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Posted by: Verridith Jan 10 2018, 12:14 PM
Where will you be when it all comes to an end?

The gods are dead. They said it would never happen; that the Serpent would never be restored. But it was... somehow. The Skull came alive. I saw it. We all did. Everyone tried to stop it - and I suppose, in a way, we did.

But only at the cost of everything.

The One. Death. The Lesser Gods. The Demigods. Even the Void perished in that horrible year. Just a year was all it took; one year for the balance to break. A war between all of the gods of the world to stop the Serpent, and all we mortals could do was wait and watch. When the gods began to die, the Void fought - and her power, alongside both the One and Death, was enough to finally kill the Serpent.

But the gods were already dying. When the Void perished, too heavily wounded to continue, her hold on the Realms were lost. The remaining Greater, Linath, struggled to hold the Realms together herself; she was the final god, our only hope. But the effort tore her to pieces. Her screams still echo in the Nothing, even as the Realms drift into oblivion.

That was six years ago.

Kurai, Lizzarkyth, and Millirand have fallen. Sometimes, we see pieces of them floating through the Nothing through holes in the Veil, spinning into oblivion. Most have taken shelter in Felnova and Evylon; no-one knows where the other Realms are. The suns and moons of the Realms have evaporated; we exist in constant night, illuminated only by the flashes of energy storms and exploding stars. The tears in the Veil show us the vast expanse of the Nothing, tears that grow larger everyday.

Gravity is beginning to fail in places that have come to be called Voidzones. The earth is torn away here, sucked into the Nothing, and anyone nearby dies. Anyone who can sense reiatsu has gone mad; no-one is able to use their aura anymore without risking immediate overtax, as the Realm sucks away spiritual energy like a dying man to water, should it become available. So many have died already. Only the strongest survive.

But the End is coming. There's no way to avoid it. Mages who try to keep the Realm together are failing; more fall everyday. The balance is gone. Felnova, and Evylon, are drifting apart, and not even old Time Scales will allow travel between them once they are too far away. Evylon is worse off; when it dies, we'll be the only ones left.

And when Felnova falls, there will be nothing left.

A Darkened Albronel, walls pitch black, as the royal family is gone. Energy storms race across the sky, and there is no more weather except in random bursts that fade quickly. Most water supplies are tainted, with Albronel holding one of the most pure reservoirs left.


Arctus, Atticus, Caele, Amyr, Ram'r, Kaiba, Edge and Rina (Verridith)

Verridith, Nagase, Kiya, Arnus, and many others.

Posted by: Verridith Jan 10 2018, 07:06 PM
They had just buried his sister yesterday.

Amyr had tried to protect her; tried so very hard. But the maddened ice elemental had ripped through him without a second thought. He reached a hand up to his chest - wrapped completely in bandages - then to touch the sunstone necklace around his throat.

He was a sol'tera; a sun-man. Sunlight enabled his kind to survive, and now... there was no sun. As soon as the sunstones around his neck finally faded - and they would soon - then he would fall to shadesickness and die. Everyone he knew from Ristell was already dead; Kiya had been too weak to fight when they were attacked by the elemental, and he hadn't been able to save her.

The sol'tera was dark-skinned with sharp and curling black tattoos; his hair was black and hung raggedly about his face, and his Ristellan clothes were old, dirty, and tattered, even if the bandages were clean and fresh. All of his jewelry was gone, save for the necklace - the very last of the sunstones of the Mau he had been able to salvage before coming to Felnova. Here, they had a chance - he and Kiya both believed it, until... until the sun died.

"Hey. You okay?"

Amyr looked down from where he sat up on the blackened battlements; a tall dark elf, one of the ones who'd come to his rescue. Suddenly, he felt even worse - he hadn't been the only one to lose someone that day. This one did, too. "Caele," he greeted quietly. "I'm okay. How's the search going?"

The silver-eyed dark elf shook his head. He had escaped uninjured, but... the sol'tera knew his loss hurt far more than losing a sibling. He'd lost his dragon... how he looked even this stable seemed miraculous. "We found one trove that's undamaged," Caele said. "They're bringing the gems here, and with their stored energy we can keep the mages supplied for a little longer. But we're running out of scouts, and most places are overrun with all sorts of monsters."

