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Writing, Soccer, Lore, Dungeons and Dragons, and as my avatar suggest, HOENN FOREVER.
I also love music, namely Nightcore (don't you dare judge me). I also obviously enjoy RPing, but probably on a level none of my real-life friends can relate to. I also really enjoy fiction books like Percy Jackson, and also I really love messing around with all the people who think I look like a 6th grader. Especially when hit them with al the jokes I have that make older peep reference. And I love unsettling people with my demon voice >:3
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About:: I be a hyper, and quite creative person. I write books, with my favorite being Rule Breaker, and I am a serious RP fanatic.
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Jun 20 2018, 01:29 PM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Zendekarian, OceanOcean, OPEN

SETTING: About a mile from Honesty

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May 23 2018, 05:21 AM
Well, firstly, this is a thread I've wanted to start for a while. Also, y'all are likely wondering why in the name of the stars I vanished, and I got one word for that: school, and parents that have been more than a bit against me using technology. That said, likely I won't be on very much during the summer, so I will apologize in advance for the likely inactivity that will cause. Of course, there is a small chance I can convince them to let me on once and awhile, but no promises.
Annnyways, this thread is basically meant for me to throw out little short stories my brain keeps producing while I try to sleep, listen to music, sit in class, etc, etc. Feel free to give me feedback, or rather, PLEASE give me feedback, since I really want tips and tricks for my writing to better myself.
Hope to see you all again soon!

Also, yes, this initial post is an explanation of my vanishification and what this thread is. Thanks for reading. :3
May 3 2018, 05:22 AM
Name: Raygnar Stormwall, but goes by Rayg

Age: 20 years

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Alignment: Light

Often clad in a blue cloak, Rayg has an air of nobility about him, though he refuses to say whether he was a noble or not before setting out into the world. In addition to his cloak, he usually wears long pants that are suitable for combat, as well as black leather boots. His eyes are grey like a storm, but carry warmth in them. Unlike his twin brother, Jace, he does not have any tattoos. Holstered on either side or his pistols, which he mainly uses in combat, and he wears a longsword slung over his back.

Rayg is a bit sure of himself and arrogant at times, but his heart is in the right place. He has devoted himself to fighting evil, a mission he carries alongside his crew mates the Vilidin. He is also a trickster, always ready with a quip, joke, or pun to lighten up the mood.

Rayg specializes in the element of lightning, which he mainly channels through his pistols in devastating blasts of lightning. He has also been know to use lightning as a sort of enchantment, and has been seen to use these powers to make himself faster, or lift himself up into the air in a thundercloud, so he does possess some affinity for air as well. If a situation calls for fighting hand-to-hand, then Rayg uses a longsword to engage foes, charging the metal blade with electricity for more damaging blows.

Rayg's biggest weakness is likely his confidence. He doesn't always believe he's right, but he is usually very confident in himself. He also is a bit twitchy about his origins, and prefers to keep them secret. And he bears a fear of the undead, after an incident he refuses to speak about.

Rayg was born into nobility, along with his twin brother Jace. He quickly fled from his family with his brother, as dreams of adventure drew him away. He quickly found trouble, being attacked by bandits looking to make a pretty ransom from the two teenagers who seemed helpless enough. Of course, they weren't counting on a sudden wolf attack that sent them fleeing for their lives.
These wolves turned out to be what would eventually become the Vilidin. They revealed themselves as werewolves, turning into human forms as Rayg and Jace watched on warily. A short but life changing conversation began, before the wolves and the brothers went their separate ways.
Rayg soon found work as a sort of mercenary after he had gotten more of an understanding of his powers over lightning. He worked like this for a while, before meeting a halfling and a golden gryphon in a port city. The halfling introduced himself as Ronin Lighthollow, and immediately Rayg developed a liking for the short humanoid and his gryphon. Jace took a bit more time to warm up to the stranger, but eventually both of them followed Ronin to a ship called the Lightbringer. There they met the Vilidin for the second time, and joined the band of werewolves.
Since then, Rayg has sailed the seas of Evylon, fighting off evil with his twin pistols and hunting beings his crew mates call the Sunken.
Mar 16 2018, 05:18 AM
Name: Full name is Kaedra Voidboern, but goes by Kaedra or Kaeda to her close friends.

Age: 443 years old

Gender: Female

Species: She is a Void dragon, of Western heritage

Alignment: Light

Kaedra's scales are a mixture of a glossy black and a brilliant silver. She resembles the night sky, or the sky in a Realm sphere. Her two silver horns spiral up like those of an antelope, a small part of her emerald-colored crystal (about a centimeter in radius) hovers in defiance of gravity or anything else between them. Her eyes, like the crystal orb on her chest, are an emerald green very much like the gemstone. She sports two pairs of wings, a larger pair and a smaller pair. Both are functional, but the smaller ones are more for maneuvering than helping power flight. Her tail ends in a silver-colored barb Kaedra uses for defense.

Kaedra is not an easy dragon to figure out. She has the same great intelligence as her archenemy Chogath, but uses it for the good of the many rather than herself. She has a great capacity for compassion and loyalty, but is not blind with these things and always keeps the possibility of an ambush on her mind. She also has an intense hatred of the Faction of Hope and snakekind, for obvious reasons, but also holds a dislike against demons for reasons she won't divulge.

