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 Merry Melodies, Agent, Couvina, Elffri3nd, and Melka
PLAYERS INVOLVED: @Agent @Couvina @Elffri3nd @Melka

SETTING: Kerguelan, in the city of Leonyss; there's some festival going on

WEATHER: The skies are cloudy and grey

TIME: Current, around midday

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Phobius, Zeke, Idris, Pryxi

In spite of the gloomy weather, the city seemed to be bustling with life—the people especially, with their colorful robes and dresses and long, flowing scarves. There'd been talk of some festival that was going on, which didn't come as much of a surprise to Phobius; although he hadn't been in the city for very long, it seemed like its people found something to celebrate every other day. Standing and watching them from afar as they talked excitedly amongst themselves, he couldn't help but feel a little left out; he wanted to know what was making them so happy but was too hesitant to walk up to one of them and ask. Truth be told, he'd been too hesitant to talk to more than a few people, ever since he'd arrived at the city's gates. It was so different than what he was used to, filled with so many faces that he couldn't recognize... what if he did or said something that made people not like him?

"Hey, you!" cried someone, and Phobius tensed, not even realizing that he'd lost himself in his own thoughts. The somewhat-shrill voice seemed to have come from a xeriin—one with the legs, ears, and antlers of a deer. She waved at him to get his attention, and he waved back, which she seemed to take as a silent invitation to approach him. "You waitin' for a friend or somethin'?" she asked, looking him up and down before her eyes seemed to settle on his own.

"Friend?" Phobius replied, blinking at her. "N-no, no... I'm not waiting for anyone."

"No? Then how come you're just standin' out here?"

Again, he blinked, not knowing quite what to say. Why was he standing here? "I don't know," he admitted after a moment, with a small, sheepish smile, "but everyone seems so happy... I wish I knew why."

He thought that he sounded silly, but if she thought the same, then she didn't show it; she even smiled back at him, and he watched in mild confusion as she unwound a shimmering scarf from her neck. Before he could ask what she was doing, she draped it around his shoulders. "There," she said, giving him a little nod of approval. "It looks good on you; even better than it does on me. Now quit your standin' and starin' come and join the fun!"

"Huh? B-but this is yours, I can't—" But the xeriin wouldn't hear his protests, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him toward the crowd that she'd come from. Then she was gone, and someone else grabbed him, this time by his hands; he saw them smile at him, the corners of their lips reaching their astoundingly bright eyes, and they suddenly twirled, making him twirl with them.

"What are we doing?!" Phobius cried, gripping their hands out of fear of being flung into the air.

"Dancing!" they replied, and they twirled again, and again, and again. It made Phobius feel dizzy, but the smiles and cheers and laughs of the people lightened his mood, and soon enough he was laughing with them; their happiness was contagious, and although he didn't know how to dance, much less who he was even dancing with, it was unbelievably fun.

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Leonyss' bustling street and colorful scenery astounded Idris; different from home, yet exciting. Its citizens were dancing and laughing with colorful robes, filling the air with a radiant atmosphere which, in turn, captivated the kitsune. She shook her head and reminded herself what she was here to do: explore Xaeri's land and nothing more.

With a quick tug on her dull robe and a regretful sigh, Idris started to turn away when her hand was suddenly caught by another.

She hissed; a violent response that took the faun aback.

“Oh! My apologies; I meant no harm.” It had a deep voice, and a sheepish face which didn’t quite match with its appearance, though Idris figured it was because of her reaction. She was not used to normal interactions, and so being approached in this manner came as a surprise.

“If you wouldn’t mind, would you care for a dance?,” The faun continued, its face now beaming with enthusiasm. Idris' mind raced. She desperately wanted to accept, to jump and twirl alongside the others. Instead, she gave the faun a cold gaze and said:

"I'm alright, thanks"

With that, Idris walked towards the nearest area where she could sit and sighed. She could have been dancing- laughing, even, with the people of Leonyss. Feeling somewhat disheartened, she stayed sitting and continued to watch the festivity with envy.

