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Apr 20 2018, 09:18 AM
Name: Moseth
Species: Xeriin (Myth-Type/Unicorn)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Young, fair, and somewhat androgynous, Moseth's mane is drawn back in long golden locks, well-maintained of in spite of the rags upon his fine form. A spiral ivory horn adorns his forehead between quivering sky blue eyes. The same blonde hairs burst from his tailbone. His clothes have been altered to accommodate for this. The last thing of curious note are his feet - which are not the normal human feet, but hooves, adorned with iron horseshoe guards.

Healing: When Moseth’s horn glows, he is activating his reiatsu. This reiatsu is generally of the light element with trace elements of earth and water, and acts on natural bodily processes, supercharging them and guiding them in repairing themselves. This causes a regeneration effect so long as Moseth is channeling the energy within an arms length. The seriousness of the wound can affect the regeneration process as well as how much magic is required - however, this process can even regrow amputated limbs, depending on the freshness of the wound. Excessive usage of this magic can leave Moseth extremely ill. It should be noted that Moseth has the unrefined ability to tap into his own life force for healing - if it is somehow activated (such as by a loved one being gravely wounded), it can put him into a coma spanning weeks, months, or even outright kill him.

Purification: Moseth’s magic can also purify moderately complex curses, toxins, venom, poisons, and diseases. While something like say a sorcerer-level disease or curse may be out of his ability, something like a snakebite, fever, or some minor ailments are well within his ability to purge.

Wards: Moseth can channel his light magic into wards which last around localized areas no bigger than your average small campsite. These wards prevent magical detection by those of malicious intent, though these wards can be pierced by powerful enough beings. In addition, they do not prevent actually being seen, thought his can be remedied with certain illusion spells.

Illusions: Moseth can also create illusions using light magic. These illusions are usually used to escape from trouble or to distract would be predators, rather than simply to deceive or trick.

Shields/Barriers: Moseth can summon shields of crystalline light to nullify attacks - however, given his own lack of combat experience, these barriers can be easily shattered by a powerful enough attack.

Dreamsage: Moseth has learned the ways of dreamsages from Ning Su. Able to enter a person’s dream, he often attempts to provide calm and tranquility for the younger members of the orphanage, especially those that live with traumatic nightmares from whatever orphaned them in the first place.

Surprisingly Physical Fitness: While Moseth has not refined any of his physicality, a unicorn is closely related to horses, and Moseth himself is granted with swiftness, strength, and endurance of such beasts. This translates more to ‘above average’ rather than any superhuman feats, but should be noted.

Singing: Moseth is shy about it, but has a natural alto/tenor voice and is quite skilled with it. While he tends to stumble when performing, he does tend to sing to himself when he is alone, which can entrance eavesdroppers.

Combat Trauma: Weapons tend to make Moseth cringe and stiffen, hampering his ability to think and act. While his instructors theorize that he may eventually overcome this hindrance, so far their efforts have been highly unsuccessful

Too much TLC: While Moseth’s adeptness with healing is prodigy-levels, he has poor control over it, and often overtaxes himself. This makes him a poor candidate for healing masses, as he often overestimates his own reserves and underestimates his levels of fatigue.

Moseth was born to a songbird skykin xeriin and a deer forestkin xeriin who fell in love, and in their youthful passion, conceived a child. His mother left with the child, attempting to keep her cervine lover safe. However, three years after his birth, a plague happened upon the xeriin settlement, and they sought a cause - something to blame.

Under a sense of guilt, a friend of the family revealed what had happened. And it was believed that these two’s union was what brought about the plague. The cervine male was brutally executed, and the mother was hunted down. But before they could find her, she came down with the plague herself - which only confirmed her guilt in the eyes of her hunters. In spite of being deathly ill, they slaughtered her anyway in front of his four-year old eyes.

Out of a sense of guilt, the family friend made hasty arrangements to have the myth-type xeriin to be brought to the monastery in the Darklight Mountains of the Vystrian realm. Passed from caravan to caravan, he finally arrived to his no home.