"I can hel-"

"No," the dark elf cut in. "You need to rest and heal. We'll be fine, Amyr; we have a group gathering recruits now." He gave a soft, weak smile; but he could sense how much the expression was faked. "I'll be back to check on you later. Take care of yourself, okay?"

The sol'tera nodded, and lifted a hand to wave as the former dragonrider walked off; the movement made him wince, and he sighed. However, it wasn't in the man to just sit tight - as soon as Caele was out of sight, he carefully made his way down, mindful of the wounds to his chest. He was a warrior of the Mau. How could he stay and do nothing?

He couldn't go alone... but he was sure he could find someone to go with him. After all, if he could find more help, or even find some way to help the mages himself... anything would be worth that.

Anything at all.

Posted by: Zendekarian Jan 10 2018, 09:08 PM
The last six years had been utter hell on the being know as Ronin. First he had lost Patchpocket. Then Vraska. Then Arlinn.
And then, finally, the latest and most tragic, Ronin had lost Jeffry to his family, the horrible Deathollow clan.
Numb, Ronin and the Vilidin staggered through the Felnova streets. Somehow the mages all survived, but they were very, very weak. Only Rayg seemed strong, trying his best to keep the mood light. But the tattered remain of the Vilidin could not have their spirits by one man alone.
What we would give to see our packmates again.

Zen hated all the pain around him. He knew what is was like to lose something very dear to you, to feel pain. He had at least had a year to deal with it. He wished desperately he could help someone, ANYONE. He also missed Liam's companionship. He missed feeling like he has someone to talk to.
He would do anything, just so he could feel happy for the first time since the Betrayl. To feel happy before he died.

Horizon didn't know why he bothered to go on. Wistala and Rory were gone. The only family he had ever known. He just stared into empty space, his energy still slowly being sapped by the Realm. His reiatsu abilities had nearly killed him, but Rory sacrificed himself to save Horizon. Wistala died at the hands of. Heartwoodian Black, also saving Horizon.
Why does the world hate me so much? What have we all done to deserve this living hell?

Posted by: Elffri3nd Jan 11 2018, 02:53 PM
The Elf Friend had lived for longer than one of his kind should have and he was beginning to regret his gift from Time. His immortal life seemed to be a curse in these dark times but even so he had no desire to die. He had spent the first three years of this new apoplectic life trying to keep balance within the Song Forest. His home. The place he had finally settled after so many years of traveling. As the days past the borders of the Song Forest seemed to shrink and a impending doom seemed to was over the forest.

He knew that he couldn't stay there. The effort he had put into trying to keep balance within the forest was madding and he could feel it tearing away at his mind. He had began to feel sick even. He was a being of light and with the absence of the sun and moon he felt depressed, even if he hadn't looked upon them for many years. He had briefly taken his mask off during the beginning of the end just so that he could see the sun and the moon before he believed he would die. The Elf Friend was glad that he did because shortly after wards they were destroyed.

Since the ancient Liniah had left the Song Forest he had wandered aimlessly. He narrowly avoid some fights with others and at other times he had no option but to kill the aggressors. He hadn't ever killed anyone before and it weighed heavily on his heart. The Elf Friend seemed to only act upon his desire to live and had stumbled into Albornel. He didn't know what he would find here but his senses told him that there were still a great deal of people in this ancient city.

He took a few steps into the city, exhausted and his feat bloody. He had forgotten the pain and had been using one of his staffs to help him walk. He might be a strange sight to the few people around him but he didn't pay them any mind. The smells of the city made it hard to distinguish things around him but he could tell that some of the people around him were bandits raiding the campsites of other for food. Others were scared children fighting to survive. It weighed heavily on his heart. If he had seen this prior to the deaths of the gods or even before he left the Song Forest he would have done everything in his power to help those in need.

