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» Undyne, [x] demon || female
Name: Undyne

Gender: Female

Species: N'vaen Demon

Age:: Unknown; appears somewhere in her twenties, although its difficult to determine.


From afar, Undyne does not appear especially intimidating. She is little more than five feet tall; her body, feminine and delicate, is clad in a traditional kimono that drags behind her as she walks. The kimono itself is a thing of magnificence: done in rich gradients to mimic the setting of the blood moon, the fold of the collar is a brilliant red, fading through a dozen shades to the darkness of night around its hem. Demonic runes, embroidered in silver thread, shimmer like stars upon the folds of cloth, obscured only where a band of black silk wraps around her narrow waist. A ceremonial blade, hidden in a silver-red sheath wrought in the shape of Neiren, hangs by gold thread on her hip; but the size of the blade, combined with its luxurious appearance, defies any seasoned warrior to think it dangerous.

Where her body fails to elicit fear, however, Undyne's face gives pause. Her eyes, slitted blue, gaze out from black hollows, and the skin of her cheeks, forehead, nose and chin are colored an abnormal white. Delicate designs swirl and spiral along the bones of her face, deepening the elegant symmetry already present into something other and... arresting. Her hair, thick and black, is always gathered over one shoulder, with frozen blossoms of red and silver pinning the other side up and exposing the delicate curve of her neck beneath her freakish visage. A smile from Undyne is as chilling as it is enthralling; the stitched appearance of her lips rarely comfort the beholder.


Being a n'vaen, Undyne is a member of elitist demonic class in terms of power; but where her kin tend to specialize in reiatsu or the numerous elements that make up the Realms, Undyne's skill lies in the rare art of summoning. A collector of bestiaries, spiritual and physical, she draws on the nightmares that populate the world, subduing them through her inherited power and directing them to her will. The lack of weaponry becomes astoundingly clear when Undyne wields a storm of tooth and claw.

At times, however, summoning is not enough. The sword at the demoness' side is not merely for show; it is something of an indicator of her mood. The more of the blade that is exposed, the closer she comes to Tria'kun, wherein the madness of War seizes her completely. Though any Tria'kun is devastating when uncontrolled, Undyne's penchance for raising monsters to her aid makes her especially dangerous, and so the sword was given to her, crafted with spells that would help prevent her from entering such a state unless truly desired. The full extent of her power upon unleashing that form has not yet been seen.

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