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Jun 5 2018, 07:34 PM

Name: Kisivra

Gender: Female

Species: Vystrian wolf

Pack: Myr Pack

Appearance: Kisivra is a dark green/blue furred wolf with an elongated appearance. She is taller than she should be simply because of her long legs. The dewclaws on the front of her legs are curved and lengthy, which she will use to defend herself if her magic fails her, although if anybody gets that close, she has gotten lax. She has a long, flowing tail that seems to flow without air. Peridot deposits and bioluminescent markings appear on her fur. Feathers grow out of her nape and the base of her tail in the same hue but lighter shade as her fur. She wears a lot of fine chain jewelry and a runic circle in her fur behind her ear. She has pupil-less golden eyes.

Abilities - Earth Elemental:
Connection to nature: Kisivra is interconnected with the land around her. She sends out psychic feelers into the flora and fauna around her to sense her surroundings in an expanding radius from where she is. The farther she sends out these psychic projections, the more taxing it is on her, and she has limitations before she has to withdraw. Through plants she can sense things like: changes in the environment, other living beings in the area, including what they are and how many, the layout of the land, etc. Taking over the senses of other animals (non-sentient) is also a possibility, but then her range is limited to just the animal she temporarily inhabits. She does not control the creature, she can just sense what it senses using the natural senses they possess.

Plants respond to her presence, tilting upwards when she stands near them for a period of time. Bioluminescent plants and fungi glow brighter.

Regeneration: She can draw limited energy from the plant life around her so long as there is some and she is touching them, trading their life for hers, allowing her to knit together minor wounds on her body, although this will kill the plants she draws from. Needless to say, this is not preferred for her, so she only does it when she needs to (which she then uses her familiar to replant). On the brink of death, Kisivra can turn herself into a tree-form of herself - she looks like a miniature dogwood tree with bioluminescent flowers in the vague shape of a wolf. In this form she cannot move, hear, or see, or use any magic while she is regenerating. Someone with plant-speaking abilities could talk to her, but otherwise, besides just feeling the presence of something near, she is essentially a tree. Regeneration takes a couple months, which she will then gradually turn back into a wolf, slowly regaining senses as she goes. She is obviously very vulnerable in a tree state.

Shapeshifting: The rune placed on her forehead allows her to use a condensed form of her earth elemental magic to shift her physical shape. She can change into various animals that she knows of and has seen. They are limited to earth/jungle type fauna (ie. yes to woodland creatures and earth elemental creatures, no pure air, water, light/dark/spiritual creatures). She can transform into a dragon, but it is earth elemental. The more often she shifts and the larger the creature, the more taxing it is on her.

Mindspeaking: Like other vystrian wolves, Kisivra can mindspeak to others. She can speak both the language of wolves and the common tongue.

Weaknesses: Besides the ones listed per her abilities, Kisivra is weak to the elements of fire, lightning, and water.

Personality: Kisivra is a calm-headed, rational wolf. She often sees things clearly, and appears to be someone who can be reasoned with. She can be rather nurturing. Kisivra is devoted entirely to her pack, especially towards the elderly and the pups. She is careful where she steps to avoid stepping on plants and smaller creatures.

She is, however, calculating and is always looking for ways for events to be in her favor. She uses others' misinterpretations of her intentions to turn the tables on them. Despite her "tree hugger" appearance, she is much more accurately described as being like the wilderness - beautiful and calm in appearance with hidden dangers if you step off the path. She can be cold when she wants to be, and if someone was to actually draw anger from her, she can be downright ferocious.

Her Familiar: Kisivra's familiar is a mottled brown owl like dirt with luminous green eyes that glow softly in darkness. His chest patch is a lighter brown/cream in the shape of a leaf. His name is Oren and he is an earth elemental like Kisivra. Oren's feathers, when molted or plucked out willingly, can be planted and will grow into plants, which Kisivra often uses to replace any plants she kills during a regeneration. Oren is a good gardener and loves watching plants grow. He doesn't hurt plants, just animals.
Jun 5 2018, 11:21 AM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: @Bucketorandomness @Birb

SETTING: Outside of Firhos, Stroen'na

WEATHER: Clear skies

TIME: Alu, the 33rd of Meiva; 13030

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Voesi (Birb), Hamid (Bucketorandomness)
Jun 5 2018, 10:32 AM



Kaetiel Oreth is a Halgian / half-elf woman of about 20 years old. She was orphaned as a young child (around 8 years) after a band of orc slavers attacked her family farm in Vystriana and killed her parents and her twin brother. She alone escaped, aided by an attack from a "shiny winged beast like a dragon" which she didn't get a good look at before she fled for her life. She took that as a sign and has devoted her life to a dragon god, which she chose Fenrir. She doesn't know if he listens, but she has been looking forward to her First Pilgrimage, when she will get to leave the Order she was raised up in after her foster-parent/mentor found her lying in a ditch on the side of the road and took her in.

