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» Dark's Lemonade Stand, plot items and other cool things
 Posted: Jun 24 2017, 08:36 AM
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Below you will find a (gradually expanding) list of items or tasks conceived by yours truly. Dark's Lemonade Stand is an eclectic collection of interests that, if nothing else, will hold the same entertainment value as browsing a garage sale for ideas.

Tasks for Dark

Songs/Ballads/Poetry: Need a catchy piece for your characters? Lacking the poetic touch but hoping to incorporate a little elegance into your world? Hit up Dark with a request for BTACD-themed lore and receive a personalized work for your knowledgeable characters to quote verbatim. To annoy her, ensure you only quote one line.

Price: Donation basis. The cooler the donation, the faster your request will be prioritized.
Approximate Completion Time: Depends on the size of request. 3 days for short to medium pieces, 2 weeks for longer.

Writing Help/Crictism: Looking to improve your writing form? Hoping for constructive criticism or want advice on how to develop characters? Feel free to PM Dark for one-on-one sessions conducted via Discord. Basic qualifications include: undergraduate degree in Honors English with First Class Distinction; 13 years of roleplay with BTACD; publishing in two journals; extensive mentorship with students from all levels of skill.

Price: You will need to provide pieces of your choice for critique. Please send links/full text to Dark via PM and provide your Discord handle, as well as a schedule that works for you. In the interest of improving BTACD writers, there is no formal price for this task.

Items for Sale

Glamour Rings

Although it looks like nothing more than a simple gold band, a glamour ring is an enchanted item that will alter the wearer's appearance without any drain on their reiatsu. It works simply: before putting on the ring, the wearer must hold a mental image of the form they would like to assume to others. Once worn, the ring will effortlessly disguise the wearer in accordance with their wish, though it cannot be altered after the initial choice is made. A glamour ring does not permit the wearer the abilities of whatever form they have chosen, and the ring must be worn on the middle finger of the left hand, thereby excluding all non-humanoid races from use.

Price: 200j

Amount Present in Roleplay: TBA

Items Pending Approval:

None at the present moment!

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 Posted: Jul 3 2017, 08:49 PM
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um I need your glamour ring please I will pay you extra if you give me extra glamour

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