Kaedra's most devastating weapon is her breath weapon, a strange blast of a substance akin to shadow infused with the power of the Void. This weapon doesn't take effect instantly, but slowly wears away the soul and body of those afflicted with it. The entire process of this wearing away takes about a week to a month, depending on the strength of the victim's soul. However, Kaedra uses this weapon only as a last resort, preferring to use her powers over shadow and darkness to eliminate enemies.

Kaedra's breath weapon is powerful, but only has a single noncumulative use per day. therefore, she must use this weapon wisely. Her other weakness is not as evident, but rather lies below the surface. However, she bears secrets of a dark past with her, acts she once committed she would rather stay secret. She would do anything to keep them that way, a flaw her archenemy itches to exploit.

Kaedra was born and raised on Stroen'na, before striking out on her own. She first traveled to Vystriana, where she befriended a young Western dragon named Ryk. She fell in love with Ryk, and the two lived together in Felnova for a few years. However, the two got into a fight about whether or not fighting the Faction was a good idea, and Ryk left Kaedra in a fury. When he didn't return after a month, Kaedra went out to look for him, only finding one scale of his.
After Ryk's disappearance, Kaedra traveled to Kurai to see a being that was said to be able to let you speak to the dead. Little did Kaedra know she was about to meet her archenemy Chogath for the first time. She met the Marked sarka, and the price for finding the information was simple: all Kaedra had to do was defeat an ancient Kurai-bred kraken that said it would serve Chogath if he or one of his "missionaries" could defeat her. Eager for news, Kaedra agreed, and completed the task after a long hunt and an even longer fight. However, Chogath refused to keep his word, turning on the Void dragon. The two fought, and Kaedra managed to escape after blasting Chogath with her breath weapon. Chogath only survived by harvesting a N'vaen's soul and using it in place of his own.
Now Kaedra had a purpose. She was determined to fight for dragonkind and prevent the Shadow Schemer from seeing his plans through. She now waits for her opportunity to strike, having already disrupted many of Chogath's more minor operations. She was the one to organize the Vilidin, she noticed the xeriin Zendekarian and the human Liam being targeted by the dark sarka, and even knows of his plans to infiltrate the peace orginization. Of course, she is not all-knowing; many of the Marked sarka's schemes remain unknown to her. Still, she knows something must be done to prevent Chogath from seeing through his plan, even if she does not know the goal the Shadow Schemer has.
Mar 9 2018, 11:04 AM
Name: Henras Shadowhealer is his full name, but he goes by Henry.

Age: 83 years old

Gender: Male

Species: Werewolf, and had werewolf parents

Alignment: Light

In wolf form, Henry's underbelly, underside of tail, muzzle, and the part of his neck under his muzzle is all black. All his other fur is white, while his two intelligent sky-blue eyes seem to be constantly watching for danger. His human form has pale skin, with black and white hair and the same sky-blue eyes. In human form he usually wears the simple clothes of a healer.

Henry is a kind and caring being who does not wish to see a good-hearted being suffer. He dislikes unnecessary killing immensely, to the point where he refuses to kill even if it means that he may be severely harmed or even killed himself. Henry's optimism is also another key feature to the werewolf, as he tries to see the best in everything. In a nutshell, Shade is the embodiment of peace and healing, unless someone he holds dear is threatened.

Henry possesses a singular power over healing few can understand. He can close up deep belly wounds with a touch, regrow lost limbs, even close up serious wounds, though it helps none with blood loss.. Of course, many side effects pair with these powers, the least of them being exhaustion, brief comas, or bloody wounds of his own. Though, if he wishes to bring back the dead the consequences are much more serious: no matter what, the soul that returns will be replaced by his own. This may expend no magical energy, but there is a very clear drawback: he dies. His name also derives from a strange shadowy flame he uses when extreme danger threatens to him or an innocent. This fire eats away rapidly at living matter, able to reduce a human to nothing in seconds without magical protection.

Henry's compassion for the weak and injured has caused him to unknowingly invite assassins, undercover Faction agents, and other detestable beings into his care. He also has an aversion to fighting and has no weapon training.

Henry comes from a small countryside village in Xaeri. He lived there most of his life, being taught by the local healer, a saurian named Aurel. He soon witnessed the Faction hunting a dragon near his village, and was horrified as he watched them take trophies from the dragon's corpse. For a time these gruesome images haunted him, until he struck out from Xaeri to Felnova.
During his time in Felnova, he met a dragon by the name of Nara. She was a strong, black-scaled Western that had been badly wounded by a snakekind. Shade healed her, and the two became fast friends. Soon Nara regained her full health, and allowed Henry to ride her. The two flew together for a good ten years before she was killed by a Faction member. Henry, engulfed in grief and fury, followed the member until he came upon a camp. The camp didn't last long as it burned under black fire.
That day, Henry swore revenge on the Faction, and vowed to help dragonkind fight the threat it faces. He now wanders the Realm, helping those in need while at the same time looking for a chance to join the fight against the Faction.
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