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» Howl for the Downtrodden, JPG, Elffriend, Hiltabilly

SETTING: Hyanda, Small camp near the middle branch of the Skyfeather River, Vystriana

WEATHER: Clear, Slightly windy.

TIME: Current-ish. Flexible. During Dragon's Revenge plot arc.

Fenton Shieldclaw, Knight Commander from the Faction of Hope (JPG)
Hofnart, Orc Bard (Hiltabilly)
Zeke and Horus (Elfri3nd)

Continuation off of http://forums.btacdragons.com/index.php?showtopic=4733 - JPG will play part of the assailant.

When we had last left Fenton's crew, consisting of Fenton Shieldclaw himself as well as his Faction of Hope werewolves as well as Hofnart, the orc minstrel, and Zeke and Horus, a blind boy and his hawk...they had be set upon by unknown assailants while they were resting in their camp near the middle branch of the Skyfeather river.

Three corpses had been found thus far in the camp - one having its throat slit open by a blade with its eyes rolled back into its head, another with an arrow in its eye - the blood still freshly pouring from the socket, and the third having its head encased in ice before decapitated.

The chainmail-clad, steel-gray furred wargwolf leader, Fenton stood over the third victim, studying the body. "...the head was frozen so she wouldn't alert us with her scream. A brutal death, unbefitting a lady of her valor. Our enemy has no honor. They are scoundrels, scum, dirt beneath our heels."

"Sir Zeke, Sir Horus, Sir Hofnart. With me. We will root out these scoundrels and bring them to heel before our revolution." The wargwolf would raise his massive fist in a sign to rally. "For the people! For the downtrodden!"

With a sweeping pivot, the wargwolf would stalk through the camp, his white cape flowing behind his pauldrons that it was attached to.

Zeke began to move quickly behind Hofnart to the best of his ability. Horus was making sounds leading him as he went. The directions weren't of much use as the bird had swooped down and the orc attempting to rip out some of the creatures hairs before flying back into the air. 'Horus would you please focus? This is no time for tomfoolery,' Zeke thought at the bird.

"SQUAWK," came the birds reply. He looked displeased as he didn't want to look for the killer but he knew that it would help his friend and that his friend would probably give him treats afterwards.

With two ferocious flaps of his wings he quickly flew past the wargwolf and was high in the sky giving Zeke proper directions. They could only hope that they would catch the killer before they lost anyone else. The killer could be anywhere and could pick them off one by one.

With Horus in the air Zeke knew that it was only matter of time before they found the killer. Horus would see them if they attempted to kill anyone else. Zeke also knew that if they killer was hiding out of sight, Hofnart would find them eventually.

-Blazeh defeated the elffri3nd 1/19/18-
-Mav was obliterated by the elffri3nd 1/19/18-
Hofnart was mortified as he looked around the camp. While he had decided to move into mercenary work, he had not seen so much killing take, especially with comrades he knew and had grown close to. Answering Fenton’s warcry with an unenthusiastic fist raise, he followed along still very much in his own mind.

Hearing Horus’ squawk woke him from his stupor.

Turning to Zeke, he began to speak. “Hofnart confused… why killing start when you arrive?” He scratched his head as he pondered this thought. “You and bird seem so nice. Hofnart no think you did this, but now confused.”

He watched as the bird continued to fly around the camp.

Then it dawned on him. The final body was found in the shed next to the marshes. Pointing, he excitedly started to ask, “Anyone search the reeds? There must be something near the final body’s resting place.”
"Sir Zeke, Sir Hofnart. Please be careful. I would not wish to count either of you among the dead." The wargwolf knight's words barely held back his worry. Too many had died today. He was a man first, a knight second. Real men cared about their comrades.

The orc minstrel, Hofnart found one of the assailants - something was rustling in the reeds indeed. But a second assailant rose from the shed nearby - a leather cloaked rogue, his hand raised, blade glinting in the morning sun - the light possibly giving away his position to Horus. He was a lanky sort, and the cloak’s size did little to hide this. He grinned toothily as he noted the foolish orc’s approach toward his comrade, a false wood tooth here and there replacing several of his teeth.
Suddenly, he leapt from the shadows, aiming to stab the orc right in the back as he searched the reeds.

Fenton noticed the sudden movement, and bellowed out to the orc minstrel, his arm reaching out as if to attempt to pull the orc back. “Sir Hofnart! Behind you!”

Meanwhile, an elven archer would rise from further in the reeds, drawing his bowstring, aiming for the wargwolf knight commander.

That made at least three assailants. Was it a raid?

Horus quickly spotted the second assailant when he rose and let out a squawk to let Zeke know. Then there were two more and Horus let Zeke know this. He knew had to inform the others and yelled, "everyone Horus tells me there are three assailants, beware there are two in the reeds!"

He held out his hand towards Horus for a second and then he began to approach the second on who was near the shed. Horus swooped down at the elven archer attempting to distract it. As he did so armor began to form around him. It wouldn't completely protect him from an arrow but he would have a better chance of surviving.

Once Zeke was within casting rang of the second assailant he moved according to what he had been told by Horus earlier and clapped his hands together. The ground in front of him began to shack and split apart, reaching just past the second assailant. After that he was uncertain about his surroundings or where the man was.

-Blazeh defeated the elffri3nd 1/19/18-
-Mav was obliterated by the elffri3nd 1/19/18-
Hofnart maintained a clear line of sight, watching an unnatural wavering of the reeds ahead of them. Something still didn’t feel right but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Still in a stupor, he quickly was pulled back to reality when he heard it.

Hofnart! Behind you!

