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 Setting Information

All information on the current country can be found here:

Land of Kidochi


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PLAYERS INVOLVED: @NyteDaez & @Elffri3nd

SETTING: Kidochi - Currently undisclosed location. The ground is pitch black, the grass is pure white, and the skies themselves are colored red. The usual.

WEATHER: Mostly clear of all weather, but there is a slight gust of wind billowing across the open land. Clouds are scarce in the sky.

TIME: Uncertain, assumed at some point during midday?

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Dal (Elffri3nd) & Aterax (Nyte)
It hadn't been very long since the portal had opened. Yet, the young boy remained crouched just above the alien soil on the balls of his feet. His hunched over form relatively relaxed despite their current circumstances. His amber eyes surveying all that they crossed from atop the hill they stood upon. This world was undoubtedly unfamiliar to him, he hadn't come across such a backwards realm in all sixteen years of his life. But yet, why did it all feel so... natural to him?

Turning his head to the left, a great tree of white brimming with a beauty unbecoming of it's clearly lifeless image loomed over them. It's lack of leaves seeming to communicate the state of the rest of the land that stretched out in every direction. Desolate, alone, waning... But also undying, ruthless, unwieldy. There were many words that could be used to describe what was laid out before him, but yet he didn't seem so interested in taking it all in. Well, for any longer than was necessary.

He could feel it - the pull, a tug, even. It called to him, yearned for him to act on it's behalf and put things into motion almost immediately. He certainly hadn't felt such an inkling just moments ago back in his home, yet the instinct felt so normal to him. Where was it trying to direct him - why? What would he gain by following this innate instinct to seek it out? Many questions filtered through his mind within mere moments, but the only outward indication he gave to his fellow visitor was a slight acknowledgement of his arrival.

"Almost feels like home." He muttered dejectedly. Not entirely sure if Dal had heard him speak at all, but at the same time wishing he had. Ever since his mother's passing, he felt understandably alone now - with nothing to call his own. All he had left, was the one positioned at his side. Yet, that very feeling had begun to ebb away almost immediately after setting foot into the realm of demons. And even more alarming was the sheer fact that the answer to such also seemed to be in the same direction his instincts directed him towards.

"Hey, uncle." He paused as he thought his question over and turned his up at the man. "You ever been here before?" And has mom, was what he really wanted to ask. But even voicing the rest of that question out loud would likely cause them both to wallow in their grief of her passing. And he really didn't want to risk it for the moment. He'd heard the realm of demons was an incredibly dangerous place to be for any wayward traveller, and who knew what kinds of danger wallowing in negative emotions might get them into.

Though, Aterax was incredibly surprised that they were even so much as able to breathe without bursting to flames. or something similar. He'd heard so many horrific tales of just that that he'd already been prepared for the worst. Perhaps those stories told back home had been nothing more than an exaggeration.

Standing up and dusting himself off, the young man placed his hands on his hips and faced the direction he felt the pull coming from, and spoke with a noticably toothy grin on his face. "Anywhere you wanna head to first, uncle? Or..."
Dal had visited many places in the past, some very dark and sinister, some full of light and benevolent. He had been to those places in a very long time and he couldn't remember the last time he had visited the demon realm of Kurai. It was one of the places he would rather not revisit but it was completely necessary in order to take his beloved nephew back to his father.

Dal took in a deep breath and embraced all that the realm had to offer. One hand rested on the hilt of one of his swords. He didn't trust the residents of Kurai to be hospitable, especial if they were familiar with who he was. He nephew might not what he had done and what he truly looked like but some demons would.

He looked at his nephew and he could guess what he was going through being in this knew land and how it was affecting him. Dal could both feel a sort of tug but at the same time a feeling of rejection. "I've been here a few times, I might have a sort of bad reputation with the residents. Hopefully they don't remember me."

He looked around once more. Dal couldn't remember the way to Aterax father's. It had been a long time since he had last visited Kurai and he didn't do much sight seeing. They would have to relay on luck to find the right way. Dal actually hoped that his nephews intuition would lead them to where they needed to be. "I have no I wish to be. I would say the first thing to do would be to just start walking."

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The man's reaction to the realm itself was less than ideal. While to Aterax, it felt familiar, almost as if he'd been multiple times before, Dal on the other hand looked like he couldn't wait to leave. Which was sort of a shame - but could he really blame him? The realm of demons was far from known for its hospitality. And while he wasn't certain on what his uncle's past consisted of, Aterax was sure that even the most daring of men wouldn't set foot within the realm by choice.

That said, Aterax was looking forward to what they might find. Even if they went back empty-handed, the experience of just being here at all was more than enough for him already. Not that he wanted to go back anytime soon. No, instead, he'd take as much of it all in as he could, and push himself that much further then he ever has before, if at all possible. There was something to learn about this realm: he could feel it. And he certainly wasn't about to leave without doing his best to find out what that something might be.

At his last remaining family member's response, Aterax quirked a brow in intrigue but didn't bother to press his luck. It was favourable enough that the man had opted to come with him at all. Digging even further into his past to open up more old wounds when they'd just arrived probably wasn't the smartest idea. Even though he was sure there was a lot more to the man then Aterax was currently aware of. "I guess we'll find out the hard way, huh."

He just hoped it wasn't something to do with his supposed birth father... Otherwise that would make things super awkward.

The teenager was pleased to hear that Dal didn't particularly feel like making too many stops. Probably due to his 'not-so-perfect' reputation within Kurai. But then that just meant that they could head in any direction. Namely, Aterax was free to follow his gut and find out what his instincts were trying to tell him. Find out what he was being lead towards as the next stage in his life. Suffice to say, he was looking forward to it. "In that case, let's book it in this direction! I just gotta see what all the fuss is about." Turning his body suddenly north-east of their current position, Aterax made it a point of heading off towards the nearest white tree.

