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Each of the heads focused on a different canine.

Erinyes, the central female, observed Marjani, a curious light to her golden eyes. So this was a leader of the Hellhound pack? She assumed so, at least. Enyo, the leftmost head with red eyes, glowered at the twin heads of Oteros. However, the aggression on his face was quickly hidden as the middle head snapped at him, drawing blood on his muzzle. He rumbled a growl at her, but didn't dare to snap back. He'd long learned his lesson. Eos, the rightmost head with the docile blue eyes, looked over Harrow, taking in the corpse-dog. His brain whirred, trying to figure out how, exactly, such a creature could live.

"I can fight." Rumbled the leftmost head, "I'd love to help you fight."

"I can help you plan. Help figure out how to find them." hummed the blue-eyed head, already deep in his thoughts.

"I can help you track. I can help you to follow them." the middle head conceded.

"You already have three heads working towards this." The thinker hummed, tilting his head.

"But three more are even better." They rumbled together, speaking at the same time, giving their voice an odd echo.

The two headed Hellwolf growled, and all three heads turned to face him. Enyo dared to growl again, only to be shut up with a snap of fangs to his muzzle. Eos simply took in the Hellwolf, who seemed akin to he and his siblings. Although, this one only had two heads - had he lost a third? But, no, there was no stump there. And the middle head simply observed passively.

"No, we are not Thanatos. We are Kavherus." They rumbled again, "And why not?"

The thinker tilted his head, sniffing the air. "What sense would there be in allowing the senseless killing of pups?"

"Pups are precious. Why would we just allow them to be slaughtered?" the leader asked, sitting their body down and looking down at Oteros.

"Any chance for a fight is good enough for me!" snorted the fighter, with a snap of his jaws. The leader and the thinker glowered at him, but he didn't care much. It was the truth, and he didn't give a damn about sugar-coating his words.

The hellwolf's rasp drew their attention, and Kavherus leaped to their feet. The canine snarled, all three heads lowering, fangs revealed as their fur stood on end. "Prepare yourselves!" They snarled, before preparing to fight.

Eos looked around, and glowered at the nearest snakekind to him. Smoke billowed from his clenched fangs and nose, and he released a blast of flames at the snakekind. Erinyes stared at the snakekind nearest to her, straight ahead, and dropped her jaw, launching a gout of flame at it. Enyo, disappointed at being left out, began to drool lava, the ground sizzling where it hit.

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Oh no! An earthquake has stricken the area in which your characters are located in! It can be as big or as little as you want, just remember to make it happen!

You have 5 posts to work this plot event into your thread! Thank you!

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"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"
Marjani opened her maw to reply, but Harrow hurled himself into the jaw of an assailant, choking it to death. The Cerberus busied themselves with burning another alive—a useful skill for future battles.

And behind the gurgling and the burning Snakekind was a contingent of mind-bound children, interspersed with more of the fanged beings that held their consciousnesses. The Snakekind would meet their demise soon enough, but the children . . . some wolf pups were among them. How could Marjani face herself if she killed them all? She would find a way to free them—perhaps it would simply be enough to kill the Snakekind.

The largest of the contingent slithered forward, hissing softly. He was about thirty feet long, fifteen feet tall, and his scales were colored a dull gray. As he moved, the Snakekind rippled with muscle. “I am Soran, commander of this group. If you surrender peacefully, and we will make your deaths quick. If not, however . . .” Marjani could have sworn cruelty glimmered in his amethyst eyes. “You will end up just like these children—but worse.”

Marjani saw red, a snarl ripping out of her throat. “You bastard. You fucking bastard!” Baring her teeth, she leaped into the fray, barreling into Soran. They rolled, fangs and claws locking as they battled for dominance. Marjani swiped her large paw at those terrible eyes, ripping and tearing.

Bitch!” Soran screamed as her claws found their mark, raking into his amethyst eyes.

A blast of wind blasted her backward; Marjani landed on her paws, her claws dragging in the dirt below her. Growling, the Tutha dug her hind legs into the ground, preparing to sprint at him and finish what she started—

But then the ground began to tremble beneath her. And then it split, creating a crevice that sent part of the contingent tumbling into the depths—

And the children dove after them, trying to save their masters.

No, Marjani thought, horrified. She leaped into action, Soran and the shaking earth already forgotten as she sprinted for the Death Hellwolf pup who was about to hurl himself into the crevice and sprang for him, opening her mouth wide to grab him—

She caught him by the scruff of the neck and scrambled back, toward Oteros and the others. The pup whined and struggled against her hold, so she clamped down harder on his neck, silencing him with a warning growl. When she at last reached Oteros, she tossed the pup behind him, saying, “We’ll deal with him later. For now, keep him safe until this all dies down.”

Indeed, though the earthquake showed no sign of letting up, the Snakekind had reorganized themselves and began to advance on the group once more, with Soran leading the charge despite the current state of his eyes.
The Tuthan watched Harrow's display of his abilities. The ancient hellwolf was certainly a marvel to behold. All of the elite of the Thanatos were.

Oteros, himself was an interesting specimen. His back lined with spines oozing with empyrean blood, a morning star for a tail, and two freaking heads - an oddity for any hellwolf.

Although Marjani was arguably the most 'normal' of those gathered, she was probably the most capable huntress of the three, given her ferocity.

The Thanatos Tuthan listened to Kahverus's explanation. Oteros did not seem moved - his face stony and unmoving. As they finished their orchestrated discordant chorus of a conversation, he opened his own mouths to speak.

"We appreciate your kindness. A rarity and oddity in these harsh lands, but nonetheless appreciated."

His second hand snarled at the distant - as something caught everyone's attention.

"Snakekind. And the pups. Marjani, you were right - snakekind cannot be reasoned with. ...Spare them no fang, no claw. Hunt, destroy, kill in Lethias's name."

He watched as Marjani stepped forward. Coruageous, but could she handle such a beast? Yet, he idly stood by at their tussle for dominance. He knew better than to interfere with Marjani's duel. She would not forgive him if he interfered. Only if it was absolutely necessary would he jump in.

Suddenly, the earth split. Immediately, he readied himself on all fours, spines readied to eject themselves into whatever it was.

Before he could ready himself - a pup flew at him. With a swift yet controlled snap of his jaws, he caught the pup, and held it by the scruff of its neck. He set it down, and gave it a flash of his Dread Gaze - only to stun.

As that head kept its peripheral on the pup, the other head snarled as it noted a snakekind flying from overhead in order to attempt to snatch up the pup. Oteros about-faced, turning his back to the divebombing scaly predator, and let loose with a flurry of empyrean spines - shredding the poor sap with a set of five jagged spines getting slammed through them accompanied by a bloody spray - the impact sending it flying some distance away before it fell to the ground - one spike in particular having been shoved through its jaw and out of its eye.

A snarl. "In the name of the Pale Lady, we offer Death."

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