Turning just in time, he watched as the steel dragged down his left arm. Lucky that it wasn’t his back, his facial muscles began to tighten with rage. Almost as if the world around him slowed down, he stopped and looked at his arm… watching the slow beading and trickling of the scarlet liquid as it slowly weaved its way down his skin. Tightening his grip on his sword, he turns and smirks at the assailant.

“Your wimpy blades tickle Hofnart. Hofnart’s turn!”

With an uncanny speed from the large orc, he quickly watched as his blade sliced through the Rouge’s left hand, watching as it fell to the ground. “Now we fight on even ground!” With one more movement of his blade, Hofnart went for the assailant’s chest; however, was barely stopped by a smooth move of the assailant’s dagger.

Stepping back, he regained his footing and waited for the Rogue to make the next move. “You have murdered Hofnart’s comrades. You have added a great scar to Hofnart’s collection. How about a story?”
The cloaked elf archer was too focused on taking its shot - Horus successfully swooped down, knocking his aim slightly off from Fenton's heart - getting nicked in his pauldron insted. The archer drew a blade, preparing to cut the hawk down...

The rogue screamed, clutching his stump of a blade - barely managing to get the dagger in the way of Hofnart's own. He stared on in horror, even as Hofnart's smirk...and offer. "...st-story...?!"

The second assailant rose as soon as he had been discovered - a mage, judging by the minor rune-laden robes, who clasped his hands together and disappeared into mist. The mage reappeared beyond Zeke's crack in the ground, and preparing another spell, shimmering with purple, crackling lightning reiatsu.

In the meantime, an unruly-haired caped swordsman of a human had leapt from their flanks at Fenton. A fourth assailant from the direction opposite the reeds of the marsh. Was that the last one?

No time to ponder. Fenton snarled, crossing his claws in order to receive the swordsman's blade with a metallic clash. "Foul dragonclaw kissing SCUM! You and your ilk have no honor, no pride!"

Horus was still focused on the elven archer and was just barely managing to avoid the swings of his knife. He wanted for Fenton and Hofnart to be able to finish their fights without being shot. But he hoped that they would finish them soon so that he could return to Zeke and help him out. The boy was lost without him.

Zeke didn't even hear as the man managed to avoid his spell. He had know idea where the man was until he hear the cracking of the lightning. "Horus is that him? Where is he?" He yelled to Horus but he Horus was to occupied with the archer to respond. 'I'll just have to hope I am right.'

He clapped his hands together again and the earth around him began to shack again. The ground began to rise up around him and the second assailant in a makeshift arena. He wanted to try to force the man to fight him so that he could distract him while the others were fighting. Then he snapped his fingers and the air around them began to thin. It was the most that he could currently do not knowing exactly were the man was.

-Blazeh defeated the elffri3nd 1/19/18-
-Mav was obliterated by the elffri3nd 1/19/18-
Hofnart, adrenaline-fueled by the rogue’s agony, stepped back and moved to strike again. Glancing blows with the rogue, he felt the sweat building and his muscles tightening. Tiring of the exercise, Hofnart moved to deal the final blow. Just as he began to bring his sword down, the ground began to shake.


Hofnart felt the vibrations move up his arm as his sword made contact with the ground. No longer amused, he snarled as he advanced. Ensuring he didn’t miss this time, he walked forward using his strength to fend off the blow and drive the sword slowly through the rogue’s chest.

As the body fell limp on his blade, he looked around. Seeing the blind man behind a pillar of rocks, he decided to move in towards his commander. “All to Fenton. Let’s honor our friends!”

Charging in, he didn’t hear the arrow coming until it was too late. Piercing through his already wounded arm, the pain caused the Orc to roar. Dropping his sword, Hofnart lost his balance and fell onto the ground, sliding into the side of a tent as his sword slid right beside him.
The archer scowled as the bird kept dodging his swing. "Hold still you oversized chunk of poultry!" With a cry of frustration, he leapt at Horus with a swing of his dagger - regardless if it hit, he ended up facefirst in the marsh.

Meanwhile, Zeke encased himself and the mage charging his spell in the arena - just in time as well, as there was a loud crackling KABOOM from the sky, the lightning bolt SMASHING through the raised rock wall - sending rocky debris all over Zeke. The crackle of lightning continued, as the mage prepared his next assault. "For Vystriana!" he cried.

The rogue 's eyes were blank as his body went limp on Hofnart's sword, his stump of a hand still bleeding all over.

Fenton only saw the orc fall against the tent, not seeing where the arrow had landed exaclty.


With a deafening roar, the Wargwolf shoved the blade of the swordsman upward, before stabbing his ginormous claws into the swordsman's stomach, piercing through his chainmail. "I will mount your heads on a pike for this - that is a fitting end for the pathetic slaves of scaled tyrants!"

Horus managed to dodge the attack and landed on the man as he was face down in the marsh. The bird seemed rather pleased with him self but he didn't stop harassing the man. He started to rip hair from the man's head and he even relieved his bowels on the man. As he did so he let out a furious squawk as to say fear me. Should the man get up or turn over the bird was prepared to peck out the man's eyes or fly away.

Zeke was not having as much luck as his bird. The rock wall had protected him some from the lightning but several chunks of rock had managed to hit him. One knee was bruised and he had a large gash on his head. He had been hit hard by one large chunk of rock and was feeling lightheaded. He didn't know how much longer he would be able to keep fighting the mage. He needed to do something. He needed to end the fight.

He clapped his hands together again and rocks shot out and past the mage, completely missing their target. Zeke could hear them land somewhere past the man and could hear the man's lightning charging up.

-Blazeh defeated the elffri3nd 1/19/18-
-Mav was obliterated by the elffri3nd 1/19/18-
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