Finally after walking a short distance into the city the Elf Friend sat or collapsed onto the ground needing to rest. At this point the smells of the city made it impossible for him to be able to navigate and was relying completely on sound. His nin weakly held on to his shoulder.

Posted by: Fyfergrund Jan 11 2018, 11:46 PM
The sol'tera's descent from the battlements, and determined expression, didn't go unnoticed. A pair of pale blue draconic eyes watched him as he made his way carefully down from the dark walls.

Albinius himself was a bit surprised he'd managed to survive for so long, but he'd always been quick to simply refuse to let anything hinder him from reaching goals he set for himself. All except one. With the royal family gone, the knightly orders were gone with them, including his father, slain in a fight a few years ago.

At any other time, losing the chance to be a knight would've crushed the young dragon's spirit, but now, in the face of complete and utter destruction of existence itself, his unwavering determination carried him onward through the pain of losing everything he knew, and almost everyone, as he clung to an ever-fainter spark of hope that nonetheless clung stubbornly to life within him.

The crippled dragon rose to his feet, and limped forward into sight. "You look like a man with a mission. A mission that doesn't include bed rest," he observed, a small, mirthless grin flitting across his face as he eyed the man's bandaged chest. "Maybe I can be of assistance. I'd rather not spend any more time lying around waiting for..." he trailed off, leaving the obvious unsaid.

Posted by: darkeh Jan 13 2018, 03:46 PM
user posted image

"Ho, friend."

There were footsteps down an alleyway behind the liniah as someone approached. Moments later, a figure in white knelt by his side. "Hush," Zelda murmured, glancing at the nin before she raised a gloved hand to the stranger's forehead. She smiled wearily a moment later. "Good, no fever."

A hood obscured most of the shar's features, though it could not hide the piercing bicolored eyes that now looked the liniah over, narrowed in concern. She brushed her hands over the soles of his feet and made a little noise of sympathy in the back of her throat. "I can heal this," she said quietly, as tongues of white flame licked up from her fingers. "But the deeper pain will need to be dealt with somewhere else."

She gently ran the flames over each foot in turn. White reiatsu that stung at first wound its way into the flesh, repairing the wear of long travel and turning blood into a grey brown dust that crumbled away a moment later. When she had done what she could, Zelda stood, lifting the liniah easily in her arms. "Let us go find help. Nin," she said, addressing the small creature. "Seek ahead. I know not what lurks in the alleys."

- - - - - -

Loyalty. Honesty. Duty.

In a dying world, what did they matter?

All over Felnova, each being with a scrap of power was seeking shelter, bent on survival in a sunless land where hope died with the last mouthful. It was amusing to watch, really. Those who were stronger than others pressed them into service, anchoring their fiefdoms to stores of food, magic, companionship, and, of course, protections. Old alliances were dead now. New ones were forged with a hint of desperation. Everywhere, they were trying to survive.

All of them, that is, except one. Remeira didn't need foxholes to survive. She needed prey.

The drowess walked on the wide road leading toward Albronel, a naked sword in her hand the only indication that she was aware of the danger of traveling alone in this new and terrifying place. Somehow, where others looked half-starved, inches from death, she appeared radiant; her long silky hair shone where it fell upon her shoulders, and her skin glowed, as if stoked with all the flames of vigour and life that had been snuffed in the rest of them. She whistled as she walked, spinning De'Bryska the way a child would spin a thin broomhandle as they imagined themselves flourishing a sword upon the battlefield.

Fresh droplets of blood arced from the blade.

As the drowess entered the shadow of the main gate, she burst into sudden song, words ricocheting off of the empty, windowless homes. "And to be home, oh how my heart longs to be home again...."

Something ran across her path. A child, or an exceptionally large rat - it was difficult to tell, with how Felnovians had been reduced to base, beastlike states. Remeira flicked her wrist and the blade beheaded the creature in an instant, leaving a twitching, bleeding mess in her receding shadow.

"Oh home sweet home!"

