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Jun 29 2018, 09:13 PM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Chrisgaming98 and Fyfergrund

SETTING: Set in Evylon. Deep in the forests near a set of an abandoned ruins deep in the forest. In the middle of a courtyard, someone is chained up. Deceived by love and trapped for eternity; until one day the creature was rescued. The Halgian Empire, further out past Umbra.

WEATHER: Cloudy overcast, but mostly sunny.

TIME: A year before current time.

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Thalia, and Arkadian

Time's been long forgotten. As the chains rust, but never actually decay. An imposing weredragon strung helpless against a massive stone in the middle of the courtyard. A young female weredragon she was, singing a sweet lullaby as she sits crosslegged and her wings shake against the cool crisp winds. This courtyard's been here longer than Thalia has ever been here, no matter how hard she tried to escape; by thrashing at the chains, biting them, and doing whatever she could possibly think of- she can't free herself. The man that she had fallen in love with, Makai, chained her up here. In the end, it turned out that he could never trust a weredragon that raged on his friends. He couldn't handle that amount of stress. Not like he wasn't stressing Thalia out with what he did as an occupation. He was a slaver and Thalia couldn't believe that she had saw something in him. Especially years after she had escaped a battle with a band of weredragons. She barely made it out alive herself, but her friends had perished.

It turned out that Thalia had done something called, crossing a line. She didn't want to go that far, but Makai wouldn't listen to her and he tricked Thalia into coming to this courtyard in a set of ruined towers and buildings. He had purchased a set of enchanted chains large and strong enough to hold down an adult dragon. A pure adult dragon. There was no use trying to escape these chains, but with her powers; Thalia was able to use them to her advantage to get food every once in a while. Piles of bones could be seen tossed to one side of the massive stone that was holding the chain together. Perhaps she couldn't break it, but maybe someone else could? But, Thalia's hunger drives her more than reasoning. She's collected water in the skulls of what she has fed on; so she has had just enough until the next rainfall. However, she wondered about giving up and just letting herself go to the heavens? Did she really deserve this, or was it just a test? Makai was a human, and never again was Thalia ever going to trust a human. He's probably dead for all she cared. Her soothing melodies kept her sane for all she knew, and it helped her relax as her neck is strained from the restraints. However, she thought that she noticed a flying shadow overhead. A large and massive shadow. She stood up in alarm as another large shadow flew over head. Her singing delayed for now and she screamed "Hey! Hey!" Which was all she could think of. "Down here!" She called out through a wispy voice. Some more shadows. The only thing that she could think of that were flying over head was. Dragon(s). Perhaps they could help her?
Jun 27 2018, 01:54 PM

Gender: Female

Species: Weredragon


Human: Thalia has a gorgeous caramel skin tone. She's abnormally tall in her human form due to her weredragon traits. And she has pointy ears like an elf and curvy talons at her hands instead of nails- like a dragon. She's a little thinner than usual due to her being chained up in the past and having to starve every now and then. She has red hair and icy blue eyes.

Dragon: She is a little shy of that average 1k pound mark in her dragon form. Her wings are small, but with her ability to manipulate air, she can have the improved ability to fly better with her small wings on her back. She still has her caramel hands and her talons are longer and untrimmed. They're quite tainted with blood and scratched as well due to her trying to free herself of a chain. Her scale colors are; red, blue, and green. As long as her horns.

History: Thalia used to be a part of a weredragon regime until her regime was ambushed and she was caught in the midst of the battle. She was fortunate enough to flee, but her comrades had fallen due to battle. After a couple thousand years of being a part of a war that she knew she wasn't going to get anywhere with; she wanted no more part of it and escaped the grasps of battle. The adrenaline gone. She wanted to meet new people, better people and she set out on an adventure. She found a bond, one that she thought she could trust, but that bond denied her and she was chained up after a bad day. Ever since that day, her bond, Makai never came back for her and he was a human. Jt was unfortunate for her and she built up so much rage for yer couple centuries of years. Makai long dead and her chains rusting, but the magic on them never faded. Until she was rescued by a bandit dragon guild. Ever since that point on she's been traveling with them and avoided humans as long as she could. In order to keep up with the other pure dragons, Thalia had to use her air magic which improved her ability to fly. For now, she's doing what she can to earn the respect of the other dragons and members of the bandit dragon guild. Even if this path wasn't the good choice, it's a good way for Thalia to unleash her rages every full moon. Plus, whenever the other dragons get too annoying she can always play her music to charm them.


Thalia has the ability to control the elements of Ice and Air. She can play music to charm and seduce her targets. She can also be deceptive and have a natural talent to woo her targets.

Magic Strengths Her musical talents can be charming some of the time. She can lure her targets towards her, it can be any creature with blood, skin, and bones, and that has no resistances to being charmed. If one looked at her old prison location a huge pile of bones can be found that's strewed about. During war, she has frozen her enemies and can lift them up into the air. Using her abilities of Air and Ice to do so. As long as she has a lot of built up energy to use her powers she's strong, and if not she'll use her rage. However, she'll have to wait for the full moon for her rage to work completely. Which comes in play when her old regime would call out for ambushes in the middle of the night.
  • Ice Breath: Thalia can breath a ray of ice and frost. Freezing her targets for a few seconds which is all she needs before she drives her sword through the blocks of ice and shatters her enemies.
  • Flight: Thalia can cast flight in order to improve her flying. Since her wings are small this gives her a good benefit and it helps her keep up with the rest of the dragons. However, she will need to rest every once awhile.
  • Musical Charm: Thalia can project a luring music from her vocals which can cause her targets to fall asleep or be charmed either by her beauty or by her voice.
  • Deception: She has the ability to deceive her targets and to woo them with her beauty.
Magic Limitations:
  • Her Elemental abilities like: Ice and Air, have cooldowns. She can use them for a certain X amount of time depending on how much she uses her powers throughout the day.
  • Her Flight Improvement can be used as much as she wills it, but she needs to rest at every stop.
  • Her musical charms can only work depending on how strong willed her target is. Her music charms can only last up to 1 minute if she really concentrates and if her target doesn't resist it. It's shorter if they do.
  • Charm: Thalia's ability to deceive people can only work if they really feel awkward around her or is in awe of her human form. It would only work in her dragon form if they are feared or intimidated by her. (which may or may not happen a lot).
  • If she charms her targets they can only last x amount of time depending on the player's choice of will. (meaning how strong they are mentally)
  • Another note: When she uses her powers, her so called "cool downs" is just the amount of energy she uses throughout the day. Depending on how much energy she uses, she'll have to rest at the end of the day.
Other Notes:
Thalia used to be a part of a weredragon mercenary guild known as the Eternal Spirits. They're long forgotten now and Thalia was the last one of the Eternal Spirits to have escaped a deadly battle between another weredragon guild.
*will make this a lot more prettier looking later*
Jun 27 2018, 12:57 PM
Hello BTACD! My name is ChrisGaming or Chris for short. A little info about me is that I'm 19, been RPing for a little over 2 years now on forum sites. Even been making my own, but don't want to advertise.

I'm a huge D&D nerd, been playing that ever since my Middle School years. I love to write have a few fun books in the process and then writing my own official pro book about a royal fantasy family and chaos ruining/running the world (pretty great huh). My favorite color is green I have two dogs and a cat and I work with my uncle for carpentry work. It's his business and I've been working with him for a few years now.

If there's anything you'd like to ask me at all; please do feel for or just glare at my messages. They can be quite intimidating I know, but don't worry I won't bite. :)
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