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Born: 17 March 1994
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Gender: Male
About:: "I came to this world screaming and covered in someone else's blood. And believe me, I'm not afraid of leaving it the same way."
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May 29 2018, 08:48 PM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Zverin, Fyfergund, open...
SETTING: Myr Lake, East of Repentance Desert
WEATHER: Mostly cloudy, sunny, warm despite being Autumn because of the location (desert).
TIME: Current, noon.
CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Zverin, Syndarra, open...

It had been a very long time since he walked in these lands. The desert hadn't changed but the scents were different. He imagined that as soon as he reached the settlements things will be very different. Everything changed, all the time. But it was supposed to be a good thing. Even he changed. He wasn't even sure why he came here. He knew there were other lions here but it wasn't like he was looking for someone. He was a rogue, a loner, a nomad. He liked to be neutral and live on his own, unattached and free of any responsibility, always traveling and looking for new things.

His heterochromic eyes looked at the sky. There were clouds covering the sun so it wasn't excessively hot. It was pleasantly warm with a nice wind ruffling his mane every now and then. He liked the soft sand under his paws. In fact... He smirked and stretched his arms to the front to lay down, clawing at the sand slightly. He nuzzled against the sand and rolled over, bathing himself with it letting out a soft grunt. He laid on his side for some time, simply enjoying his calmed life as much as it could endure. His long tail waved behind him leaving snake marks on the sand. The sun appeared once again as the clouds moved and he closed his eyes. Taking a deep breaths he rolled to his belly before standing on his fours paws again. Zverin shook his fur sending sand flying around him and continued walking.

A few minutes later he saw the Myr Lake at the distance. There it was. It was a bigger than what he remembered. He had been walking for a long time in the desert and the sweet water looked just perfect right now. Walking closer to the edge he stopped and looked around with narrowed eyes for quite a while. He couldn't allow himself getting surprised by someone as he was having a drink. It might be his nerves but he had been hearing something for quite a while now. He leaned down and started drinking, licking his lips and whiskers before taking a few more sips. His ears moving back and forth at any sound he could hear, his eyes straight forward at the distance. He would like to stay here longer but he was too exposed. There were no trees or bushes near. Just sand and water.
May 27 2018, 09:42 PM

(Image: my property)

Species: Vystrian lion and rjae'n hybrid
Age: 350 years
Group/Rank: None
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight

Height and Weight: 4 ft at the shoulder in four legs, 7 ft bipedal and 400 lbs.
Overall Appearance: White fur and scales, upper half of a Vystrian Lion while the lower half is of a Rjae'n. Right eye yellow with scales around it and a slit pupil, left eye light blue. Several scars marking his body, specially his face, lower back and abdomen, and legs (where he has shorter fur). Big and muscled since his father made him fight and train all the time since he was a cub. His eyes are cold but also wise, usually with no emotion being shown. His fangs are very long and white while his claws are long, sharp, and entirely black.

Likes: "Fight, and kill... Yeah, that is what I like the most. See that light slip away from their eyes filled in terror. I like silence. Being alone. Train alone. Sharpen my claws and clean my fangs with your pelt after I drank your blood."
Dislikes: "Others. Inefficient and ineffective beings. Noisy and stressful situations. Clingy and sweet beings... Just other creatures in general."
Strengths: "Everything." He's an excellent fighter and knows very well the extents of his power, being able to control it perfectly and with no issues. He's a very proud male and would never let anyone harm what is important for him. He doesn't care to kill anyone that is in his way, but he's also patient and wise and wouldn't get into a fight if it's not needed.
Weaknesses: "None..." Lie, actually the one he cares the most is his worst weakness, which are those he swore to protect and then failed. He might act like he doesn't care but he's always hiding his true feelings.
Abilities: "Use your bones as a toothpick." He has no power from his rjae'n side but he is able to manipulate his own bones, in both growth and form due to his vystrian lion side. He can take one of his ribs and use it as a weapon (sword, knife, etc.), grow his claws or fangs to be larger, or expose the bones of his column and tail to injure his opponents. This constant manipulation of his own body caused certain parts of his skeleton to protrude and never go back into his body, now looking like spines coming out of it. His body is capable to heal on it's own faster than normal would and is more resistant to certain venoms and poisons, but not immune.
Overall Personality "Everything about life is subjective, just like your opinion of me, which I don't give a fuck." Zverin is an aggressive and passionate male with a vicious temper. A skilled and cunning fighter. He uses fear to lead others, and he's fearless himself. Give him your submission and he will give you all the comfort you need. He will risk his life to protect what he cares and those he considers important to him but will never admit it. While Zverin tends to think with his fangs first, he is highly intelligent, cunning, observant, and understands the ways of power better than most. He's usually quiet but will express his opinion if needed. He lives his life by his own set of rules that he refuses to break. He will remain defiant to the end saying that to fear death is a choice.

Father: Serac | Rjae'n | Dead
Mother: Vystrian lion | Unknown
Siblings: None known
Mate/Offspring: None
Overall History: "Whatever history I have or do not have is my own. That I choose not to share it with you says more about you than it does about me." No one knows about his past, not even himself. His father was a bastard, Zverin's memories are filled with Serac training him until he couldn't stand anymore. He gained most of his scars since he was very young, fighting both his father and others. Zverin doesn't has any memory regarding his mother, not even her name and his father never spoke about her. He had to hunt his own food and look for water, and ways to escape from those wanting to kill him.
It was when Zverin was in his 20s that he was left alone. He came back home after hunting and he found his father dead. He was never kind or a paternal figure to Zverin, always training and fighting with him, but he taught him to survive and did cared for him. He grew up in Ristell but since nothing else attached him there, he left to travel and know more about the rest of the world. He lived as a loner for several years, avoiding others and staying always in the shadows. He learned how to control his power on his own, practicing every day and continuing his training for when he needed to fight.
Zverin never stood in the same place for too long. He didn't want to have any attachments, his father's recommendation, yet he did. He met other beings, even other vystrian lions, and even had a relationship with a lioness. That didn't last since she was later on killed by a group of veldryns. He got his revenge but was left badly injured and had to hide for a long time to heal. Along his centuries he met and lost others, growing more cold and cynical.
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