The Order of the Moth is a monkhood comprised of differing species whose monastery is located in the mountainous region of Sud'rlund. It is a secretive order, and although the Order is known throughout the Realms, it's location is only known to those who live there and a few outsiders (mostly Jotun, dragons and Strigine). This is because they horde the secrets of the world for both learning and safe-keeping. Every 10 years, a member of the Order may go out on a Pilgrimage in search of secrets to obtain and bring back.

Because they are going out into all the Realms, monks of the Order of the Moth are trained in martial arts and some magics to protect themselves. Kaetiel is trained in hand-to-hand combat weaponless or with her ranseur (a type of pole arm), which she prefers because she can use it as a staff or as long-reach blade.

She also has light magic that she uses mostly for offensive attacks: solid straight spikes of made of light that she can throw and also a more reactive magic, that happens when she gets angry: she will emit radiant light from her body, which both lights up the area she is in with bright light and also deals damage to those close to her. This also hurts her, so she cannot keep it up for a long fight. She also use her magic to heal, although it's only for minor wounds and light poisons.

She is particularly eager to leave the monastery because she has a personal mission: to find the orcs who killed her family and deal them a fist full of justice.


Kaetiel is not outwardly the friendliest. She is not rude, but she is introverted and a bit standoffish. Her wallflower tendencies do not come from being shy, as she is open and enjoys the company of people that she is sure she can trust, but it is because of her past that she does not know if she can trust someone.

Due to her cloistered upbringing, she is rather naive in the sense of the world and the characters that are in it. She has read novice-level secrets and information on various Realms and it's people, but she has never experienced anything in her life beyond her parent's farms and then the monastery. She is interested in people from afar and holds a curiosity of all things, but will become more interested in individuals after she warms up to them.


Those who do wrong, who harm others, who lie and deceive, etc... She is half-Halgian, so she can sense evil and bad intentions innately. Because she is not pure, she may not be able to sense the source of the evil unless they are directly near her, but she is harder to sneak up on if you're a baddie because she'll know you're coming. It would also make it harder for those trying to deceive her to openly do so. You would have to be a really good con-artist to sneak underneath the radar and gain her trust.

Kaetiel is not a paladin, but she does feel an instinctual draw to protect those who are in a position of weakness. She has a soft spot for orphans (as she was one) and underdogs (those raging against the machine or in a position of helplessness).

She has an immediate distrust and dislike of orcs, or other monster races and anything who are species aligned as dark.

I mean... I ship all the things, so I will never have a character that couldn't get some romance on. However, Kaetiel is not worldly, and would take a bit of prodding to get the point. She would totally be turned off from pushy and overt-charm. That being said, I would totally ship a Rapunzel/Rider type of relationship 8D Someone who she immediately would not trust, but is like... an antihero-type so she'd have something to work with and will eventually like. This does not have to be a guy. It can also be a girl. This is probably only open to bipedal, humanoid characters.

Looking for:
- Her mentor! I left him open as possible in case someone wanted to take him! I'm making a lesser group page for the Order, so then others can join.
- Quest friends: a group of people who will join her on her travels. She's going to kill them orcs, and then she is going to go looking for secrets, or both at the same time.
- Halgians: eventually Kaetiel is going to Evylon to see where her mother came from. Her mother was the daughter of a Knight, so if you have a Halgian knight who you're open to having a daughter, and subsequently also a granddaughter, let me know! Also just other Halgians (or Fallen... hmmm.... drama plots). Kaetiel does have partially dark hair since she is a hybrid, so that might throw some of them off. Maybe she won't like others staring at her when she goes to visit and that will make her wary or awkward.
- A dragon or a gryphon friend! Since her grandfather was a Knight, and all she remembers of her mother besides her face is the bedtime stories of dragonriders and Knights on gryphons, she would probably be totally interested in acquiring a mounty friend. Maybe someone she can save, or someone she has to prove herself to so she can have a mini-quest. 8'D
- Secret gathering! Kaetiel has to collect secrets, so if you got any characters with secrets that need to be kept safe, you can give them to Kaetiel.
- Dragon patronage. Whoever attacked the orcs when she was younger could have done it coincidentally (just passing by and saw some orcs to fry), or on purpose to save a little girl. If the creature who was responsible would like to step forward and meet Kaetiel, that would be great. 8D Doesn't have to be now, just at some point in her travels.
- People to save and things to do! If you want someone for an adventure plot, who can kick butt and she is in the area that you want, let me know!

