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» MC10: February Fear-Fest!, month of february
Welcome to this month's Monthly Contest! These MCs, as they are known, happen every non-holiday month, and are fun little events or contests that staff put up for you members to partake in. Whoo!

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It is said nobody can show true courage without first resisting fear, and overcoming it. But what happens when fear proves to be too strong to overcome? What happens when you become overwhelmed by fear that you succumb to terror?

Let's find out!


This month's MC is all about seeing how your characters deal with fear in any given situation. Choose from one of the examples listed below, or feel free to come up with your own scenario.
  • -Your character finds themselves on a battlefield, but the fear of getting injured, or of hurting somebody else, has crippled their fighting skills.
  • -Your character finds themselves at a large gathering, but is suddenly overcome with a fear of crowds, and public places.
  • -Your character is out hunting for food, whether for themselves, or for others, only to find themselves overcome with fear of failure, of of being injured.
  • -Your character is exploring some place they've never been before. Perhaps a massive cavern system, or grand, forgotten ruin, when they're overcome by the dread, convinced that some unseen terror is stalking them.
  • -Your character wakes up in an unknown place, with no memories of how they got there. They are suddenly convinced that something horrible happened to them, and something even more horrible is awaiting them if they remain.


Here are the rules of this MC!
  • Only one character per member can be entered.
  • They must be able to feel fear, regardless of their normal behavior and personality.


Please fill out the form below to participate!


Prizes are as follows:

First Prize: A store item of 3,000 jaden value or less.
Second Prize: 2,000 jaden.
Third Place: 1,200 jaden.
Participation: 300 jaden.

Have fun!
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This event has OPENED! Have fun, guys! :D

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"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"
NAME: Fetiro
SCENARIO: Fetiro decides to check out some ruins, not knowing of the beast that lurks within
ENTRY: It's probably not that good but

It was dark when the young avian arrived at his destination, the rocks and roots lay on the ground as if they were sleeping, blanketed in the darkness of night and the shadow of the canopy above. The boy had noticed the structure yesterday as he flew over the trees, but it wasn't until now that he had mustered the courage to enter into the abyssal darkness that was the wide doorframe leading into the building. As he crept into the dark a horrid noise like wind howling, bellowed from the depths. Fetiro was a good 20 feet away from the building in the blink of an eye, wings wrapping around him like a blanket in an attempt to hide or protect himself from the noise, he wasn't sure which.

Ten seconds passed. 5 more…. Nothing. Standing shakily the child lowered his wing, eye peering out over the brown feathers, yellow eyes like tarnished gold fruitlessly attempting to pierce the darkness. The boy took three shaky steps toward the shadowed arch. Nothing. Three more steps, nothing. One step from the entrance, nothing. Fetiro sat Rocky on his shoulder as he cast a simple light spell, a glistening orb, like a tiny pearly star, a prismatic sun popped into existence. The light illuminated the stone hall, which stretched on for five haunting feet before plummeting downwards into a set of steep stairs.

Fetiro looked down the edge, the stairs seemed to reach on forever, not even his light spell could pierce the abyssal blanket of darkness. Fetiro squinted, trying to gaze into the dark. 'Was that movement?!' the boy worried, eyes wide with terror. 'Oh gods, it is!' the thought was the only thing to fill his head as three crimson eyes light up, and whatever demon lurked inside that sea of gloom began to lumber, no creep, up the stairs. “Hell no!!!” the boy shouted as he grabbed Rocky, wings stretching and with a single powerful movement Fetiro was outside, hovering in the air with a look of terror plastered on his face.

“Anatrepo!” the avian cried, using every fiber of emotion to not break down out of sheer terror. Bricks and ground shook as the archway leading into the ruin began to collapse. The boy didn't even wait to see if his spell worked, he had already fled towards his home, vowing to never get close to those ruins ever again.
NAME: Elffri3nd
SCENARIO: Zeke is exploring a large cavern but he has been separated from Horus.

It had been a long time since Zeke had been away from Horus, so long in fact that he couldn't remember a time he had been a way from his best friend. It didn't matter to him how annoying or mischievous his friend was, the bird was always there for him. The two looked after each other. Zeke protected his bird and Horus did the same for him but now the bird was gone.

Zeke had no idea if the bird had died or if he had just simply gotten lost. Normally Zeke would be able to hear the precious voice of his little bird but his mind was clouded and he couldn't focus on anything.

His heart was racing, his breathing had quickened and he couldn't think of anything other than what had happened to Horus and the surrounding darkness. If there was anything he was afraid of, it was losing Horus and the darkness. Horus lit up Zeke's world for him. He lived in a constant darkness due to his blindness but Horus made it seem as though he could see the world in perfect detail.

Zeke took a careful step forward. His hand was against the wall of the cavern as he walked. His hand was shaking with every step that he took. With each step Zeke felt as though he was going to collapse.

