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 Merikh, [x] Demon || Male

Name: Merikh

Gender: Male

Species: Demon (Death) Subspecies: Incubus

Age: 36 years old (born on the 6th day of Kamigami no Tsuki)

Appearance: Height: 5'5" || Weight: 113 lbs.

Merikh’s humanoid form is somewhat small and slender, and his most prominent features are feminine, so it’s quite common for him to be mistaken for a young woman. This annoys him, and instead of embracing his unnatural beauty, he’s grown to be all but disgusted by it, loathing his long hair and smooth, sooty skin. His clothes tend to be light and thin, consisting mainly of cloaks and robes, as well as cloth shoes and a veil of sorts that sits atop his head (his mother insists on making such clothes for him, and he likes them enough to wear them without much complaint).

Among his more demonic traits are his horns and eyes, though only his left eye is visible, as his right eye—what's left of it, at least—is covered with a strip of black cloth; he also has a wisp-like tail that appears from time to time, and tattoos on his back that mark him as a member of the Death Clan.

Personality: Merikh thinks highly of himself and tends to look down on those who populate the other, “lesser” classes. This sense of superiority makes him controlling, and he holds the few acquaintances he has to a certain set of standards that, in his mind, double as unspoken, unbreakable rules; because of this, he can be hard to please, and even harder to impress.

Merikh's mother is a succubus, and although he doesn't hate her, he’s ashamed of sharing her blood and openly condemns her way of life, despite knowing that she can’t help being the way that she is. They share some other traits—such as being skilled in the art of manipulation—but he refuses to acknowledge them in an on-going effort to dissociate himself from her.

Day-to-day life for Merikh is dull, so he’s often bored unless he can find some way to entertain himself. To this end, he’ll sometimes indulge in violence, performing particularly gruesome killings to stave off the effects of his curse; as willing as he is to take others’ lives to sustain his own, however, he disapproves of pointless bloodshed. Being somewhat reserved in nature, he would much rather not be involved in large-scale conflicts, if they can be avoided.


Silver Tongue – Merikh can subtly influence the minds of others, making them more susceptible to lies and suggestions from him. It’s most effective on weak-willed individuals.

Element of Darkness – Merikh’s affinity for darkness lets him manipulate shadows in a multitude of ways, and he can use them to fight as well as defend himself and hide. Unsurprisingly, he’s weak to the element of light.

Health Regeneration – Because Merikh is a Death demon, his body’s natural ability to heal itself is superior to most, and he can recover quickly from injuries and illnesses.

Ciar – Ciar is a Darkdeer that Merikh found as a fawn and raised by hand; he’s since become both a beloved pet and a loyal, trustworthy companion that rarely ever leaves Merikh’s side. He’s also large enough for Merikh to ride, which he does often.

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