Having only known loss due to the violence of those that would reject myth-type xeriin, as well as the suffering people who were also suffering crisis can bring about, he has dedicated himself to preventing violence via assuaging the suffering of others.

A faint, haunting, eerily beautiful melody occasionally reminds him to keep moving forward. A lullaby his mother sang him. The melody echoes again and again. This melody eventually encouraged him to start humming, then singing a small song.

Little horse, wand’ring ‘long the river way
Long since pushed from the herd called home,
Long since the little horse galloped far astray
Whispers of the wind call him home, call him home
Whispers of the wind call the little horse home.
Apr 2 2018, 11:44 AM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: @JPG , @darkeh , others

SETTING: southern Darklight mountains, just north of the isle of Rojo.

WEATHER: A fine spring day.

TIME: Approximately current, early afternoon

Jack, Liangyu, Ning Su (JPG), Paschal (Darkeh)
Mar 28 2018, 01:01 PM
Name: Oteros
Gender: Male
Species: Hellwolf; Death; Empyrean
The hellwolf known as Oteros has the clear hallmarks of Icarath’s meddling. Unlike most death hellwolves, Oteros’s body is completely scaled - only a scant amount of fur grows between the scales. Essentially, the death hellwolf’s hardened body is accentuated due to Icarath’s attempt to create a hellwolf that had more durability than the average cannon fodder.

Spiky spines line its back, the base of each point dripping with the black oily blood of an empyrean. Additionally, its tail has been ripped out and replaced with that of a spiky club-like end - much like a ball and chain morning star. The ‘shaft’ of this morning star is flexible, and has its own set of empyrean spines.

Most notable about Oteros’s physiology is his twin skull-masked heads - each one bearing half of the original Oteros’s face. The other half is clearly an empyrean mirror of the opposite side. As if to mock the natural order of things by saying “I did it better.”

Dread Gaze: Oteros’s gaze communicates a slight psionic signal to the eye of whoever gazes into his skullmasks’ eyesockets. This psionic signal attempts to signal to the brain to seize their involuntary organ functions. Most notably, this attempts to stop the heart. He must maintain eye contact for at least 6 seconds for this to take effect. The effectiveness of this attack (or even whether it works or not) depends on how strong the will and reiatsu of the intended victim is, as well as things like physical constitution. If the target resists, their heart may still be sent into palpitations, or their heart rate may accelerate massively - though these effects may also depend on the above conditions (a powerful enough dragon may simply just stare back with no problems).

Empyrean Spines: Oteros has an edge over other hellwolves in that his empyrean makeup allows him to eject his spines as projectiles - this is mostly used as a defensive mechanism for those that would attempt to approach him from the air, as the angle of the spines makes it hard to aim with precision. However, due to the spikes on the spines, removing these is not as easy as just ripping them out - au contraire, these spikes act as a hook that can cause more damage to the creature in removal.

Enhanced Strength/Speed: As a hellwolf, Oteros has formidable amounts of strength and speed. While the Empyrean enhancements have not added much to his actual strength and speed, hellwolves are known for having both in plentiful supply.

Two Heads Are Better than One: It is difficult to sneak up on Oteros - one head is alert at all times, and when both are on the prowl, it becomes difficult to evade his pursuit. This also means that Oteros is not left helpless when he’s trying to stop an opponent’s heart - as he has two sets of eyes to work with.

Scaley Hide: Oteros’s scales are more numerous than normal death hellwolves, resulting in less open spots to hit. As a result, Oteros can shrug off smaller strikes, such as from daggers or your average arrow/bolt. It should be noted that if his scales were to be pierced, he is just as easy to kill as any other death hellwolf.

Inflexible Thinking: Icarath’s procedure has left Oteros with the inability to think creatively. Much like Icarath himself, Oteros tends to process quickly, but fail to take into certain seemingly unimportant variables. Unorthodox tactics can leave him bewildered and confused, and he is easily tricked by anything beyond what’s in the book.

