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» Armored Lions of Evylon, Stalwart allies of the Halgian Empire
 Posted: Sep 9 2017, 11:07 AM
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A pride of Vystrian lions who migrated to Evylon long ago, they ended up developing a close alliance with the Halgian Empire. The Empire recognizes the pride as a client kingdom, acknowledging their king and queen as full monarchs who officially answer only to the Imperial Throne, though they retain a lot of autonomy.

When a lion or lioness comes of age, they are gifted with a suit of specially crafted armor enchanted to protect them from Evylon's magestorms, decorated to fit their personal preferences. The armor is also enchanted so that putting it on and removing it is possible without thumbs, or true hands, typically by means of having the helmet be the only piece that remains visible when removed. These suits of armor are highly valued, and to lose a suit is seen as a great disgrace. To b stripped of their armor is the biggest punishment a member of the pride could possible endure.

Adolescent lions are often assigned to a Venator, or rarely an Amicusii, to serve as an apprentice.

Pride Ranks-
Archon: Leader, can refer to both male or female leaders.
Primus Amicus: Second in command, after the Archon or Archons.
Amicusii: High-ranking lions in the pride who serve as elite warriors and bodyguards.
Vates: The pride shaman, and advisor to the Archon.
Venators: Adult lions and lionesses who serve as both hunters and guards, as needed.
Auxilia: Adolescent lions and lionesses who have yet to receive their personal armor. Generally wear a simple suit of plain armor, and serve as directed.
Cubs are not assigned an official rank.
 Posted: Sep 10 2017, 08:14 AM
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