"So... folks here friendly or what?" He grinned cheekily at that - already fully expecting the opposite to be true. However, if they were anything but, he still couldn't find a reason as to why they'd have to worry. They didn't exactly have anything worthwhile on them to steal and they certainly weren't significant enough to try anything with. They were nobody important in any of the realms. So he wasn't too worried about the risk of danger. Although... "Think we need to worry about any wild animals or something?"
Dal followed behind his beloved nephew as he began to walk. On of his hands constantly resting on top of a sword. Aterax seemed so thrilled to be in the realm but Dal was wary of it. Some many times he had fought with the demons, and so many lives he had claimed. It was not a place he thought he would ever see him self again. He hoped that it would be his last time. If it were not for Aterax he most likely would never have returned.

Dal could have been lost in thought if it were not for Aterax asking him about the residents of the realm. "I suppose some of them can be friendly though I never gave them a chance to be in the past and I wouldn't be quickly to assume one is." As he spoke his eyes darted from side to side to check if anything was lurking in the shadows. Every time he thought he heard a noise his eyes darted in that direction.

"Tell me Aterax, what are you hoping to find here and what do you plan to do if we find your father?" Dal was curious as to what was going through the young man's mind as they walked and he wondered what would happen if they found his father. Would his nephew chose to stay with the man who had helped in creating him or would he return to his homeland with Dal. Dal would hate to leave the young man behind but he would not stay forever in the land of demons. He did hope that his nephew would come home with him. He would be devastated if had to part with him.

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The glee that bubbled up within his gullet was barely contained by the pin-point focus of his concentrating mind. Was he possibly itching for a fight? While he'd always been fairly rough and aggressive with his kin back in Evylon, he'd never been this worked up. It was almost as if another side of himself had been awoken to the treacherous environment of Kurai - yet they'd only just arrived. Who was to say what he'd be like when an hour or more had passed?

Nonetheless he picked his feet up and stomped them back down into the pure white strands of plantlife around them, making sure to use all his force in snuffing out each strand of life he came across with a noticeable amount of effort. The words of his uncle managed to catch his interest yet again (the man was interesting in every sense of the word, after all) and he turned his amber-eyed gaze upon him to continue listening to what he had to say.

Aterax grinned at that. "Are you about to tell me how evil you are, uncle?" Well, it wasn't like he'd care if that were true or not. But wouldn't it be something if his uncle started telling him a badass tale about slaying one-million demons before the sunrise? Getting serious for a moment, the young man's gaze grew softer and more stern as he got serious. "Are all demons bad, then?" The very thought about anyone assuming so of demons hardly worried him at all - in fact, he expected that to be the case. Not so much from his dear uncle, but still.

But what did that mean for his father?

Speaking of his jumpy uncle's thoughts and Aterax' apparent uncle - the man with a hand steeled upon the hilt of his blade suddenly asked a particularly curious question and the youth turned his eyes forward again in thought. He hadn't exactly considered such a thing before, but he'd assumed he'd stick around with his uncle. Because he didn't even know his birth father existed up until this point - so surely there wouldn't be anything to gain by staying with him. Much less in the realm of Kurai. At least, that's what his initial thoughts were.

Even as the plausibility of such thoughts swirled about his mind, his instincts continued to bring him ever closer to his goal set in the distance. "Well, mom was the one who suggested talkin' to you about meetin' him. I guess she wanted to make sure I was looked after, y'know? Since ya travel alot." With a small smile, the brunet craned his neck back to gaze over his shoulder at the man with a toothy, but fun-filled smile. "Sides', I wouldn't wanna get in yer way."

There was also the matter of him being super curious as to what the man (thing?) would be like. Because whatever he turned out to be, that meant that Aterax would be half of him, right? He'd get to learn about another side of himself that he hadn't even known existed. That had to be reason enough for him to seek the guy out.

"I guess findin' out what that one feelin's all about too would be pretty cool." Patting his stomach, he was clearly referencing his 'gut instinct'. But who knows... maybe he was just about to announce that he was hungry. It was never straightforward with this blasted kid. "How come, uncle?"
Dal continued to follow behind his beloved nephew, seeming to purposely not notice him stomping out all of the little plant life as they went. It was almost as if Aterax was showing a darker side of himself and Dal didn't want to see it or couldn't see it. All the while, his hand continued to rest upon the hilt of his sword, ready to defend them should the moment should arrive but fortunately the coast seemed to be clear.

Unlike his nephew, Dal seemed to carefully step around the small plants trying to preserve their unique beauty, a kindness he had not show the realm the last time he visited. He was beginning to admire the cruel and unique beauty of Kurai. It would be hard for someone else to notice this though because even as he admired the realm his eyes continued to dart from one place to another seeming to check for a sign of an unwanted presence.

"I wouldn't say that I am evil and I won't tell you what I have done, though in time you might find out." Dal felt more remorseful every time he thought of how cruelly he had taken the lives of so many innocent demons. Especially since his own nephew was part demon. He didn't know that if Aterax had been born completely human if things would be different but the boy seemed to remind him of his sins. "And no I would not say that all demons are bad, though I never let one prove that he wasn't."

Finally the conversation how moved in a more dreadful a direction. He would missed Aterax if he did decided to stay behind. "My beloved nephew, you'll never be in my way and I would be devastated to lose you. But if you should find that you like it here, I won't try to change your mind about staying. I would just hope that you would visit me once in a while."

-Blazeh was defeated by the elffri3nd 1/19/18-
-Mav was obliterated by the elffri3nd 1/19/18-
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