Posted by: JPG Jan 14 2018, 01:13 PM
A fellow cloaked in heavy leather hides followed behind the figure cloaked in white, his face obscured by cloth wrappings. Everywhere she walked, he followed. He would stand guard over the Shar, keeping quiet as she did her work. As she finished and lifted the creature, and mentioned the alleyway ahead, he narrowed his eyes, and stepped forward, striding ahead. He lifted a hand with stabbing nails, a small sphere of icy blue reiatsu forming in his palm - as if to warn whoever was stupid enough to attack the Famine N'vaen...

"They had better keep lurking."

The looming end hadn't horribly perturbed the N'Vaen - after it became clear the end was inevitable, what was left to fear? Die today, die tomorrow, it would all be the same in the end. As a result, the demon had decided to spend these last days traveling with the one close to him - still not revealing his true feelings, in spite of giving into an apathetic lethargy for the most part beyond being the shar's travel companion.


In the distance up above, a figure in Halgian gold plate soared, its four wings of light extended magnificently as it circled Caele's location, keeping a healthy distance above. It righted itself, and removed its helmet to gaze upon Caele from afar with softly glowing vermillion-golden eyes - the familiar white ponytail of Kari hanging from the back of her head.

Time had not been well to her. She had returned to Halgia to make peace with her father, as well as to drink from the lightriver - to give her the strength to be there for everyone as the end drew near. Now he was dead as a result of their 'reunion,' and she was wearing his armor. Several crucial years had passed since her dear friend had been buried. She wasn't there for her dear friend's friend. She would be now.

However, how would Caele take it? She kept back, maintaining her altitude, watching over him. Her naginata, as always, at the ready. She needed to at least try to bring comfort.

Loyalty. Honesty. Duty. As the dying world crumbled, they were the only things she could keep from falling.

Posted by: Verridith Jan 14 2018, 10:48 PM
@Zendekarian (to Ronin)

"Daddy, look!"

A giant wolf, black-furred and with a metal leg paused in the middle of the North Road leading from Albronel; he wore a sort of bandolier around his neck and chest, made of leather with two pouches on either side - currently empty. And on his back sat a boy of around perhaps twelve or thirteen, black hair wild and eyes a startling blue-purple.

The wolf didn't have many markings; what he did have was red and traveled down his back, matching deep scarlet eyes. Ears pricked, he watched for a moment before waving his tail a swish, then approaching the group slowly. "You look weary, and in need of rest," the wolf said, dipping his head. "Do you and your group travel to Albronel?"


@darkeh @JPG

That voice...

The dark-elf abruptly tensed. He had been crossing the very road - covered in dust and debris from years of neglect, the cobblestone upset and cracked in many places - that Remeira now traveled down, and as he turned to face her, recognized who it was in an instant. Instinctively, he laid a hand on the hilt of his sword and watched her progress warily, until she was close enough to hear him speak.

"Remeira," he said slowly, silver eyes like ice. A gust of chill wind tugged at his black hair and flung the edge of his cloak into the air, before settling again. The artificial light of the bespelled gemstones wavered as they always did. "I never expected to see you again. What are you doing here?"



The sol'tera paused and looked over at the dragon; a moment of hesitation passed, before he sighed. "I can't sit and do nothing," he said, frustrated. "I don't care if I'm injured. I only have until my sunstones run out anyways. I want - no, I need - to help."

He walked over, ignoring the pain of movement, until he stood next to the crippled young drake. For a moment, Amyr took in a few deep breaths, angrily shoving the sudden dizziness away. "Caele mentioned," he began somewhat breathlessly, "finding energy gems. So if we can... help the mages along..."

Then, he stopped. "He sounded like there was a chance to survive," he said suddenly, voice low. "But how? Keeping the mages alive saves our Realm for a little while. But what's the end play? What do we do after they die?"

Posted by: Zendekarian Jan 18 2018, 03:43 PM
Ronin and the Vilidin looked surprised at being adressed. "Yes, we would love some shelter. Thank you for the offer." Rayg suddenly stumbled and coughed, and to Ronin's horror blood spewed from his mouth. Destiny cried out and ran to him, desperately using her magic to heal him. Ronin looked panicked, and asked the wolf, "Please help us. If we lose one more, I don't know what will happen."

