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Jun 14 2018, 01:08 PM
Name: Tristin (Triss)

Alignment Light

Gender: Male

Species: Forest Xeriin

Age: 23

Size: 5'10



Tristin has many of the physical abilities of his animal counterpart meaning he has a strong body built for silence, speed and strength. Along with better than average night vision and a heightened sense of smell and hearing.

Tristin is also a brilliant archer, although he still has a lot to learn about the art of archery he is well known as a young man to watch by those who know a thing about archery.

The one skill that few know Tristin has one that is linked to his mind. Intelligent and quick-witted, Tristin has a photographic memory and is able to easily learn new languages and remember things that he has seen easily, although he does his best to hide some of this ability due to his history with his family.

Air Element

One of the rare few Xeriin who has a magical ability, Tristin has spent some time practising and trying to better use the little talent that he has. Finding that on its own he couldn't use his abilities for much of anything other then moving a few leaves around he soon chose to focus on blending it with his archery using it to push and guide the arrow towards a target with more accuracy then if he shot just by aim alone.



Not a close quarter fighter, Tristin knows little about hand to hand fighting beyond the few skirmishes he used to get into with his siblings and even less about weapons that are not bows or longer than a knife. This leaves him at a disadvantage when faced with someone skilled in these forms as he will be mostly unable to defend himself.


As his Air Element abilities are so weak Tristin is as open and defenceless against magical attacks and defences as those without any magic at all. This can is his greatest disadvantage as it leaves him a very open target in a world so heavily filled with magic users.


Tristin is strongly aligned with his Animal Counterpart - The Fox and so is very strongly shaped like a fox with a full russet coat with the white throat, fox-like ears and full fox muzzle, fangs and white tipped tail.

Tristin is strongly aligned with his animal counterpart and looks for all the world like a human-sized bipedal fox with a full russet coat with the white throat, fox-like ears and full fox muzzle, gold/green eyes, fangs and white tipped tail.

His hands, while tipped with strong dark claws, are long-fingered and far more human-like than fox-like. Unable to change into a more human form, Tristin has only his current fox-like form.

Almost always dressed in clothes of varying shades of green, Tristin wear's loose, comfortable clothing and a long overcoat to keep the worst of the weather from himself as he spends most of his time alone in the forest, preferring the quiet to the bustle and hustle of Myrae.

Along with a quiver and his longbow Tristin also carries with him a short dagger tucked into his right boot as daggers are generally useful things when restringing bows and re-notching arrows.


Still, young Tristin has yet to have his great adventure. At the age of twenty, he left his family and set off to try and find said adventure, although he didn't get very far, instead he was soon found himself fully occupied with patrolling and protecting the forests of Zinofl and those that call it home.

However, he still had the dream of finding his great adventure and is slowly preparing himself to finally truly set out and find it.

His urge to find an adventure mostly comes from being the youngest of a family who is from one of the more an aggressive and war-like tribe, the Erling Tribe, this resulted in him taking a great amount of care to hide his more gentle and intellectual side from his family. Part of this hiding was to vanish into a small library, the last place his brothers would look for him. There he had read about great heroes and their deeds and a dream to one day be like them, even if only a little bit settled in his heart.

This dream stayed with him as he grew up and now was driving him, if slowly, towards adventure.

Luckily his out of placeness within his family did not leave him with too many scars as when on his own or with people outside of his tribe he shows his true personality which is bright, intelligent, although how intelligent is rarely shown, warm, generous and on the whole nice and fairly outgoing if you consider compare him to some Xeriin.

But he is still got the blood of the Erling flowing through his veins and this shows if he finds himself in the right situation or if someone he cares for is in trouble. As for when trouble does find him, although still green in many way's Tristin handles himself well and never loses his head in tough situations.

All in all, Tristin is a good friend, warm companion, and the right archer to have you your side if the going gets tough.
Jun 13 2018, 02:28 PM
Name: Vera

Alignment Light

Gender: Female

Species:Faerie, Seelie Nain'fae

Age: 900

Size: 5 inches.



Vera is a magician of some note with a mixed ability of Enchanting and Summoning.