No Magic: Due to not being magically capable anyway due to being a hellwolf in addition to the empyrean procedure, Oteros must rely on physical attributes and his unique features to attain victory. He has no magical tricks up his sleeve, and the spines are inflexible in how they may be used.

Poor Ranged Options: Oteros lacks long-ranged options in combat, which makes him helpless against opponents that can utilize distance against him. The closest to these is his empyrean spines - however, these are hard to aim with any precision, and are best utilized against opponents that swoop in/approach from above as well as extremely large and/or slow opponents.

Light Weakness: Oteros is weak against light element reiatsu, being so well-aligned with demons.

Oteros was once one of the stronger death hellwolves, but was nothing of legendary note. While he was competitive in the pack, he was never quite alpha material. An ambitious, driven hellwolf, he worked hard endlessly towards his goal of ruling the pack, even though there were a few which were far stronger and faster.

Then Icarath chose him for his experiments with empyrean procedures. Dissection, amputation, reattachment. These procedures have scarred Oteros in more ways than one.

Now, Oteros has the tools he needs to rise to the top. But at what cost did he gain this power? For where there was once fiery ambition now lays a void of anything resembling life. In some ways, Oteros has become more of a Death hellwolf than even Lethias herself intended.

Yet, some days, Oteros can feel the twitching of his hellwolf soul - the sparks of something long forgotten. It tears at him from within. Something he lost. What was it?

Irrelevant. Death is to be the antithesis of life. Eradicate all life in the name of Lethias, in the name of Icarath. Purge life. Embrace death.
Mar 26 2018, 06:00 PM
Name: “Grease”
Species: Elemental; Storm
Gender: Male
Although Grease’s physical makeup is inherently unstable, he tries to maintain his humanoid form mostly. His hair is tall enough that it stands a foot on its own, acting as a huge spike pointing towards the heavens. Even though it has no substance, he gets annoyed when people try and touch it. He wears an open sleeveless vest and a thick bandana which often droops in front of his eyes. ...of course, all made of the melange of reiatsu.

When Grease gets excited, this aids in him losing his physical makeup - particularly with his hair, which flares out in an unpredictable fashion. He’s had frizzed out afros and spikey hair among other weird inadvertent choices.

Best Bass Lutist: Grease is the bass lutist for the Smashing Eggplants. This generally means the part he acts as the harmony/support for their gigs.

Sparkling Chameleon: In spite of Grease’s electrifying persona, he tends to blend in in plain sight. That is how little attention he attracts. While this does not mean he will be sneaking around castles, if there’s only four people in the room, the other two will look at you funny and ask ‘four?’

“Man, you kidding? I AM the Razzle Dazzle.” - Water/Air/Lightning Reiatsu: Grease can make quite the light show with his powers, and doubles as the special effects guy. He also can clear up certain bits of nasty weather. If needbe, he can use these powers to defend himself. If the band is under attack, he often offers ranged magical support.

“Man, like, fighting harshes my buzz.” - Grease does not engage in melee-range fighting - if he is for whatever reason locked into melee combat, this bodes extremely poorly for him.

Grease was always a poor student. With an unstable form and a general uninterest in school, the only thing that soothed his soul was the sound of music as well as the presence of his friends.

So when the opportunity presented itself with both, he was like ‘fuck yeah let’s do this bruh’.

As the bassist, Grease tends to be ignored when people compliment them on their songs. However, the storm elemental does not have high ambitions, and tends to float through life anyway.

It is rumored that he has been hitting the alchemy herb stash a little too hard. However, these rumors have been unfounded, and he himself has denied these allegations, reporting it instead as an “all natural high.”
Mar 24 2018, 10:57 AM
Name: Jack aka Cracker Jack, One Eyed Ripper Jack
Species: Cyclops
Gender: Male

Towering over most at a massive 13’ tall, the cyclops known as Jack often keeps his red-irised cyclopian hallmark covered by a metal plate helmet which covers the unsightly eye. A brute in size, form, and combat prowess, but carrying a certain gentleness in his movements, Jack is a being of much contradiction. He is often found wearing a bright green sleeveless tunic and sandals.

