listened to the comforting deep rumble of the voice of the dragon beneath his legs. She was surprisingly warm in the chill of the rain, although with it, Jaddith looked more like a strange ghost of a dragon.

Practically clinging to her huge white form, Hadvar peered over the edge of her huge body and let out a slight 'eeeep!' at how far it was down to the ground. At the same time, he couldn't help but glance around him. He didn't really have a proper fear of the world around him, even being 8 years old didn't help much.

However, green eyes widened in surprise when he saw a... human (?!excitementshockcuriosity) nearby. Or was it a human? It's torso was actually bare from the waist up, producing even more curiosity to why they were half-nude. It also rather told Hadvar that the human, thing, whatever it was, was male. It was currently in the rain, seemingly holding something to its mouth.

They were actually facing the duo, although it seemed like they hadn't actually noticed Hadvar. His excitement dulled slightly, although it grew bigger as he poked Jaddith's left wing with his finger. "Jaddith! Jaddith!" he whispered enthusiastically. The much older dragon hadn't seemed to notice the addition to their left. "Mum! Mummy!~"

"Hmm?" Jaddith lifted her large head curiously, trying to ignore the flare of warmth in her chest when he called her 'mummy.' She wasn't really suitable to raise a human child, but seeing him all alone before had tugged on her heart strings.

"Look!" Hadvar pointed imperiously at the strange human. "Does- what- what's that on his back?" he whispered theatrically to her.

"..Most likely wings, considering his nearly nude state." Jaddith murmured gently. "And don't point. That's rude." she added off-handedly.


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