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 appetite for destruction, greater god ward / half-demon

Ammir is a self-exiled half-demon from Famine, having distanced himself from his family and the Realm who never did him any favors, to strike a new life for himself in the other Realms. Desiring power, Ammir fell into the wrong crowd and learned to ply his silver-tongue towards conning people out of their money and helping the criminal underbelly of society with their trades.

A victim of fate, Ammir has found himself tethered to a powerful, evil God in exchange for his life (he did something he shouldn't have). As the God Ward of Lithmor, he possesses potent power at a price that was more than he bargained for.

A man with an ever-changing persona and a enigmatic charisma, Ammir plays his part in history as a minion of an evil God and does whatever his master ahem, Benefactor commands of him. Mainly... torture and information-gathering.

You've got an appetite for destruction
I guess that makes you just like me


Oh no. Ammir likes to keep people at a distance. He's charming and persuasive, but he's self-centered and ostentatious. He feels things strongly, and that has given him reason to keep others from getting too close. He'll put on a show around you, and act like he enjoys your company, but the less he cares, the more he doesn't have to feel anything about anyone.

Doesn't mean you can't become his friend. Ammir is often a man of conflicted feelings. He's not cold-hearted, he's just jaded. Since he can feel, he will, even if it's against his better judgement. Just don't expect him to be loyal. He's a bloody coward and there's a good chance he'll feed you to the lions to save his own hide. Especially if he can distance himself from you emotionally before he does it.

My mind is a house with walls covered in pain
See, my problem is I don't fix things, I just try to repaint


This fool is a self-made martyr and professional victimizer. He both hates and loves all parts of himself. Cocky, arrogant, disdainful, cowardly, distanced, obstinate are some negative traits about Ammir. In truth, he has more negative traits than he does redeemable ones, even if all the negative traits are hidden by a layer of false kindness.

Ammir dislikes authority and will buck underneath it. Like he both hates and loves himself, Ammir hates his shackles that bind him to Lithmor, but he loves the power that he'd been given - just not necessarily the paths that he is forced to take. All the more reason to hate himself and drive him down the path of self-destruction. It's nothing personal if he as to torture information out of you. He's jut pleasing his master, and saving his own skin in the process.

He despises Kurai, and especially his former homeland, Famine. He's not a fan of other demons, having grown up originally being bullied for his lack of magic and his unique physical traits, then pulling himself up from his boot straps and becoming a small menace on the streets as a youth. A loser with no future, his family relationships blew up and he left that all behind. If Famine burned to the ground, he'd help by tossing a fireball into the inferno.

If this was meant for me, why does it hurt so much?
And if you're not made for me, why did we fall in love?


Ammir is a fan of worldly pleasures of all senses. He'll try anything once (and yes, I know this is 3-1-3, so you can use your imagination on all those things ;D ). He's fond of things of a physical, rather than an emotional, level. He keeps people in the dark, so it would be very hard to get inside his head enough to develop any sort of two-way intimacy. Like his friends, Ammir would be even less willing to let someone get this close to his heart. If if he... there would be much torture and drama to be had. >3

Current Location:
Heartwood, Shi'vrann'aeli, Evylon

PB: Open
LB/Historical: Open

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