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 WANTED AD!: Cirque D'Oro, Circus

You find a piece of paper that reads
Hello! Have you ever felt strange, different, like every one looked at you as though you were not like them? If not, lucky you. If so, you have a unique opportunity before you. Join the Cirque D'Oro, we are a circus that travels in between the realms putting on a fantastic show for each realm, from Evylon all the way to Ristell. We welcome any and all who want to join, no matter their previous life. If you have any interesting talents or oddities about yourself, please do come and audition.

Any and all talents are welcome, If you can perform magic we will find a way to incorporate that into our show. We will need individuals who are fearless, some who come in pairs, some groups of similar beings. We here at the circus are a bunch of misfits and outcasts, we are a home for any who would want to change their life, we are Family. If you feel like the world won't accept you, we will, we do not discriminate in our family. As such, ALL races are welcome, and will be treated as family, free from discrimination. When you enter our family you leave all of your bias behind, just as we accept you for you, we expect you to accept others for who they are too.

Below you will find how and where to audition:

Our Main camp is in Xaeri, just outside the great city of Leonyss. There you will find a group of small buildings and tents with a large wooden fence around them, this is where we call our home, Dorado. If you wish to apply simply come in and speak to the person in the first cabin on the left when you enter. Tell them that you are interested in auditioning, and you will take the first step to a new life.

There is almost a hierarchy to the Circus, this Hierarchy is mainly based upon how long an individual has been a part of the circus. The lowest rank that can help make decisions for the circus is Trustee, and they are only allowed at meetings upon invitation. The circus is also like a boarding home, you will have a cabin provided for your character. The hierarchy is as follows:

Ringmaster: Oro
Ringfinger: (open [preferably female])
Division leaders: (open)
Trustees: (open)
Cabin leaders: (open)
Members: (open)
*The Inner Ring: (open)

The Ringmaster of the circus is the director and leader, head of the family.
The Ringfinger is the 2nd in command of the circus, and is very close to Oro, his most trusted advisee.
The Division Leaders lead a certain discipline of act, for example Acrobatics, Juggling, Balance, Magicians, etc. will all have division leaders.
Trustees are individuals who have set themselves apart, and earned Oro's respect, they are also usually a part of The Inner Ring.
Cabin leaders are individuals who oversee a cabin, each cabin will have a cabin leader, these leaders report on the relationship inside the cabin. They also maintain peace and respect in the cabins.
Members are those who joined the family, and are on their way to greatness.
Inner Ring are part of the vigilante squad of the circus.

The circus also hides a squad of warrior/vigilantes who when on tour in a realm will attempt to eliminate criminals. This squad is referred to as The Inner Ring, and is highly secretive, most of the Circus is unaware of it's existence. This squad operates directly under Oro, and usually he will lead the squad on missions. To apply to be a part of the Inner Ring, simply put an Asterisk, (*), next to your desired position.

The circus is going to be the kind of cliché, run away with the circus kind of deal. Like I said earlier in the ad, Any character is welcome to join, and there are no real prerequisites to join. To join you will first reply in this thread by filling out the form below. Once I see your post, I will message you and we will plan out an introductory thread to the circus, detailing your audition.

When posting your Application use this format:

Usename: here
Discord name: here
Character name: here
Position: What position is your character applying for?
Reason for joining: Tell me why you want to be a part of the circus, what made your character want to come here? What does your Character have to offer the Circus?
Character link: here
Usename: Nidelia
Discord name: Nidelia
Character name: Zabaione
Position: Member and Inner Ring
Reason for joining: She has always felt like a freak with her blindness and ability to see auras, especially after her parents died.
Character link:

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