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Jun 10 2018, 01:50 PM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: RaeHavoc and Elffri3nd

SETTING: Mau, Arcadia (Ristell)

WEATHER: The weather is clear and sunny, hot as a desert is regularly.

TIME: 1 day behind current

Jun 9 2018, 04:51 PM
Job Application
Realm History Teacher

Applicant name: Allis Liber Ferox
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Previous Occupations: Teaching Assistant, Painter, Writer and Library Assistant
Why do you want this job:

I grew up in Ibenia with my two parents, both teachers. The cold air and atmosphere around the castle-city made it difficult growing up there for many reasons, but Ibenia allowed for my family to practice their specialty: education. My father was well-read and knowledgeable in the subjects of Felnova’s Flora and Fauna and Cultures while my Mother was adept in speaking many languages. Similarly to merchant’s tents lining the walls, my parents opened an educational tent for human children.

Aging up around my parents and their ways of teaching I fell in love with Books and read up many books on Realm History and the Gods. I grew proficient in teaching in Human and Elven languages as I worked alongside my parents as their assistant. I enjoy being able to teach children and adolescents about their creators, the wars and overall past.

Majesty is a city where people are barely capable of affording education. Its state, to me, seems almost gloomy and if some knowledge was provided to its people, there is a chance that there will be more motivation to work and rebuild it to what it was before-


“Are you telling me that you have a problem with the way our city is run, Teacher?”

Allis’ yellow eyes stared at the man across from her calculatingly. She knew very well that her answer could cost her the potential to help.

“It is nothing of the sort, officer. Majesty’s King has done well to rule over it so strictly and to protect his people. I simply want to give him a more educated populace to rule over. Doesn’t every king want to boast of his subject’s intelligence?”

The officer studied her expression for a brief second before nodding. Allis was allowed to set up a small educational tent of her own in Majesty. She teaches children three weeks a month and tends to keep away from the citizens during the fourth, usually taking to the mountains for solitude. When the students ask her why she disappears, she tells them that she goes on “Educational Expeditions” or “Pilgrimages to the Gods,” whatever those meant. During her lessons she occasionally refers to Gaz’in in adoration as the god of scholarly learning and encourages her students to read books at home and spread the knowledge to the rest of her family.
Allis wants to find a way to solve the poverty in Majesty and quite often finds herself annoyed at King Nwilterra and his advisors when they reject one of her many potential ideas to alleviate the living quality in the city. She has even found herself discussing the conditions of living with some of her student’s parents.

Name: Allis Liber Ferox
Actual Age: 124
Gender: Female
Actual Race: Werecat (Inherited)
Appearance: Allis is a fit feline in both human and werecat form. She stands tall and proud at a height of 5’9 with her long curly black hair flowing down to her mid-back. Her eyes are a shade of yellow mixed with the occasional green. When she teaches she tends to dress in a basic white button up shirt with long sleeves in order to hide a black tattoo of the crescent moon that she has on her left shoulder. She usually wears black pants whether she is teaching or not and in her time off prefers crop tops or sleeveless shirts.

As the full moon approaches her demeanor of a friendly and overt woman changes more into someone more aloof and mysterious. She doesn’t smile as much and tends to leave almost immediately right after her classes are finished. As the last week into the full moon rolls in Allis’ black tail, small round ears and sharp fangs tend to pop out, so while she usually doesn’t leave her house until the full moon, if absolutely necessary she wears a white hooded coat. In the last two days to the full moon a thin layer of black fur coats her skin and she under any circumstances doesn’t leave the house.

On the full moon Allis turns into a large black panther-like feline. She has a long black tail, big paws, short snout, large ears and narrow yellow eyes. Her fur is a silky black shade and extremely soft to the touch. The tattoo of the moon that she has in human form glows a light blue in her werecat form and two star-shaped tattoos what are not present in her human form appear. The two stars symbolize her parents and at the same time, her devotion to Gaz’in and her constant search for new knowledge.

Abilities: As a werecat, even in human form Allis has the physical strength to move boulders. She has also proven herself to be very agile as she has caught some of her students before their bodies hit the ground when they accidentally trip or miss a step on the stairs. Allis is proficient in Common Felnovian, Elven, Drowish and even understands a little bit of the Draconic language and is a capable caretaker of children. She is capable of singing to a decent extent while she cooks, but is absolutely incapable of making anything even remotely edible.

