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Posted by: NyteDaez Apr 22 2018, 08:08 AM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: @Mimifan @Nix & @NyteDaez

SETTING: Southern Darklight Mountains, just a little way away from the Orphanage's location

WEATHER: Late Evening, dark sky, moon set high above

TIME: Approximately 3 months prior to Current

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Veryl (Mimi), Trixie (Mimi) Finnigan (Nyte) & Aurum (Nix)

Posted by: NyteDaez Apr 22 2018, 09:20 AM
The moon with pure, luminescent rays cast a heavenly light upon the serene looking lake surrounded by tall trees. The flowers that bloomed only at night effortlessly reflected this same pure white beauty, causing them to glow amongst the harsh darkness of the heavy greenery. The night was calm and quiet, save for the surprising abundance of light available, there didn't seem to be much else active in the forest. The stillness of the water was also calming, almost to the point of being hypnotic while underneath the darkened sky. And yet, still he continued to read on.

The small brunet boy rested his back up against the tree he sat underneath, muscles relaxed. Most of his attention was focused upon the large volume of pages set upon his lap. His legs were stretched out before him just a couple of paces away from the water's edge, entirely motionless save for the occasional turning of a page. Having snuck out of the orphanage grounds under the cover of darkness to seek peace and quiet away from the other children, Finn saw no reason to retreat back to the warmth of his bed.

It was almost like a well-deserved rest for him in itself.

A small yawn escaped his lips and he moved to turn the page of the spellbook. While there were none in such a selection that he was capable or interested in learning - he certainly enjoyed absorbing as much magical knowledge as possible. It also inspired him consider what he could do with what he had access to and how he could improve his chances of survival in the realms.

A cool breeze suddenly swept through the area, whipping various leaves and strands of grass about in a sudden frenzy of movement all around him. But it settled shortly after. He supposed it would be almost time to head back to the orphanage, for fear that might end up sleeping out in the wilderness once again. And that was a scenario he'd prefer to avoid... Turning his gaze around at the serene setting about him, paying particular attention to the flowers scattered throughout the clearing, he refocused his attention on the text before him with one final sigh of contentment.

"Five more minutes, I guess."

Posted by: Nix Apr 22 2018, 09:31 AM
Aurum didn't know how she had let her baby sister convince her to do this. They had left the fields of their herd to hang out in Felnova. The black and gold mare snorted, shaking her head to look over at her muted sibling.

Compared to her surroundings, Aurum was the brightest thing around. Her gold colored mane shimmered with the lights of her fires, and her red and gold markings glowed with similar light. She dug her three-pronged claws into the earth, and stood up straight. At her shoulder she was only minorly smaller than the stallion she called father, but was fairly tall compared to the youngest of her three sisters.

The eldest mare stepped toward the water, flicking her tail slightly as she lowered her head to drink, taking a large gulp before stepping back to look at Veryl. "Well, what now?" She asked, tail still flicking ever so slightly.

Posted by: Mimifan Apr 22 2018, 02:46 PM
The small mare looks around at all the pretty flowers that were in bloom at this time at night. In her opinion, the multiple types of flowers looked prettier than the fields that her herd was currently located at. So many colors!

No! The best part was that she was with her sister! With her sister on an adventure! Just like when they were young fillies and Sister didn't think about being a responsible mare to the herd!

Whirlwind glanced over at her eldest sister as she nears the water of the lake to take a drink. She suddenly got the urge to throw the water at her sister's face but just barely restrained herself. She didn't want to anger her sister! She agreed (even with constant poking from the younger mare) to come with her and she wouldn't ruin it!

Whirlwind paused her mind as she thought over the question. ‘What now indeed.’ They were already at Felnova so they didn’t have to go to the Portal to get to a place they were already at. So...

“Well! We could look around! What if we find something that isn’t in our Realm that we didn’t know about? That is what we came here to do! Explore!” Whirlwind eyes then lit up. “What if the Gods created a new species that no one knows about yet! New prey nayhaps?”

Posted by: NyteDaez Apr 22 2018, 03:34 PM
It had been five minutes (or he'd assumed so), coming much quicker than he'd anticipated it would. But as was previously thought, he couldn't stick around all night. Not to mention he was certain some of their caretakers checked in on them while they were sleeping ever now and again. Maybe it was just before they themselves headed off for bed, or maybe they periodically took it in turns. He wasn't sure - he was always fast asleep when it happened.