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PB: Open
LB/Historical: Open
Jun 4 2018, 06:18 PM
Name: Kaetiel Oreth

Gender: Female

Species: Halgian/Half-elf (1/2 halgian, 1/4 elf, 1/4 human)

Height/weight: 6' / 130 lbs

Age: 20 y/o

Appearance: Kaetiel is lean and sinewy athletic appearance with normal fat deposits where they lay on women to make her curvier than a male, but her athletic lifestyle has kept her fit. Kaetiel looks structurally like a pure Halgian, with the exception of two things: she is more muscled, she has slightly longer pointed ears than normal, and unlike pure Halgians, she has a mixture of dark hair that fade along the sides to a platinum-white. The sides are cut shorter, while the rest has been left shoulder-blade length. When she's fighting or on the road, it is tied back in a bun. Her hair is naturally wavy and never looks out of place. Her light violet eyes are sharp and calculating, framed by long dark lashes. With the ethereal beauty of both her Half-elven and Halgian lineage, her appearance is striking.

Kaetiel wears the light grey robes of her order, shin-high leather boots of the same color and a cloak of grey with a white fur-time hood. She owns both a heavier wool and fur-trimmed set of robes and a light cotton version of the same robes for different weather conditions. When she is traveling she wears a leather full face mask with the shape of a moth covering her eyes, rays of light filigreed in silver radiating outwards across the mask. When she is fighting, she takes it off so that her opponents may see her face.

Kaetiel has the scars of a bite mark on her left shoulder where an orc’s dog bit her.

Abilities: Despite her gifted magical lineage, Kaetiel relies more on physical attacks than magical, although she does have fairly potent, natural light magics. Kaetiel is trained as a monk, so besides scholarly pursuits, she is trained in defensive and offense hand-to-hand combat making her fast, agile and accurate. Although she can incapacitate you with well-aimed punches, she favors her ranseur, a type of polearm that she can use as both a staff and as a spear. It sports a three-pronged point at the top, the middle is a regular blade, but the two tines resemble the pointed wings of a moth.

Although Kaetiel does have some form of healing magic, able to heal cuts and abrasions and light poisons, she does not use her light magic for healing. Her light magic is offensive and can be manipulated into thin spikes and thrown at enemies. Some of her light magic seems to be connected to her emotional state, such as when she is angry. It radiates from her body, but especially from her eyes, shedding bright light around her, making her into a beacon of holy light. It is damaging those who are close around her, and is especially painful and terrifying to evil entities or the undead, but it is also damaging to Kaetiel and she cannot keep it up for long fights.

Like pure Halgians, Kaetiel can sense evil entities/intentions like a scratching in the back of her head. Using her monk training to focus intently, she can feel a bead of darkness in the direction that it is coming from, although she has to be close to the target to figure out exact location.

Personality: Kaetiel is curious and intelligent, having been raised in a monastery that values secrets. Although she has never been as scholarly as other monks, she is still deeply spiritual. Although she has never been to Evylon, she feels a connection to its people through the hazy memories of her mother. Kaetiel worships Daama, and has an especially good reason to after she was saved by something that looked like a shiny dragon as a child. She took it as a sign that someone has been watching over her. From a personal interest, Kaetiel also pays homeage to Fenrir, whom she looks to to guide her towards the justice she seeks. Maybe he hears her, maybe he doesn't.

Scarred from her past, she doesn't really know who or what to believe, so her general rule is on first glance to trust no one and uses her natural sense of light/darkness helps to guide her. Having never been out in the world, Kaetiel is naive without a worldly compass and may believe the wrong thing if someone was to deceive her.

Kaetiel does not give second chances, and any who double cross her, she takes the wrongdoing personally and does not forgive easily. She has a bit of a hot temper and can be somewhat irrational, as young people tend to be.

Although she does not like being touched nor is she the best at small talk, she is a fiercely loyal person. She is very protective over those she considers her family or close allies. She would never betray someone willingly and has a strong moral compass. She is especially concerned with the wellbeing of orphans and underdogs.

Background: Kaetiel was born to two parents of different species: her mother being a pureblooded Halgian and her father being a half-elf. Before she was eight years old, she was not quite as alone. Kaetiel has a fraternal twin brother, Asriel. Their parents were farmers, although their mother was the daughter of a knight (Kaetiel remembers stories of dragonriders and gryphons), her father was a simpler hunter/woodsmen. When their parents fell in love, her mother willingly moved from Evylon to the forests of Vystriana to live with their father, where they settled down to raise their twins and be self-sustainable in solitary peace.

