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 The Escape

SETTING: Xaeri - Kerguelan - Kajikuu forest

WEATHER: Partly Cloudy

TIME: Current

A Flash of Light

Right after her family's massacre, the red night was over, Zinnie had to leave town. She had no idea where she would go, or what she would do, but she had to escape before trouble showed up looking for revenge.

However, after entering the center of the forest right outside the town, she saw a huge flash of light, then everything went black, though she thought she saw a hooded person smiling at first. Next thing she knew she woke up in a completely different place and/or time.

She woke up, it was night, slightly cloudy and a bit chilly. She was right outside of a forest, however, this one wasn't a regular forest, it was a mushroom forest. Zinnie was confused. How did she end up here? Was she even in the same county?

No matter, she had to reorganize herself first. Find some food and water because she had nothing, then she had to find some sort of intelligent life. She stood up, her blood dyed white dress flowing with the find. With the help of telekinesis on herself to make it less tiring, she ran quickly into the forest.

After spending some time running, she decided to completely levitate off the ground and fly instead, as a sort of training. Using her telekinesis, she can manipulate the physical world around her, including herself, and so she could fly using this. After the incidence with her family, she had noticed her aptitude with psionic abilities was excellent.
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