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About:: An actor in college who is patiently awaiting the professional world. Also plays too many video games.
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May 27 2018, 11:13 PM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: @Lieutenantlemon @Nechesa @Concinnity

SETTING: Felnova, Khankirae. In the city of Leonine.

WEATHER: Partially cloudy, cool

TIME: Current

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Dorthrokin (LieutenantLemon), Ingrid (Nechesa), Merlyn (Concinnity)
May 22 2018, 09:15 PM
Name: Dorthrokin (door-throw-keen)

Age: 18

Height: 6’5’’

Gender: Male

Race: Half Orc Half Human

Alignment: Light

Appearance: His complexion is an olive green mixed with a tan coloring. Has short black hair that is closer to a buzz cut. He has golden eyes, thick eyebrows, and a button nose. His body is built closer to an orc’s than a human’s; heavily muscled and tall. His ears are rounded and are shaped like a human’s; both of which are pierced with a pair of silver earrings. Since buying his newly-acquired armor, that is what someone would most likely see him wearing. Full-body steel-plated armor that was specially made for his body structure with a barbuta-styled helmet. For the off chance he takes off his armor, he wears very cheap garments with brown color variations. He has a slight underbite which is a characteristic of most orcs and their tusks but because of Dorthrokin being half human, he is tuskless.

Personality: He is a kind-hearted and determined person. Whenever somebody needs assistance, one can usually find Dorthrokin always volunteering to help. He is also highly optimistic and has big dreams. When it comes to fighting, one could never find a student from the temple who is as focused and strategic as he is. An extremely brave being, he would gladly face the gods if it meant protecting his friends.

Skills/Abilities: Mostly an expert with sword and axe combat with a shield but has experience with most weapon types and combinations. Has the ability to analyze his opponents moves and make split-second decisions to counter them. Can also analyze an opponent and quickly determine what their strengths and weaknesses are within a few seconds of combat. Because of him being a half orc, he has great physical prowess and as such, can quickly overwhelm a weaker opponent if necessary. With that physical prowess, it also allows him to jump and run faster than the normal human. One of his favorite moves in combat is to charge his opponent at a full sprint and hit them with full strength so as to stun/shock them; giving him the advantage.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Because of his extreme kindness, he falls victim to those who abuse it quite easily. He is also gullible and has been tricked by his fellow temple students many a time. His extreme bravery could thrust him into difficult situations that may be impossible/improbable to get out of.

History: Dorthrokin grew up as an orphan in the Great Temple of Leartes, Khankirae in Felnova. He was abandoned by his parents because they didn't have enough money to feed him and thought the best thing would be for him to obtain enough skills to defend himself in life. All throughout his life at the temple, he had been resented by all of his fellow temple-goers because of his species but revered by all the priests because of his kindness and skill in combat. During the many years he spent sparring, he had become a top-combatant amongst the students which fueled their jealousy and resentment of him. He also spent those years helping and working with the priests at the temple doing odd jobs here and there regardless if he was paid or not. During his time of working with the priests, he had saved up jaden since he was able to work. Once he turned eighteen, he bought a full set of armor and a sword and shield (all very quality items) with all of his jaden. He knew exactly what he wanted to do for many years now: to venture out and help end the war that has plagued the land for so long. He had grown up learning about both sides of the war. After much moral dilemma, he decided what The Faction was fighting for was absolutely wrong and needed to stop. Stopping The Faction has been his life's goal and he needed to find the right artifacts/weapons and the right team to do so.
May 20 2018, 03:26 PM
Hello all! I am LieutenantLemon. I’ve already started talking to some people in the Discord chat and everyone has been super helpful and kind! Things you should know about me are that I am a gamer and an actor. My interest for role-playing comes from my love of RPG and adventure games. I can’t wait to start role-playing with you all.
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