Horizon staggered through the streets, then stumbled over a figure leaning against a wall.
"Sorry," he croaked.
The guy looked weird to Horizon. Two antlers stuck from his head, and his ears were like a deer's. He looked at Horizon oddly, but said nothing. Soon he shambled on, and the deer person moved off towards another part of town.

Posted by: Elffri3nd Jan 19 2018, 12:37 AM
The Elf Friend barely noticed when the Shar approached him. He was tired. He could barely move and he didn't really want to. For a brief moment his feet hurt and than the pain was gone. He feet felt a hundred times better. Better than they had for four or so years. he had gotten so little rest in that time.

When the Shar lifted him up, he held onto his staffs. The fact that he was a Liniah made it extremely ease for anyone to carry him. It was a little strange to the Elf Friend to be in such a vulnerable position. He hadn't needed help from another person in a long time and he was usually the one who helped other.

He wanted to do something to thank the Shar and her companion but he didn't know what to do. It looked like he mouthed thank you with a great effort.

The small Nin that rode on the Elf Friend's shoulder weakly acknowledged Zelda. It weakly flap it's wings and flew ahead of her in the alley, only managing to stay a few feet off the ground. It didn't flew to far a head of everyone wanting to stay close to the Liniah.

Posted by: Fyfergrund Jan 19 2018, 12:24 PM

Albinius grimaced a bit as the sol'tera spoke. Even moreso than most everyone else, the man was living on borrowed time. The young dragon glanced at the sunstones, then away. They seemed so frail, and faint in the darkness. A fragile lifeline.

"You aren't the only one who feels that way. There are others who would prefer to take action over sitting and waiting," he stated. He bared the tips of his fangs in a bitter scowl. "What is there to wait for now, anyways, except the end?" He settled on his haunches, carefully stretching his bad leg out, ears perking as the sol'tera mentioned energy stones, and a chance of survival.

"I wish I could offer a plan for survival, but wiser ones than I will need to provide such an answer. But we can at least do what we can to give the mages more time to keep us alive a while longer. Maybe long enough for someone to figure something out," he mused.

"Do you know where any of these energy gems might be?"

@JPG @darkeh @Elffri3nd

The four of them were being watched, but no amount of searching in the alleyway ahead would reveal the watcher. Ancient draconic eyes observed them for a moment, then, without warning, Raz'azial was beside them, foreclaws folded within the sleeves of his dark robe.

"Save your energy, demon. The only trouble you'll find with me will be of your own making," he stated evenly. "What brings you all to Albronel? There is little left here, save for the city walls to keep out the monsters outside. But walls mean little when it comes to the dangers within the city."

With no Royals left alive, he had taken to serving their memory as best he could, even as he felt the Realms dying as the balance continued to degrade into nothing. He'd been doing what he could to tend to the needs of what remained of Albronel's citizens, but there was only so much that could go around.

Posted by: darkeh Jan 19 2018, 08:14 PM
@Verridith @JPG

"Caele." Remeira breathed the word like an oath, her eyes widening in surprise. She stilled De'Bryska and stood perfectly still. "You're alive?"

Emotions fled across the dark elf's face - too many to count or even begin to decipher. Then, unexpectedly, Remeira's smoky red gaze filled with tears. She raised her free hand to her face and tried to wipe them away, but they kept coming, streaming down her cheeks. "Cae, I... I've been looking all over. They're all dead." Her voice strained, cracked. The drowess stepped forward tentatively, then, appearing to throw all caution to the winds, ran to him. She stopped just shy of touching him, her hand going to his shoulder but freezing partway. Naked fear shone glassy-eyed in her face - fear of him flinching away, fear of the rejection that had come time after time, perhaps even now in this dark and empty place.

She let her hand drop. "Please...." Remeira stared at him, unable to tear her gaze away. "They've all gone. I tried... I tried so hard..." De'Bryska fell from her grasp, clattering against the ground, its blade ringing as the flat of it struck the tip of her boot. "Don't leave me alone."

All the while ignoring the angel in the sky.