Allis can currently only transform into her full werecat form once every full moon and has no control over it. She does try to find a way to control it but is so far unsuccessful. In her werecat form, the female is even stronger and more agile than her human form. She has long sharp claws, a strong jaw with pointy fangs and a fit body. Her ears and nose are sensitive to sounds and smells and her eyes can see silhouettes in the dark. Although incapable of speaking while she is a cat, she has the ability to communicate telepathically with other creatures.

Allis lacks her enhanced senses while in human form and is overall extremely weak to ranged attacks in both of her forms. The fact that she is only capable of being at full strength once a month is absolutely mortifying when she knows what else is out in the realm…
Jun 7 2018, 11:46 AM

“A customer? Oh my…come right on in!”

Are you new to town?
I see… Well, welcome to my wonderful little under-sand shoppe!
My name is Femi, but nowadays I prefer going by Fabio. You see, recently I was turned into a vampire. I don’t quite remember how it happened in all honesty, I had a lot to drink that night (and apparently so did the vamp) because I just woke up the next evening very hungry. As an admirer of beauty I hate to admit that it was not one of my prettiest moments. Fortunately, the benevolent Mau household let me stay in their lands and continue my work and worship of Azcen. Ah, the beautiful sun God.

“How did you find the Sunlight?”

Hahaha~ I’m jealous. I love its hotness! Or loved it…back when I was a regular Sol’tera. I still try to go outside and catch a glimpse of it. I can’t touch it any longer. You see, the last time I tried my hand burst into flames the moment I reached out from under my trusty umbrella. It hurt a lot. It feels although Azcen can’t stand seeing me anymore…but I’m not discouraged! I’ll continue to love him no matter how unrequited my love may be! Perhaps someday he’ll accept my love! Ah Azcen!

“Do you fight often? I have just the cloth for you!”

Hmm… This will do perfectly! I think the color matches your complexion beautifully. I’m a little bit jealous; I wish I could fight too. Whenever I get in a dangerous situation I panic. My hair tends to get in the way and I end up hurting myself more than the aggressor could have. Hehe dumb, right? Some of us just weren’t cut out for adventure, I guess. I make up for it in my tailoring ability though; members of the Mau family come by here often for new pieces especially crafted for them! I always feel really proud when they come by. They always tell me stories of their adventures and bring me a book or a new type of cloth to work with! It’s always so exciting!

“OH BY AZCEN! You look fabs in that! You wear it so well!
If you’re ever in town ever again, do visit!”

Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Personality: Friendly and honest, Fabio is always ready to help people who enter his little tailoring shoppe. He always aims to please his clients with his works and can spend days on a single design until it is perfected. He also enjoys talking to his customers about their adventures and tries to live vicariously through them. The vampire is a strong lover of Azcen and the Sun as before he was turned into what he currently is, he was a proud peasant under the Mau household. He commonly refers to the Azcen when he speaks and occasionally professes his undying love to the lion god. Unfortunately this adoration does occasionally lead to sadness and even a minor cases of depression as the vampire is not allowed to go out and bask in the sun without bursting into flames. This does not stop the tailor from praying to the god from under one of his umbrellas.

Abilities: Tailoring, Whacking things with his trusty umbrellas.

Fabio stands at a height of 5'7 and has the tan skin of a Sol'tera despite being a Vampire. His skinny yet slightly muscular body is adorned by tattoos that usually represent Azcen, such as the sun on his right elbow and a lion going back from his shoulder. The male's long white hair goes down to his waist and while contrasting his darker skin tone also brings out his brillian ruby eyes. Usually Fabio's dress style is both desert friendly and pompous- he consistently wanders around carrying a large umbrella of either yellow, pink or golden shades along with wearing a pink cape.

(First Image Credit Goes to Thistle for the accurate overall appearance. Second Image credit goes to Mystic Messenger for up-close facial inspiration.)

Jun 1 2018, 10:36 AM

“Give me War...”

Name: Ryoko but currently goes by Ares
Gender: Female
Species: N’vaen Demon
Kingdom: War (Deserted it)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Zodiac Month: Elen (Lightning)
Age: Lost Count
Personality: Ares is an extremely selfish demon, following only her whims and those of the god she serves. She lacks discipline and tends to rampage, relishing the taste of blood and adrenaline pumping through her veins. She has killed allies mercilessly because they were “too weak to follow the purpose of the Goddess” and has thus been labelled a defector.
Ares is very social but a free spirit, she enjoys meeting many creatures, potentially killing some of them and wandering off again. She is very friendly, playful and always scheming. Fun-loving and always looking to start some trouble, the demon will often be found at large nighttime events where blood is involved, a largely populated city or roaming a war battlefield.

