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Posted by: Verridith May 27 2018, 11:14 PM


These are groups that are run by our members and utilized in-character! These can be anything from lesser animal groups - such as equine herds and wolf packs - to large organizations and factions, gangs, clans, etc. All approved player groups will be listed here!

These lesser layer groups are considered canon to BTACD lore once they are accepted! :D Feel free to use them in your role-plays as you see fit.


This will cover all prides, packs, flights, herds, and animal clans of any sort.

FLIGHT: Kojar Flight
PRIDE: Armored Lions of Evylon
GROUP: Orochi's Snakekind Mages


This will cover all tribes, clans, organizations, and humanoid groups of any sort.

TRIBE: Doomspring Orcs
ORGANIZATION: The Fellowship
ORGANIZATION: The Inquisition


This will cover all mixed groups that accept multiple species, regardless of humanoid or animalistic.

GROUP: Ning Su's Orphans
GROUP: Skyhaven Sky Pirates

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