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 Kara El’zor, [x] Demon || Female
Name: Kara (pronounced “Kar-ah”) El’zor (pronounced “El,” as in “elaborate,” and “zor,” as in “soran” but with a “z” instead of an “s.”)

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Species: War N'vaen

Appearance: Kara has wavy dirty-blonde hair that flows to her neck and has the curved horns of a ram sprouting from her head. She considers her scarless face one of her best features: Kara has an oval-shaped face with a stubborn chin; piercing, almond-shaped eyes the color of a clear sky on a hot summer’s day dance at anyone who gazes into them; high cheekbones give way to clear, light skin; and heart-shaped lips that are almost always curled into a sweet smile draw the attention of anyone in their vicinity.

Kara has an extraordinarily bulky physique—standing at six feet, eleven inches, she is built like a dragon with muscles corded along her body and scars scattered all over them. She has not retained any of her curves because of how much brawn she has packed onto herself. A black-scaled, whip-like tail—harboring a poison tip—curls from her back and leathery wings with curved horns on their tips sprout from her shoulders.


Physical Strength: Due to having War N’vaen blood running through her veins, Kara is strong and agile; combined with her father’s seemingly godlike strength, stamina, and grace, she has enough strength to lift a dragon and fight for days on end. While fighting, Kara goes into a trance that she calls the “Killing Calm”; she is not aware of her N’vaen heritage, and therefore she is not conscious of her Tri'akun form. (See history for elaboration).

Weapons Training: Because of her arduous training with many weapons-masters, Kara can wield a variety of weapons with ease. To name a few areas she is experienced in, she is an expert archer, swordswoman, and knife-thrower.

Magical Abilities: Kara has mastery over the reiatsu of water and plasma. Her preferred use of water reiatsu is creating a layer of frost over her enemies by simply blowing, but she has other methods of killing those that cross her, such as using their own saliva to choke them. Kara’s imagination has no limits. Kara’s main move with Plasma reiatsu, however, is to condense it and shoot it out of her eyes.

Weaknesses: Kara will black out after exerting herself too much, but since she trained vigorously, her capacity for using reiatsu is astronomically more than it used to be. She is also vulnerable to earth and air reiatsu.

Similarly to using reiatsu, Kara’s strength is not without its drawbacks. The heavier the object that she lifts, or the longer she fights, the more exhausted she is after. She can end up sleeping for twice the amount of days that she is in battle.

Personality: Kara is very ambitious. When she wants something, she will strive to get it, no matter what the consequences or risks may be. Since she grew up thinking that her father didn’t want her, she is a perfectionist and an overachiever.

Despite her ambition, though, those that get to know Kara find that she is a very kind N’vaen; she tries to help those weaker than she.

History: Kara was a bastard-born child, so her father, with his suspicious pairbond, left her mother to raise Kara by herself. Her mother fought tooth and horn to get her child trained with N’vaen masters of elements, combat, and weaponry, fully knowing that she would rarely, if ever, see her daughter again. Once Kara finished her training, she went to serve the Lord of War, training with his warriors even after he died.
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