- - -

@Elffri3nd @Fyfergrund

"We are looking for a place to rest." Zelda stared back at the dragon, unafraid. Alone, she would have backed down, but the presence of Rafaloth behind her bolstered the shar's courage. "There is safety in numbers, friend. Will you take us somewhere safe?"

It was then that Zelda wavered, nearly dropping her slight load. Grey suffused her luminescent skin, and she blinked as if dizzy. Shaking her head, she smiled faintly at the green runnerdrake. "Sooner rather than later, kind one. This world grows more dangerous by the moment."

Posted by: JPG Jan 21 2018, 02:13 PM
@darkeh @Verridith

The seraph wasn't stupid. She knew Rem wasn't stupid. The only question was why she wasn't making a show of her knowing. She wouldn't hid her knowledge unless..., she wouldn't.

The seraph readied her bow, just in case her hunch was right, carefully drawing it from her back and drawing back an arrow - the tip glinting with a spark of light reiatsu...


@darkeh (again) @Fyfergrund @Elffri3nd

The N'Vaen noted the dragon's non-hostile stance, and dissipated the ice reiatsu as quickly as he summoned it.

"I protect Zelda til the ends of the realms. ...which are, of course, coming quickly, it would seem. So long as you pose her no threat, I will make no trouble."

Rafaloth offered his arms to take the Liniah and Nin into his own arms from the shar's arms. The looming end weighed on Rafaloth more and more each day, but he resolved to not let this disturb his role as dutiful guardian.

As of late, his gaze had settled on Zelda more and more. He had claimed 'concern' over her. And insisted on watching her - his lips sealed shut.

Posted by: Verridith Jan 23 2018, 12:19 PM

The black wolf looked surprised, and then trotted over to see if he could help. "Where do you hail from?" he asked, looking over the wounded man. His son, Kai, slid off and took a step back as the great wolven Anima knelt down. "Tell me as you get him onto my back. I know where healers are; I can take him there."



The sol'tera nodded. "I think so," he said quietly. "There was a place my... my sister and I saw some time ago - a place where artifacts were being s-store, buried. Magical things. Before they n-needed the energy from such things, they - the mages - thought to bury them in case the world survived on w-without us.

"It isn't very far, but..." He stared at the crippled dragon, frowning, one hand on his side. Everything hurt. "You... can't fly, can you? I dunno i-if I can walk that far..."


@darkeh @JPG

Caele almost drew his sword. He didn't know why he didn't; he didn't trust her being anywhere near anything he cared about, and didn't believe this at all. "I know," he said, voice hollow. He didn't look away; his expression was carefully neutral, dead calm, if somewhat tense. "I lost everything, too."

But some instinctive, impulsive thing rose in him; and he continued, even though he knew he shouldn't. "I lost... my pairbond and daughter. Fyndel. Talos. Arnus. Verridith. Everyone. But I'm not giving up. I'm fighting - for them. For their memory."

His eyes narrowed; bits of silver ice.

"Are you?"

Posted by: Zendekarian Jan 23 2018, 12:46 PM
The remaining Vilidin lay Rayg on the wolf's back and for a moment they were dead silent. Then Ronin spoke up, the only one not shell shocked to the point that he lost sight of the Vilidin's purpose. "Some of us hail from here, but most of us fled from Evylon, following a great evil here. There... Used to be more of us...." Ronin's voice then gave out, his grief stopping him from saying more.

Zendekarian stumbled towards the palace, noticing a sol'terra and a dragon talking. The sun man seemed weak, as if he couldn't walk too far. The argument in his head was brief, and so he wandered cl oser, mostly to hear what they were saying, but also to maybe offer his help.

Horizon staggered into what looked to him like a confrontation. His brain didn't register what was going on, at least until the dark elf drew a sword. He then passed out, his energy nearly spent from the Realm's draining.

Posted by: Elffri3nd Feb 1 2018, 11:29 AM
The Elffriend was still tired and weak but he couldn't continue to let people carry him. He knew that the world weighed heave on everyone and they were probably just as weak as him. His nin him again as it was to tired to fly and before Rafaloth could take him, he stabbed one of his staffs into the ground and carefully got out of the shar's hands. He was thankful that his feat had been heal because it would make it easier to walk again.