Enchantments - Having mastered a number of languages and a few runes from each, as well as a range of enchantments from the mundane every day to spells of protection and shielding. Her main focus, however, has been on practising the art of enchanted jewellery and charms, mostly those of good luck and protection.

However, for the right price, she would make custom pieces that allowed the wearer to do a wide verity of magics. These she created using Runes and were more often than not voice activated by a word said by the wearer to avoid accidental usage and or usage by the wrong person.

Unless using a specific language or when creating an enchantment that is to complex to hold in her mind as she casts it, Vera never speaks her enchantments but rather creates them in her mind before releasing them.

A skilled jeweller her small size gives her a unique advantage over the larger jewellers in the detail and fineness of her work and allows her to hide her enchantments in a far more skilful way than most.

Summoning - Vera has a slight hint of Summoning abilities that allow her to imbue objects with a simple life of their own. This she does not use very often, not really seeing the point of it. Vera does not summon souls or spirits from elsewhere, rather she creates them from her own magic. This is why they are far more simple and less complex as they could be.

However after her store was robbed, she decided to create a protector for her store. Or so was the plan. Upon gaining the unique broadsword from the Dwarven Smith who had been her neighbour for many a year, she gives it a simple, puppy-like personality and along with a set of commands one job. To protect. However soon after gaining its own simple sentience Vern (so she had named the sword) decided that it didn't like the shop it liked her. So she gained her own personal protector. Fond of Vern she let the foolish thing be and instead set an Enchantment of protection upon the shop.



A person with the ability to "disenchant" the objects that she has enchanted is possibly Vera's greatest weakness as if you can unravel her enchantments she is unable to defend herself physically due to her size.

Physical Confrontation -

Vera is not a fighter and has never been trained as a fighter and is small even for a Nain'fae. Not built for anything like a physical fight she is totally reliant on the protection of her magic and Vern for protection.

None Solid Elemental Attacks -

While she is fairly powerful her magic does have the slight flaw that it isn't as effective if there isn't technically anything to protect the user from. So most things that don't have a physical or corporeal form are fended off less well as say a punch, a thrown blade or a bolt of lightning.


Small, slimly built and with fair skin, Vera's curly bright coppery hair stands out like a candle flame from the rest of her. Kept short it bounces and flies around her face as her clear green eyes sparkle from almond shaped eyes. Her four wings are very much like a dragon fly's, translucent with a faint copper colouration edging the long veined wings.

Always dressed in practical dark pants, white or red long sleeved top with the sleeves rolled up and well-worn leather boots. Draped in small beautifully wrought bracelets, necklaces and earrings all enchanted with spells of protection and good luck she chimes ever so slightly with every move as the precious metals ring against each other


Born to a large and easy going family of healers she was the youngest of Betty's and Ho'fern's four children, Li'an was the oldest, Ro'an second and Solan was born just a year before Vera but one would not know that to see them together. Raised around a family dedicated to helping their people and anyone who needed their help. Vera gained a lifelong understanding of people and the responsibility it is of those who have the power to help those without.

Not being blessed with the ability to heal, Vera felt like the odd one out for a long time until she found her love of jewels and jewellery making, finding that she to could help others if in a different way she started to feel much more like a part of her family again.

Sadly that was not to last forever as she lost her parents and two of her siblings in a horrific accident when a young boy who had just found a new ability lost control. It had left the family shattered and her last remaining sibling soon drifted away, not wishing to stay where there were so many memories of the family. She now had totally lost contact with him.

So she turned to her work, finding comfort and meaning in gaining knowledge and practising her skills. Soon she became well known for her skills and moved away from the Nain'fae Court and to Z'leaf where she opened a small jewellery shop that quickly gained a good reputation amongst the rich and affluent traders that passed through Z'leaf. Crafting enchanted pieces for the ladies of the court and rich traders wives she made a good life for herself. That is until the Faction took Z'leaf and part of their taking was to confiscate her shop and all of her stock. Spitting made about this she followed the Faction members to where they were storing all the goods they were confiscated for the use of the Faction and broke all of the enchantments that she had crafted and fled Z'leaf as she did not want to be caught and punished for her crime against the Faction.