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The air was dense and humid with festivities, quite different the the dry arctic air that this Nzani was used to. He seemed to stand out, as well as blend in with the bustling crowd of Leonyss. He was just a bit more on the pastel side of all the bright colors. He seemed to gently hop in place, clapping his hands enthusiastically to the rhythm of the music that littered the air with their strong, jovial notes. The festivities were more than a perfect distraction for the gentle stranger.

Not too long ago, perhaps a week, there was... something happening in the city he originally took shelter in. Immediate evacuation took place, with large portals set up and maintained for the citizens to escape without worry of opening their own. Through the panic, the soft soul had managed to land himself not terribly far from the bustling town of Leonyss. Thank goodness they were warm and kind to city outsiders, for the Nzani likely would have perished within mere days.

Quite honestly though, Pryxi couldn't tell you why he had to go through the portal. Why he ended up here of all realms and countries. Though, he could tell you why he didn't openly participate in the laughing crowd, or why he was clearly pleased to merely clap. It was hard to dance. Maybe even scary, to be honest. This was especially for the lad himself. Maybe he'd learn one day, but for now... let's not burden the locals with his blind needy self.

His ears twitched softly against his dark hair when he heard something just a tad off kilter with the surrounding applause. It sounded a tad... frumpy? No, regretful? It was a bit difficult to place the tone, though it was close by. Very cautiously, Pryxi extended a foot toward the noise, letting his fabric wrapped foot venture through the trimmed grass. Then, cautiously, another step. That was good for a start hopefully!
"Hello there? Is there someone here?" He spoke, the tone in his voice just as cautious as his awkward steps. His voice seemed to reverberate against his mask into the air, sounding almost like an ethereal entity. It was a genuine voice nonetheless, with small hints of fear. At what was unclear however, considering the fact he seemed to be looking around for something, or that someone that he called to... how on earth could he see through that mask? Could he at all?? Looking like a no for now...
Zeke was being spun in the mass of dancers. He had no idea how many different partners he had had. People just kept grabbing his hand and trying to get him to dance. He didn't mind it but he couldn't keep from stepping on everyone's feet. He honestly didn't know what they expected from him. He was blind after all and Horus wasn't doing to much to help him.

The bird was a little overwhelmed with everything that was going on. There were so many sights and smells. He couldn't relay the information fast enough to the boy. He had given up on riding on Zeke's shoulder. He could hardly stay on while the boy was getting spun around. It also didn't help that he couldn't see over the crowd of people while he was on Zeke's shoulder, he had better visual of everything that was gong on from the sky.

Zeke could just imagine all of the different colors and outfits. He didn't know what they really looked like but Horus did a good job of describing everything. The boy looked as happy as could be. It wasn't often that he got to enjoy festivals like this. Most of the time he was wandering about, traveling from one city to the next. He wanted to see what the world had to offer and it seemed like most of the time it wasn't so good.

After dancing badly a few times he moved away from the crowd to get some rest. His feet were sore. He didn't know that dancing could be so exhausting. He decided that some day he would have to learn how to properly dance. As he walked away Horus left where he had been watching and landed on his shoulder. Together they found somewhere for Zeke to sit.

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For a while the merriment continued, and Phobius laughed and danced until his stomach hurt and his arms and legs ached. As much as he wanted to keep going, he wasn't sure how much longer he'd be able to without hurting himself (or getting sick), so he stopped and, after apologizing to one of his many dance partners, decided to find a place to sit and rest.

Just then, out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of a bird as it soared over the heads of the crowd; it landed on the shoulder of a short-haired boy, who then went to find a place for them to sit and watch the festivities. There were others who'd done the same as him, but Phobius failed to notice them for the moment, fixating on the bird that seemed to have made itself quite comfortable on its living, breathing perch. It didn't take long for his curiosity to get the best of him, and when it did, he decided to make his way over to the two.

"Hello," he said when he reached them, offering them both what he hoped was a warm and friendly smile. "Is it okay if I sit with you...?" He wanted to be polite, but he didn't really wait for an answer from either of them, seating himself beside the boy and staring in admiration at his feathered friend. "I like your bird," he said, and although he was tempted to reach out and touch it, he knew better. Some birds didn't like to be touched by strangers. He couldn't blame them. "What's his name? Or hers, if she's a she. And what's yours? Mine's Phobius."

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