Once he was on his feet he turned his head towards the dragon. He hoped the creature was as friendly. The Elffriend didn't like the way it had spoken and approached them but that didn't mean he would be there enemy. He waved his hand in front of him as in saying to lead on, there wasn't much more he could to do to express what he was thinking.

Posted by: Fyfergrund Feb 4 2018, 08:49 PM

Albinius nodded slightly as the sol'tera spoke. That such things would be stored away made sense, considering how useful they could be. And now, they were or more use than ever. If they could buy Felnova more time, then, just maybe, survival could be assured.

But, when the sol'tera questioned his ability to fly, he bristled in anger, drawing back a bit and baring his fangs in a sudden snarl.

"Don't make the mistake of thinking me weak! My wing may not be as strong as it should be, but it can bear my weight!" he retorted. He hesitated, then added, ore softly, "For a time, at least. If this hidden cache is close, as you say, then flying you there should prove to be within my capabilities."

He carefully rose to his feet, then frowned slightly. Carrying a rider was one thing, but they'd have to carry whatever they found back with them. "How many of these energy crystals are there? I may not be able to carry both them and you."

@darkeh @JPG @Elffri3nd

Raz, satisfied that the group before him weren't interested in fighting him, or causing trouble, nodded slightly. They asked for nothing he couldn't offer. As abruptly as he'd appeared, he vanished without sound or portal, giving no sign he'd ever been standing there int he first place.

He reappeared several paces away, in plain sight, and gestured to the group to approach.

Posted by: darkeh Feb 20 2018, 08:45 PM
“How could you think I wouldn't?” Remeira stared at him through a veil of tears. “All I know is fighting, Caele... it's all I've ever been good at. Not always for the right people, or the right reasons...”

She looked away, as if the remorse was too much. Composing herself, the drowess breathed deeply several times and rubbed her hand over her face, drying her cheeks. Slowly, she reached for him again – just his hand, with both of hers. The shyness, the tenderness in the movement was not at all characteristic of the sarcastic seductress Remeira had been a short age ago.

And all the more telling for that fact.

Someone fell nearby. Remeira glanced briefly at the crumpled figure but made no move to go to his side. Her fixation was on the dark elf in front of her, as reluctantly caught as a speared fish. “Please, Caele, I have nowhere else to go.” De'Bryska hummed against the cobblestones, echoing its master's intensity. Remeira finally looked at him again, her expression strange, almost in pain. “Would you lose me, too?”


Zelda smiled tiredly as the stranger slipped from her grasp. Despite his lightness, she felt drained, grey. It was the chaos of the Realms, of course. All the other talented magicians had gone insane months before. It was only a matter of time before she followed in their wake.

She glanced at Rafaloth and saw his concern. Her gut wrenched. Yes, only a matter of time.

The dragon's vanishing act startled her only for a moment, as her body, too tired to respond, barely processed the change before she was striding dutifully on. There was no help to be gotten out of dwelling on the inevitable. Many, many people were sick, and Albronel had to attract the great majority of them. Like a lightning rod to the storm, it signaled a path of some kind. Surely there would be purpose here. Purpose could sustain her, for a little while.

“Where are we going?” she called, hoping the dragon would not miss her words in his peculiar hide-and-seek.

Posted by: JPG Feb 21 2018, 11:51 AM

(skip me for the Caele/Rem fight - don't have much to add there)

@darkeh @Elffri3nd @Fyfergrund

The Elf Friend seemed intent on maintaining his pride - a sentiment which the demon could understand. Still, Zelda's concern had rubbed off on him over the years, and he could not help but inquire. "Will you be alright for the moment?"

Before he could respond, the dragon teleported a short distance away, beckoning them forward. He eyed the dragon's disappearing and reappearing portal game. Thought to himself. "If he wanted to kill us, he would have already, I'm sure." He looked to Zelda, brow furrowing as he studied the state of her health, assessing it.

