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 PLOT EVENT: Faction Dominance, come join the Faction of Hope!
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The Faction of Hope, simply called the Faction by many, growing group of primarily humanoid creatures - filled with humans, elves, dwarves, demons, xeriin, and many more - who have risen up against the dragon monarchy and vowed to end the royal line once and for all. They want to disrupt the rule of the draconic gods and replace the Five with their One God, claiming that those Five, Dark Five and Ten are false.

With these beliefs in mind, they've become a formidable group of dragonslayers and champions of the common people, blaming dragons for all of Felnova's problems. They have taken the country of Vystriana and much of Felnova, are allied with the serpents under Orochi, and have grown incredibly powerful over the year and a half they have been actively fighting.

The Faction of Hope has one main and primary goal in mind; but they are also leaders and protectors over those who fall beneath them! They appear as saviors to those powerless humanoids downtrodden by the dragons for so long... and murderous monsters to the dragons forced into hiding. Will you support them, or deny them?

Rebels have begun moving to other Realms, seeking recruits and preaching the arrival of the One God and the end of dragonkind across all worlds, big and small. They gain allies, and send back whatever supplies they can to Felnova. Nina has rebuilt Albronel into a marvelous underground stronghold; this is their headquarters, and where they conduct much of their business. This campaign has proven successful, and now grows to encompass much of the thoughts of its members.

Faction members and soldiers, no matter their rank, are often completely devoted to their beliefs - they have great zeal, and are not only enthusiastic about what the Faction is doing, but passionate about whatever tasks Nina has given them. Many show a devotion to Nina that may seem odd from the outside, and most are not easily deterred. They fully believe they are in the right, and are doing the right thing for the sake of others.

Nina has recently issued new orders, to be distributed through the Faction forces by word of mouth, posted signs in every city, and letters and papers given to all who might take one and assigned to those actively serving in the military. A summary will be given here, for reference:

1. There will be a bounty on all dragons and dragon-related species. Only the severed heads of the slain will be accepted as proof. Any dragonslayers with such proof will be entitled to all protections, as well as substantial wealth and a position within Nina's service.

2. All magic users will be taken from their cities and rural homes to be trained at Godshome, under the Archmage Rhyseln. Families of the users will be compensated, as well as informers to their locations.

3. All werewolves will undergo similar training under Leslie and her Frostfangs. A single person who is not a Frostfang may be brought to Nina and given protection, receiving a Fang seal to be held as a sign of favor.

4. Nina will frequently make rounds of the cities under her control, and bestow gifts as well as rare shows of powerful reiatsu to wow residents and remind them of her strength. there will also be a feudal system implemented - her first order of business will be to assign a city-ruler to each location, chosen from among the people there. any who do not submit to this order will be given a snakekind leader instead.

Frostfangs are a group of prestigious and elite werewolves, led by L, under Nina. When the original members of this pack were young, they were taught formal fighting, and how to work as a cohesive unit. These members also embraced the emotional distance she used to protect herself from her past, and the original Frostfangs are emotionally barren, strongly connected to L and her intentions, and prize emotionless reason above all else. They are strategic hunters with a patience unmatched by any fighting force prior.

Their biggest limitation is that there is a massive break between Frostfangs and L. She has no emotional connection to any of them - refuses to permit any relationships to grow - and their loyalty to her is born out of admiration and legend rather than close connection. She therefore knows only their strengths and weaknesses relative to battle and has no conceptual understanding of their individualities. They also carry all the normal weaknesses to werewolves - mortality, susceptibility to animal madness if they stay too long in their wolf forms, wolfsbane allergy - but they work together more seamlessly than any pack on Felnova.

New inductees will be assigned under a Frostfang and sent to train in similar conditions, high in the mountains. They undergo a series of trials that force them to use each sense to survive, either on its own because the others are handicapped or in some combination together. By the end of their training, they learn to trust each other implicitly and to move on a thought. Official integration into the Frostfangs is completed only after a student has shown they will continue to be an effective fighter after losing a member to combat.

All werewolves in the Faction will be sent to the Frostfangs and be trained to join the elite ranks.

As the Faction of Hope continues to grow, three Orders of knights have been established; each based upon the strengths and weaknesses against their enemies, the dragons, snakekind, and draconic supporters. They rank above normal members, but below city leaders and Frostfangs, and are well-respected members of the Faction military.

Based upon the Order of the Talon, the Order of the Red Eclipse is one of the strongest and most skilled of all the knights the Faction employs. Promoted from both the Order of the Black Crescent and the Order of the New Moon, the Red Eclipse has both magic users and those who wield natural weapons, depending on skill level. They have few weaknesses, and are both strong and fast, able to do many tasks others may not.

The Order of the Black Crescent is a small, but powerful, segment of what once was a group of Knights of the Beryl. These knights are magic-users specializing in both offensive magic and defensive spells, and divided into the Sword and the Shield, depending on their strength. Those of the Shield defend their cities, while those of the Sword are sent out in offensive attacks against their enemies.

The Sword specializes in hard, fast strikes against heavily armored foes. The Shield specializes in barriers and strengthening spells.

The New Moon is the broadest Order with the most numbers. They are the backbone of the Faction's Orders, though, as it's based upon both the Order of the Sword and the Order of the Lion, the knights are of average skill and former city guards.

QUEEN: Nina (@darkeh)

Xavanth (@Verridith - currently MIA) , Heartless (@Nightshade), Tanver Noblemane (@Fetiro), Makarios the Black Dog @darkeh

L (@darkeh), Bird (@Verridith)

Rhyseln - Godshome (@Verridith - NPC)

Veraciel (@Lielixthe), Fenton Shieldclaw (@JPG)

Regular Members:

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user posted image
"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"
Veraciel is knight belonging to the Order of the Black Crescent!
Fenton Shieldclaw is a Knight commander of a small squad. Not extremely high-ranking nor well-versed in the politics.

Heartless for the position of Commander~!
Tanver Noblemane for position of commander or knight of the Red Eclipse
Submitting Stahl, my new wargwolf, as a Frostfang as well as a reason why Fenton never was accepted.

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