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» Atlantean Plagiarism, a problem that was addressed!
As any of you may know who have been active on our Discord server, it came to my attention today that a member-submitted species that we were given to work with and plot on in September of 2016 had not been 'inspired' by the SEGA game 'Ecco', but parts were completely ripped from it with malicious intent to circumvent our lore retention rule should the original creator try to leave. As the creator has left, they then proceeded to threaten legal action via reporting the species to SEGA as theft, after explaining that pieces of the submitted lore were directly taken from the game for this purpose.

Thus, the old atlantean info has been taken down and completely reworked, with all content from this individual removed.

The new atlantean info can be viewed on its original link, here and you are free to create atlantean characters once again! Please enjoy our new and shiny atlantean lore, that is now all original and not ripped from any game. <3

I will reiterate here, however: plagiarism is a very important and dire thing to the staff here at BTACD, and we will never tolerate it. If you submit lore content to us, and we find it to be stolen from another source, we will not hesitate to take action to remove and change the plagiarized lore and strip your contributions from the site. As plagiarism is such an important thing, we withhold the right to ban offending members for bringing such content to our site.

BTACD will never tolerate plagiarism in its lore. This is a wonderful, original site; and while inspiration from various sources is fine, complete ripping is not. Do not submit any lore that you know is not original in nature, please and thank you!

- V, Administrator of BTACD

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