That peace was shattered one night when a band of orc slavers attacked the farm, killing their parents and mortally wounding Asriel. They chased the twins into the surrounding forests, where the children were able to hide from their pursuers. Asriel succumbed to his wounds, as they were too deep, and he died, leaving Kaetiel all alone. Still pursued, Kaetiel fled through the woods, until she was caught in a clearing by the rabid dogs that the orcs had used to hunt her down. One of the dogs bit her, where she still carries a scar to this day on her shoulder.

Without warning, the dogs scattered and the orcs cried out in confusion as the air was light with the charge of fire. Kaetiel saw something that looked like a shiny winged beast, like a dragon, before she took that opportunity to run for her life.

She was found, delirious and tired, by the side of the road some ways away, by a traveling monk who saved her and took her under his wing. He took her back to his monastery in the realm of Millirand, high up in the peaks of the world, where she lived and grew in the harsh environment and isolation of Sud’rlund.

The Order of the Moth is a neutral-alligned, isolated monkhood that collects the knowledge of the world, particularly, it’s secrets. Although their monks do not actively engage in warfare, they are trained from a young age in martial arts so that when they go out into the world once every 10 years, they are capable of defending themselves against would-be aggressors.

After the current events have shaken the world, Kaetiel has agreed to take up her First Pilgrimage to go out into the world and collect great secrets to bring back to the monastery. She is also using this time to seek out and deal retribution on the group of orcs that killed her family all those years ago.
Jun 3 2018, 11:07 AM


Voesi is a young adult male Ceis, bordering on adulthood, who lives in the Firhos (Stroen'na, Felnova) but travels to other parts of Felnova for the beauty/ to people watch. He's dark-skinned with magpie markings/colorations on his wings and tail. He has difficult-to-read eyes but a warm smile. He wears harem-style baggy pants and a form-fitting tunic with a high collar, and when he's out and about, he wears a sleeveless robe over it. The fabrics he usually wears are typically on the darker side with hues of cool colors, and then patterns or highlights of warm colors and metallic threads for accents. Click here for refs! He wears a lot of jewelry and has a single quartz earring.

Voesi is a extraordinary painter in the style of realism - his subjects seem to almost exist outside of the canvas - but like most really good painters, he will probably only be famous when he's dead. Right now, he a poor professional with debilitating migraines whose inspirations are actually from his dreams. What he doesn't yet know is that his dreams are actually real and that he is a dreamsage / seer (which is why he wakes up with headaches because he is using magic unawares). He can see visions of the past/present/future and also other people's dreams. Right now, he can only look into people's dreams, but later on I would like it if he could actually conscious walk in them and interact with what is inside. In the far future, he will develop spiritwalker potential, but that's later on whenever plotting permits it.

Voesi uses his magic to create paints, since he's poor and can't afford half of them. Because he can see into other realms or other being's dreams, he may see colors that he can't get or don't exist as a paint color, so he has to create them from scratch, which he uses his magic for. Depending on the color and amount, this can be very draining.


Voesi hasn't had the greatest upbringing (a lot of strife and expectations), so he can be a little guarded. He likes to people watch, so he finds people interesting, which can lead to many introductions. He can come across as scatter-brained, his migraines sometimes causing him to drop a sentences or repeat himself. He's like the stereotypical introverted, eccentric artist type. He loves coffee and will gladly discuss the outrageous price of a single carrot over a cup with you. I can imagine that he would probably get along with most people - except maybe pushy and/or rude people, shifty people, etc.

I don't see Voesi haven't any outright enemies. A rival painter would be cool (for Birb, not for Voesi 8D lol). Also, since he is seeing visions, anyone who wouldn't want something being painted (like if he ever gets into any politicial intrigue plots) or like... a spurned lover who's significant other is the subject of one of his paintings, making out with another. They might have it out for him. I dunno! This is a small catagory!

Awww... I want a cute special friend for Voesi. 8D Male or female or other would work for him! He's probably a very attentive lover and would probably be content to just either hang around inside all day or maybe go people watching lol They would just have to be sentient and bipedal and capable of living on his plane of existence lol I would want the relationship to progress naturally though. Like, we'll just see where it goes. Who doesn't want to be painted naked, really?

Looking for!:
- People he has seen in a dream! He doesn't yet know what he is capable of, and so far nothing he has dreamed, he has ever seen.
- Intrigue plots! Get Voesi out of his flat! Get him active in his world, even if he just wants to go home and paint stuff! Use his abilities for your own gain! He needs to use dem powahs so he can eventually spiritwalk!
- Crazy real life events that he can see in his dreams!
- Also, crazy dreams that he can participate in!
- A rival arteest. Who doesn't need drama?
- Ask him out on a coffee date.
- He needs a regular healer. Someone he goes to for his headaches (but whom he will always insist that he is fine to. lol)
- Anyone with powers like him, so that he can have someone to talk about it with.

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