"You need rest. We should take his offer." He reached out, placing his long-nailed hand on her shoulder gently. He could not hide the worry on his face. Not even for her.

Posted by: Verridith Feb 22 2018, 07:41 AM

"Explain more after we've reached a healer," Ram'r said, as the teenage boy beside him nodded. The great wolf pushed himself to his feet, careful not to jostle his rider, and turned around. "Let's go."

Then, he took off at a sweeping, smooth-gait lope; Kaiba ran to keep up with him, as he often did. If they were to reach a healer in time, they had to move quickly...


Amyr shook his head. "As long as someone gets them back here, it's fine with me," he said quietly. "And yeah, fairly close. But... I really don't mean offense, but both of us aren't really in the best shape. You s-sure you can handle yourself if one of those elementals attack?"

There was concern - even fear - in his voice. He remembered how difficult it was fighting the one that had injured him, and Kiya... Pain lanced through his expression, and he looked away. "Those things... they aren't normal anymore. They don't know what they're doing, and..."

Was he trying to talk himself out of going? No, that was unacceptable. "N-Nevermind," he said, angry with himself. "Let's just go."

@darkeh @JPG

Finally, the dark elf's composure fractured. He looked down, and away, somewhat uncertainly - he didn't pull his hand away as he initially wanted to. When he looked back, the uncertain flicker in his eyes hadn't died away. Instead, he shook his head. "What do you want me to do? Accept you with open arms? I... can't forget what you've done."

Finally, he pulled his hand away. "I lost you a long time ago," he said softly. "You made sure of that."

Posted by: Zendekarian Mar 2 2018, 11:00 AM
Most of the Vilidin quickly transformed into their wolf forms, being werewolves. Ronin hopped onto Kryall's back and the group bolted after their fallen comrade. Ronin watched Rayg's still form with concern, then noticed a Keht'shu on the road. He leaped off in a single acrobatic leap, rushing to the Keht'shu's side. He checked the blue-haired flier's vitals. His wing's reiatsu flickered faintly, then went out. Ronin could detect no more pulse. It was dead.
Sadly, he got back onto Kryall.

Zendekarian quietly decided while going up and saying hello wouldn't do much, he could at least follow from a distance. Briefly he shot a glance at the dragon and sol'terra, then returned to his deer form and ran off towards the direction he knew the crystals may be.
Who knows, I may finally feel useful....

Posted by: Elffri3nd Mar 3 2018, 08:34 PM
@JPG @darkeh @Fyfergrund
The Elf Friend was taken by surprise as the dragon suddenly vanished and reappeared else where without a sound. He barely heard the creature's hand wave through air and turned towards him. Like the shar he was also curious as to where they were going. He didn't know the city and had never been there before. He had never had a reason to come to the city. The Elf Friend had loved his forest home.

When Rafoloth asked if he was okay he turned to the man and gave him a thumbs up. The demon seemed to be concerned about everyone and seemed to be thinking clearly. It was nice to know that there were people like these still around in the worst of times. It gave him a small glimmer of hope. He wanted to be able to do something. He hoped that there might still be a way to save the realm though he knew that was unlikely.

Posted by: Fyfergrund Mar 4 2018, 05:31 PM

Albinius grimaced, then sighed. He gazed up at the sky in silence for a few moments as he sought to think clearly, and silence his pride. As much as he hated to admit to any weakness, this was more important than just himself. What was left of Felnova might depend on this mission's success.

"No, you are right to question. I will not allow my pride to get in the way. We should make haste, but I know of a few survivors who might be willing to help us in our endeavor," he stated, kneeling so that the so'tera could climb onto his shoulders. Once the man was settled, he'd take off, and begin their journey.

@darkeh @JPG @Elffri3nd

Raz met the shar's gaze briefly. "To a safe place with solid walls and doors. And what little can be had by way of provisions," he replied before vanishing once more, only to reappear some distance ahead once again, gesturing towards a distant structure nestled in the shadow of the city wall. As he gestured, the door opened slightly. A tall, slightly hunched figure beckoned the group forward.

Posted by: Verridith May 27 2018, 12:27 AM

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