At first, she had been at a little bit of a loss as to what to do now that she had basically lost everything. But then she realised that this could be a good time to go out into the world, travel the Realms and finally spends some time learning and widening her knowledge base.

A kind, free spirit, Vera is all about the good in the world, although firey tempered at times. She never lets anything get her down or put her down for long, she is none the less is serious at about her work and about her magic, although often one can still spot a tinge of cheek still showing threw when she talks about these subjects.

Willing to help those in need when and how she can she is loud and often hard to overlook as she owns any room that she enters however big it is.
Jun 12 2018, 11:44 AM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Concinnity, @Bakashinji

SETTING: Millirand, Ghero's Folly

WEATHER: Snowing lightly

TIME: Current...

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Merlyn (Concinnity), Miia (Bakashinji)

Jun 7 2018, 10:35 PM
Assassins Of All Types and Creeds

We are looking for characters from all backgrounds and moral levels from the honourable to the downright evil to come and join the Onyx Faction. The characters can be new ones you make just for this plot or old ones you wish to do something new with. All are welcome as well as all species.

There is currently TWO open Council position that would ideally need to be filled and we need a few lower ranked leaders as well.

But we also need your out on the job, assassins, they can be a part of groups or loners (please click HERE for more information on ranks) as well as characters that you are willing to allow to die sometime during the splintering of the Onyx Faction.

Also if you have a cool idea for NPC's please feel free to post them below!

The Basic Plot

A new leadership has risen within the Onyx Faction and now trouble brews as ideals and politics clash and the Faction is ripped apart as it's leaders as each vie for total control over the future.

Pick a side, or two and join us as the control is battled for in the shadows of the underground!

The Contenders!

Lord Relius (@Concinnity)

The newly risen Lord of the Onyx Faction, Relius, wants to bring a new age of honour and some modicum of moral judgement and standard to the Onyx Faction. Under his rule, the Onyx Faction would no longer take on jobs where children or innocent parties are harmed. Only the mark is killed and only then if the person hiring the Faction can prove that their enemy should die and that taking down the mark would be an honourable thing to do.

No longer will the Faction be a semi-organized group of murderers but rather an organization that one can be proud to be a part of with a moral as well as honour code by which it's members will be required to live by.

War with the Ruby Faction will also be put into question and possibly the idea of a truce could come up.

Council Member Danae (@vVerridith

Danae is a relative newcomer to the Onyx, but has quickly risen in the ranks and gained standing among her peers until she has gained a seat on the Council. She's ambitious to an extreme, and wishes to see not only the Onyx thrive with a new set of rules, but to unite both Ruby and Onyx under one banner.

She is paired with a dragon who is never far; he has sworn to protect her from all harm, and poses a threatening figure to her opponents. This, coupled with her innate ability of a Heartwoodian Ranger's stealth, makes her a formidable candidate for a position of power.

[i]Second Council Member[//i]

Forthcoming @Fyfergrund is busy creating the character.
Jun 4 2018, 10:51 PM
Name: Relius

Alignment Neutral - Dark

Gender: Male

Species: Dark elf (younger)

Age: 300 years (equivalent to 25)

Size: 5.9ft


Dark Element

Relius's only ability is of the Dark Element. Able to create and pull shadows around himself like a swirl of smoke, blending him in with the shadows to more easily stalk his marks without them noticing him. He is also able to see incredibly well in the dark, often preferring it to the light of day.

Not overly strong in his element, if he uses his abilities for longer than two hours straight at a time he will start to feel lightheaded and queasy.


Like most of the Younger Drow, the ability to wield a sword and other weapons with utmost skill is what he does best. Like most of the Younger Drow, he was trained from a young age in the art of warfare and is now a skilled and deadly fighter able to wield a range of weapons from bows to swords (long and short bladed), knives and crossbows.


Magic in and of any form isn't something that he is comfortable with or finds easy to deal with.


Not overly tall but tall enough to stand out just a little bit, Relius has dark skin and a thick head of curly bright white hair that he keeps at a length just slightly longer than short and his eyes are a warm amber colour, pure and intense in tone.

