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» Journey Of Improvement

SETTING:Anquil:Plains Of Remorse

WEATHER:Extreme Rain


Well this was it. With a backpack full of the neccesary tools. She had decided that this was going to be a challenge where failure was not an option. Training was too slow and it was a fact that people improved much faster when their skills were put to use compared to when they were inside a room reading a book. At least that was what she believed in and she was determined to chase her belief to the end which according to some of her friends was really close considering the journey she was planning to undertake.

It was raining and it was dark by the time she reached to the plains. She needed a shelter fast and after a brief consideration she decided it was better to create a shelter here rather than seek one especially at night if she didn't want to end up as food. Doing her best to cover her hair with her armor she focused on the dirt on the ground and tried to remember her training. She felt it slowly move according to her will yet she could only raise so much in a single go. In fact it would probably be easier if she just used a shovel to dig herself somewhere to sleep but if she used a shovel then she wouldn't be mastering anything.
As she continued to move the dirt she felt her energy slowly draining and the fact that the work took half an hour drained her mental strength greatly. Nevertheless she persisted and when she was done she had a good old hobbit hole at her hands and thanks to the rain nothing seemed to have sniffed her out which was great news. After making sure the hobbit hole wouldn't collapse she slowly crawled inside whilst using her magic to strengthen it's roof as to make sure rain didn't make it collapse as well as creating a tiny wall as to prevent herself from waking up drenched in water.

She was really lucky that her master had taught her what she had to know before she had left. There was no way she would have known to prevent water from getting in otherwise which probably wouldn't be a deadly mistake but nobody liked waking up drenched in water at 3 am. After making sure that she did a good job she tried to go to sleep but the hobbit hole was simply too uncomfortable so she ended up just rolling inside it for a while waiting to pass out.
Night Sky lay perched up in a tree when a new scent caught his attention. It was very diluted by water, so he had no idea the exact location, but he wondered what someone would be doing out here.
Sky loved the rain, and the place he was in. He often escaped to Anquil to think, when the crowds of the towns pressed too close.
He thought about it for a few moments, then decided to investigate. He leaped off the twenty feet he was up, rolling so his tough skin could absorb the impact. While the leaves of the tree has managed to keep him dry, he was quickly quite wet by the time he found the scent trail. He followed it for a while, then tripped straight over the hole. He cried out in surprise, managing not to fall in the mud thanks to a reflexive ice blast. Of course, now a random block of ice lay in the rain....
"Who even puts a hole there?" e wonders aloud, shifting his cloak around him.

You know, we all thought I was crazy... Oh wait, I still am! :3 *insane cackling*
Suddenly waking up to someone shaking her makeshift shelter certainly wasn't a good way to wake up and considering she was in what she assumed to be hostile territory the sudden wake up call turned from an irritating way to an outright scary way triggering her fight and flight reflex and as someone who had no experience in this area and as someone who didn't possess a lot of combat skills she naturally chose flight.

Well flight involved slowly crawling outside and looking around to see who had disturbed her shelter and looking like a rabbit that was suddenly caught under a flashlight with her long ears occasionally twitching as if she was just waiting for her predator to turn around to make a run for it.
While Sky didn't turn around, he almost knew he was no longer alone. He glanced into a nearby puddle, shifting his hood so it cloaked his face in shadow before turning around. He gazed upon the apparent resident of the hole and paused, unsure of himself for a moment.
Finally he decided to speak, softly, but loud enough to be heard over the rain. "Sorry for falling over your, ah, home or shelter or whatever. Nothing personal, but what's wrong with trees?"

You know, we all thought I was crazy... Oh wait, I still am! :3 *insane cackling*
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