His battle gear, which he keeps in storage in case a serious threat comes along, consists of spiked pauldrons and black studded leather armor - haphazardly clodged together. To fight threats to Ning Su’s orphans, he takes off his helm so he can see properly - revealing a long mud brown mane of wild unkempt hair.

Martial Prowess: In a past life, One-Eyed Ripper Jack was a slaughterer of many - men, women, even children. He is most skilled with a chain sickle - an odd choice for a clumsy cyclops - as well as his fists and feet. When engaging with enemies, he takes off his helmet to see properly.

Intelligence is relative: While Cracker Jack is no genius by any stretch of the imagination, he is more cordial and refined than most of his time. And he smells pleasant enough to boot. His diction is clear if simple.

Driven: Activated when Jack is protecting children. When protecting Ning Su’s orphanage, Jack is able to overtax his body. However, this comes at the cost of his own well-being, as can be seen in the weaknesses.

No Magic: Zip zilch zero. Can’t even make portals.

For the Chilluns: Jack has one goal - protect the children at any cost. He takes this to heart - if his life can be given up for the sake of children, he will, no questions asked. This is non negotiable. Worse, if children are hurt on his watch, he falls into a depression lasting weeks.

In a previous life, Jack was known by his bandit/mercenary name: “One-Eyed Ripper Jack.” A monstrous being whose crew, the Jack Pack, was known to massacre entire merchant caravans, leaving no survivors. No remorse, no mercy, no regrets. While he was not of legendary renown, he was a feared name among the mountains and desert where he dwelled - the Exodus Desert and the Darklights.

That is, until he came upon a curious event.

Normally Jack’s presence scared children off, or scared them shitless. However, on one particular raid, a father had tried to protect his little girl. A common sight. He had bought enough time for his little girl to escape. Fair enough, they could chase her down later.

But then, the little girl with clearly no training stepped up and brandished her father’s dagger - barely able to lift it. She stabbed him in his shin.

The assault, resulting pain, and audacity of the little girl shocked him. It troubled him. In his shock, the girl was able to drag her father away with a feat of nearly inhuman strength.

While he was used to the sight of people throwing their lives for each other, the little girl’s boldness and feat of adrenaline in the face of overwhelming odds made him think.


Upon stopping at a nearby town for rest, he allowed his gang to move on ahead. He had some thinking to do. The look of both conviction and anger vexed him greatly.

It was then he heard a scuffle ahead of him. His gang was being thrashed by an old woman protecting a young orc girl, who held onto a younger girl made of swirling reiatsu - individuals who he would come to know as Ning Su, the elderly dragon, Liangyu the fire elemental orc, and Feng Feng, the storm elemental - and both of them were protecting the girl from earlier.

Ignoring the presence of the young girl, he chewed out his gang, giving the excuse that they couldn’t even manage to beat up an old woman who was clearly carrying nothing. He found that they turned on him almost immediately - pointing out the hypocrisy - they weren’t idiots, they saw that the little girl was there - the one he failed to stop, the one that he let scar his leg.

He lashed out with his chain sickle - attempting to draw their ire away from the old woman and her little girls.

Immediately, he was clubbed from behind by one of his bigger members, and he felt their weapons raining all over him before blacking out.

When he came to, he was being tended to by the four, in some place deep in the Darklights.

“We could use a brute like you for a bouncer. How would you like to wash your clothes clean of all that blood and get fed as well, young man?” the old hag inquired. “Maybe find the answers you seek.”

At first, the big blood-thirsty cyclops was bewildered. But in the orchard outside the orphanage, the children often had him crack the local nuts for them - breaking the shells with his massive fingers.

“Thank you, Mr...!”

“Call me...Cracker Jack.”
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