Handsome with strong yet elegant features he shuns the normal bright jewels that his people love and dresses in simple black clothing that are clean and well styled yet are fluid and loose in their lines so that he can easily blend in with the shadows.

Even his blades are dark, made from Darksteel so that any light would not reflect so brightly from a bared blade.


A long time ago Sa'ner, an Onyx Faction member, marked as a Loner, was hired to track down Authoritarian Council member Artimus and his family after they fled D'issan due to a few bad political choices. The sentence of death, however, was not one that he could escape from and it found him in the city of Mythos as Sa'ner snuck into Artimus's home, killing him and his wife as they slept. But the order had not been for just the death of two, but three.

There in the next room lay their son, a boy of just four years old. Asleep even as Sa'ner stood over him, blade raised for the blow to complete the job. But his hand was stayed, an image of his wife fluttered across his mind. They had no children of their own and she longed for such a comfort in her life. This child would not be missed, his life already marked as a loss to the world and any who would miss him where now dead upon the bed in the other room.

So with swift movements, Sa'ner re-sheathed his knife and bent over the sleeping child, with sure movements rapping him up tightly in his blankets. Bringing him out of the home he turned and headed out, quick to note the time as he hurried through the town. He knew his work would be checked, there would need to be a body upon the bed and time was not in his favour. Quickly he tucked the still sleeping babe in the bed of his room and out he went again to cover his crime.

Once his tacks were covered he sent the word that the job was completed and went back to his room to find the child awake. Confused and lost Relius was in tears when the stranger kindly wiped them away and explained that he had been asked by his parents to look after him for a while and that they wanted him to be good and not make a fuss. Even at that young age, Relius was fearful of his father's disapproval, so Relius nodded and didn't make a single bit of fuss when he was loaded onto the front of a horse and taken to the city of Hyanda.

There as those first two years passed Relius forgot his parents and looked up to Sa'ner as a father as Sa'ner looked upon him as his own. Wishing for Relius to enter into the Onyx Faction as he had he set about training Relius from a young age in the ways of warfare and the Onyx Faction often taking the young boy along on his jobs to give him field experience. Thus Relius all but grew up within the faction becoming a full member at just 18 years of age.

All but born for this, Relius took pride from his skill as an assassin and enjoyed the work. Finding that there was an honour to be found within the shadows. That a good kill was a kill with honour. Quick to rise in the ranks he started to stand out as one of the best assassins within the Onyx Faction, soon he had gained the respect of his group leader and was soon given a post of his own to run. But as he became more entwined with the Faction the more that he began to dislike how it was run and how it's members took jobs based on money and not on the honour of the kill.

It was at this time that Sa'ner was taken ill with the Red Cough, quickly succumbing to the illness that he had left untreated so that he could complete a job. It was upon his deathbed that he told Relius the truth of his finding Relius and the death of his real parents. It was at this moment that his dislike of the Onyx Faction was turned into a red hot hate and he vowed to destroy them as they stood now.

But instead of leaving he stayed, setting his eyes upon the highest position of all, Lord of the Onyx Faction. From that high seat, he could remake the Faction in bit by bit and bring low all that had been wrong and rotten and put in its place create an Order run with glory and with the honour of a good kill foremost.

The going was slow at first, he knew better than to seem too eager and he had all the time in the world. Along the way more than a few stuck in the muds had to be removed from his path to the title of Lord but those that he removed were but a part of the sickness that turned the order to rot.

So it continued until he rose to the title that he so very much craved.


Stong minded, unbending, cold-blooded yet moral and honourable (in his own way) Relius is a force of nature with the patience of a rock. Willing to sit and wait for any he can't remove to die of old age he is unswerving from his goal to change the Onyx Faction into something more than just a slightly organized bunch of murderers.

This not to say that Relius in not without his kinder or more human spots. Merciful at times, kind at others to those he considers to be loyal or worthy of the kindness. He has a dark sense of humour but those that get to see more than a glimpse of him often describe him as dark and twisty. Charming and smooth in basically all moments his charm often hides what he is thinking or about to do, thus many a man has been stabbed in the heart while Relius charmingly chatted away, unphased by their death.

Few get to see past the confident exterior to the more human interior.
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