Again he took a step forward. His free hand clenched the fabric at his heart. He could feel it banging against his ribcage. He was gasping for air. Finally he stumbled backwards. His back landed against the cave wall and he slowly slipped down.

Zeke now sat against the wall holding his knees. He was still gasping for air. He could feel it; the darkness that was surrounding him. He had no idea where he was anymore and he had no idea where his precious bird was. He felt completely hopeless. He was panicking and tears snuck out of the corners of his eyes. Over every inch of Zeke's body he could feel a strange sensation of complete terror wash over him, longing to be held and comforted.

Then he heard it. A squawk in the distance. He instantly burst into tears as he welcomed Horus into his arms. "Where... where were you? Please never do that again." The bird let out another sound. "I am not crying! Waters is just coming out of my eyes." The bird rubbed his face against Zeke's in an attempt to comfort him and they sat there for a while until they finally began walking again.

-Blazeh defeated the elffri3nd 1/19/18-
-Mav was obliterated by the elffri3nd 1/19/18-
SCENARIO: Noe is fleeing Sidika (also my char, but not the one feeling fear), who is seeking to kill dergons.
Running. Fleeing. Escaping. These were constants in Noe’s life. Her Nzani mask was the symbol of the trauma that had scarred her for life - a midnight blue sky base, with a white crescent-shaped serpentine dragon surrounding a black circle symbol protruding from the forehead, covering the violet gemstone gracing the natural Circadian dragon crown.

And now the things Noe fled from were imminent, tangible, and on her heels.

Gasping for breath, the cloaked and masked dragon girl ran as fast as her lavender scaled dragon legs would carry her. Her form was like a blur as she ran through the blazing Lost Light forest, which had become an inferno as a result of her pursuer. But the snakekind woman of the flame, known by many as Sidika, was closing in on the young dragonness girl, flying through the air with crimson braided locks and a trail of flame blazing behind her.

Reiatsu gathered into Noe’s dragon claw-like fingertips, as she unleashed an unfocused cone of icy shraphnel and biting wind at Sidika to dissuade the forty-five foot long giantess of a snake with six limbs, each wielding a blazing weapon of flame.

The elemental mage of Orochi summoned a serpent made of fire reiatsu itself to surround and cloak her, protecting her from the admittedly impressive stream of biting cold winds. All the while, her tail rattled in a deafening cacophony, causing Noe to fall to all fours, clutching at her lilac-tipped ears, her yelling drowned out by both the mask on her face and the chorus of hissing and rattling.

Sidika hissed - her voice somehow piercing the torrent of sound and fury around them. “Tisss a ssshame a dearessst! That one of your magical calibur would be a filthy dragon!”

The serpent-cloak of flame exploded outward as Sidika dismissed it, sending a flurry of flaming shrapnel everywhere, before they all homed in on the circadian dragon girl - only barely managing to block the exploding fireballs with a sudden sheet of an icewall - the flames eating huge chunks out of the barrier of ice - the heat from the burning forest weakening the ice wall further.

Suddenly Sidika would burst through the wall, sending ice everywhere, knocking Noe against a tree, drawing a pathetic yelp as her body smashed through it, skidding on her back across the dirt floor of the Lost Light Forest.

“Poor little dragon, all alone,” Sidika sang out as her form towered overhead - her forked tongue slithering out like a miniature snake. Her crimson braided locks raised - the ends becoming the heads of smaller snakes as well.

Noe could only look on - as if a spirit watching the scene play out. Her arms and legs simply wouldn’t move. She couldn’t tell if it was that her back was broken, or simply the sheer terror of this amalgamation of flaming snakes.

“So sweet. So pure. So innocent. My oh my, you are quite a sight. That is good…” Her serpentine eyes glinted and she gave a fanged grin, before her arm wielding the glave slammed into Noe’s stomach, pinning her against the dirt floor.

Noe cried out in agony - her eyes widening beneath her Nzani mask, emptying her lungs of wind - her arms reflexively reached out of their own accord to attempt to pry the polearm which pinned her to the ground free from the hole it made in her stomach - just barely missing any vital organs - assuming Sidika had aimed at those in the first place.

The snakekind mage cackled at the pinned dragon. “Good enough to eat, that is! Now hold still, dragon girl - this might sting a little!” As she cackled, her tail started to rattle again with deafening delight, a small hiss entering her voice as well. With her middle and bottom set of arms folded, the top two arms cracked out a whip made of a stream of flame, stretching it between the two top limbs, before she lashed out the flame across the young girl’s body, slashing it with searing flame, burning and sealing off the flesh of the wound in an instant, drawing a scream from her lips, thrashing about on the polearm.

Sidika leaned closer - all of her the crimson snakes on her head coming to life and hissing as one. The sound crushed Noe's quivering spine with the sheer intensity of terror, as Sidika finished her words.

“Good enough to eat.”

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