Well, with that in mind, he had no choice but to head off. A light breeze once again flickered through the air, ruffling his clothing ever so slightly as he rose to his feet. Though his eyes were still trained upon the text written across the pages, Finnigan was able to keep some of his awareness on where he stepped and where he was headed. Turning his back on the lake, he paused for a moment and gazed to his right to see a pair of quadrupeds taking a drink at the waters edge. He blinked, briefly curious on what they were and how long they'd been there without him noticing - but his concerns were alleviated within seconds.

Probably not too long - and they didn't seem very dangerous, so why should he care? Turning on his heel, the boy headed back through the trees in the direction he knew the orphanage to be. His feet disturbing the grass and flowers he left in his wake.

Posted by: Nix Apr 22 2018, 03:53 PM
Aurum turned her ear to her sister, nickering in amusement. "I forgot how silly you are" The mare rolled her eyes, but as she rolled them, she noticed something. Her ears instantly pinned as she watched the small humanoid turn their back of them. "Sis, is that a human?" She asked.

Even when they were young, the eldest never met a humanoid or human, though she saw them from a distance. Flicking her golden tail, she slowly moved closer, moving her head down to his level as she got closer, to smell him better.

Posted by: Mimifan Apr 27 2018, 11:39 AM
Whirlwind drops her head and mutters under her breath, "No one was as silly as you were..." and the rest couldn't be heard.

Whirlwind lifts her head back up and looks in the direction that Sister was looking in. "Looks like one..." While she did have many adventures and got to see many things, that didn't mean she was so brave enough to approach the other sentient species that she often saw from a ways off.

Whirlwind narrows her eyes as Sister approaches the humanoid and slightly tenses up, 'What if this one was dangerous?' Yes, she was interested in the being but that didn't mean she wasn't slightly cautious, especially if any of her family was around. She would make sure to be wary of this individual so Sister didn't get injured as she chose to stay put.

OOC: It appears Whirlwind is getting a bit protective of her sister

Posted by: NyteDaez Apr 28 2018, 03:26 AM
It wasn't very long after he started making his way through the trees that the boy heard tell tale sounds of being followed. He halted in his stride, careful not to utter a sound as he turned around just enough to spot what was behind him. One of the two quadrupeds, an Equus by the looks of it, seemed to be approaching him. It didn't look particularly threatening, and Finn hadn't heard too much bad about them in general - but he wasn't so keen about it getting this close.

The boy frowned, closing his book slowly (making sure to keep his finger on his current page as a bookmark) and held it's cover out to the approaching beast as if to shield himself from it. Hopefully the unicorn-like creature would lose interest pretty quick. He wasn't too interested in engaging with species that frequented the wilds of the realms, though he did like hearing about them whenever he was given the choice. But being up close and personal? He... really wasn't keen at all. They kinda smelt. "Go 'way already..."

Wrinkling his nose in apparent disgust, the boy took another step back, continuing to hide behind his book as the beast got closer. And just when it seemed that it might try to touch him... he jerked the book forward in the hopes of booping it on the snout. Most animals didn't like sudden movements and he figured the surprise factor would help with that. Finn also vaguely noticed that the other one was staying behind to watch their encounter, which only made his frown deepen. Shouldn't they be afraid of him or something? Sure, he was quite a bit smaller than the both of them but he wasn't exactly friendly.

And now he was going to be late getting back to the orphanage because of these creatures. He sighed loudly at the very thought.

Posted by: Nix Apr 28 2018, 08:25 AM
Aurum started when she was smacked on the nose, rearing up, and it might be then that Finn would realize she was no ordinary Equus. Her hooves, which were really talons, flexed in the air before she landed. "That was rude! I was just saying hi!" She pinned her ears, eyes narrowing.

As her maw opened, she revealed the fangs that marked her as she was. A predator, and a good one at that. But with a long breath she calmed, ears slowly returning to normal. "I'm sorry, we got off on the wrong hoof. I am Aurum, and that is my sister.... Whirlwind..." She paused in saying the name, knowing her sister wanted to be called as such.

Posted by: Nix Jul 11 2018, 04:08 PM

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