Chaos: Ares loves chaos. She loves causing it, being in the middle of it and seeing the end result of it. If she sees a chance to make blood spill she will take it.
Innocence/ Goodness: As a demon, Ares hasn’t seen much “Good” on Kurai so it sparks an interest and curiosity in her. It also feels like a challenge to corrupt it.
Blood: “It’s delicious.”
Fighting: Whether it is to train or a fight to the death, a good battle always gets a war demon’s blood flowing.
Nighttime: When darkness falls, as a user of Dark Magic, Ares thrives. It gives her a warm feeling in the pit of her stomach when she knows that some fear the time when the sun sets while others are just waking up.

Order: It’s too…orderly. Rules are pain to follow. It reminds Ares of her parents and their strictness in bringing her up. She hates it with passion and will probably try to ruin it.
The Sun: Fire Magic and Light Magic counter Darkness. The sun is a great ball of fire in the sky which brings light and life. Therefore, it isn’t exactly pleasant.
Other War Demons who are still in service of Neiren: The chances are that she will be forced home and there will be more attempts to execute her. She has no issues killing them, but she does not want to attract Neiren’s attention.

Ares is tall 5’9 without heels and has long, straight red hair with eyes to match. Her skin is pale, and always contrasts the black clothing that she wears.

Special Features:
• Ram horns that grow from behind her ears. The color starts off a pale grey and grows darker, reaching black at the tips of the horns. (usually hidden)
• A black tattoo representing the goddess Neiren rests on her lower back.
• Large black scaly bat wings which she hides away because they can be “inconvenient.”
• Black irises turn to slits on separate occasions.

Background: Ryoko grew up in the smaller War affiliated town Arashikami on Kurai. Her parents, being extreme followers of Neiren, decided that once their daughter was to reach the age of “freezing” they would brand her with tattoos of the worshipped goddess. She was taught from a young age the rituals of her kingdom, war strategies, battle stances and katan usage. She spent hours reading about and worshipping the goddess Neiren, just as her parents taught her.
At some point amongst the many years of existence Ryoko’s mother, who was a very powerful warrior, died from disease; this drove her father mad with rage. He slaughtered a few outcast demons and ultimately caused a scene in the normally peaceful Arashikami. He ultimately attempted to take out his anger on his only daughter before being slain by her. In a vast attempt to protect herself, Ryoko had accidentally called forwards shadows which materialized from the ground and sliced her father in half.
With the only two figures with power over her gone, the young demon looked to Neiren for help and participated in several wars, all of which she enjoyed. Over the years however, her dark magic potency twisted her into being unable to fully control herself on the battlefield. Shadows would twist out of control and hurt allies, and she wouldn’t mind it. In fact, she probably did it on purpose. To her, the weak didn’t deserve Neiren’s blessings. She became frowned upon by many army generals who believed that she was out of control and after warnings some high-end demons attempted to publically execute her. Ryoko escaped the execution narrowly and has since then left Kurai finding that her methods of “war” were not comprehensible to most there. She wanted more freedom with her worship, she wanted more blood and ultimately, she wanted fun. In order to not attract Neiren’s attention and wrath more than she already had, Ryoko took up the name Ares as she roamed around the realms.

Ares is capable of utilizing Dark Magic which is largely influenced by the amount of light present wherever she is and the time of day. She is weakest during lunch time, when the sun is highest and can even faint if exposed to too extreme heat without protection. Fire, Light and Lightning magic tend to be extremely effective against her during day time.
On the other hand during night time, Ares thrives and her body is capable of completely becoming one with the shadows. This allows her to sink into the ground and move around walls. She is capable of utilizing the shadows around her consistently, although to a fairly weaker extent during day time. Shadows morph into solid spikes or weapons, or extensions of her limbs (but can occasionally cause damage to the owner if overused?)
Ares is also capable of utilizing Pure Dark energy, although that tends to be a more underdeveloped magic form for her. She is capable of focusing it into destructive spheres which she can throw around. The Demon is also capable of breathing darkness which allows her to she expel a powerful force of darkness in a conical shape in front of her. Pure dark abilities although very destructive, are only active during night.
As a war demon, which makes her very proficient in utilizing her strength, Ares is good at a couple of battle stances and can utilize a katana if needed to. Her weapon of choice would generally be her magic or strength. She carries around a Katana with an icy affinity that belonged to her mother due to its ability to expel out occasional cold winds and ice but never uses it and it occasionally ends up getting in the way.

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