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Jul 12 2018, 05:57 AM
**Name:** Elwin

**Gender:** Male

**Species:** Forest Xeriin / Famine Demon hybrid

**Appearance:** Elwin is tall and almost too skinny to be healthy. He's bony, and though his skin is almost blacker than his hair, he has startlingly emerald green eyes and a set of green horns that are wickedly sharp. His long, straight hair he keeps tied back and low, mainly to keep it out of his horns and away from his deer ears. At the ends of his long fingers are naturally green and naturally sharp nails. These usually get dulled over the course of his normal activities, but his hooves do not. They are green as well, and even his routine walking without shoes does not dull the almost claw-like ends of them. His dark skin turns into a short but soft coat of black around his naval downward and at the end of a slight snout, as well as around his ears. His dark snout fur has made the sharp green fangs that peek out there almost poison green in appearance. On his flank are a couple of green flecks he considers a birthmark, and the underside of his small black tail shows a bright green. His current outfit is on the bland side, with simple leather trousers, a dirt-colored shirt, and a black cloak over it all. The only other adornment he has is a small golden band around the base of his right antler.

**Abilities:** Elwin is surprisingly accurate with a sling, able to hit with a rock and sling what most average archers can with a bow and arrow. He is also very adept at using the natural flora for beneficial or detrimental purposes. These skills were cultivated mainly due to his lack of stamina. Although he can be fast and is naturally graceful, Elwin can't run very long distances, simply because he doesn't realize he's using magic to enhance his speed. His Xeriin blood makes the accidental speed enhancement difficult to maintain, and though his footing is sure on almost any surface, he has to take frequent breaks on anything overly arduous because of the magic exhaustion. Rest seems to do the trick, but he is physically incapable of falling asleep if too many others are nearby. His body just seems to wake up and stay awake, even if everyone else is still asleep. He has tried using this to his advantage with some success when attempting longer journeys, and he has figured out the larger the group, the longer he can travel; however, it usually takes a group upwards of 15 members for him to maintain energy to travel all day, but that tends to take its toll on his senses since sleep is impossible with that many people around. When traveling with groups, he stands watch all night, using his naturally sensitive hearing and inability to sleep to detect danger and protect his baggage.

**History:** He doesn't remember it, but his mother was an adventurous, flighty airhead of a young forest Xeriin who suffered from extreme wanderlust. His father was an exiled Famine demon who was not the most dedicated of partners. The demon ran off before Elwin was born, and after a time more of wandering his mother "settled down". One of his only memories of his mother was as she promised to come back to their temporary shelter by the end of the day. She never came back, so he has been fending for himself for almost as long as he can remember. His mother never told him anything about the Xeriin kins that he can remember or where he might find them, and he constantly feels a strange urge to go with anyone through portals. He has a detrimentally difficult time trusting others with anything. For a time, he would go to the nearby villages and ask the villagers if they would like to try a special tea or bread or spice, but after the people began to link his arrival with the unnatural sicknesses that appeared in their midst, he moved on. In this manner, he has discovered, through trial and error, which herbs can be used to energize, and which can be used to kill, as well as the average dose required for the effects. Although he would like to join the Onyx Faction simply for the heck of it, he knows that there are arduous physical tests he would not be able to pass. He does regularly attempt to make his abilities available to those with the onyx pendant, though his experimentation is never truly over and some have not worked as well as they maybe should have. He currently lives outside some city he hasn't bothered to learn the name of, tending a large garden of various herbs he brings in to trade for other important materials or seeds.

**Personality:** He trusts very little to others and is a naturally cautious and curious creature. He doesn't shy from lying to protect what he considers his and is overly possessive, mainly because he has an irrational fear of loosing things, though not necessarily people. In fact, he has a difficult time making emotional connections to other sentient creatures at all and can often be found using them in herbal experiments or manipulating them into something akin to "scratch my back, I'll itch yours". He may seem brave, but that's just another way he'll protect what's his if he is directly threatened.
Jun 17 2018, 01:44 PM
I suck at keeping track of my own threads, so they're all going here... eventually...

ANYWHO, H=Historical, PB=Plot Based, LB=lore Based.
And now, my 2018 charries and their threads:

Hamid [x] Avian || Male
H: Honey Hunters
PB: Dreamseen

Cofae [x] Naga || Female
none :c

Borris [x] Vystrian Wolf || Male
PB: Wind Like Knives

Elwin [x] Xeriin/Demon || Male
PB: Possibly Reliable
Jun 8 2018, 08:22 AM
**Name:** Borris
**Gender:** Male
**Species:** Vystian Wolf
**Appearance:** Borris is large, for a Vystrian wolf. He is almost 4' tall and has a barrel chest. His front paws are naturally splayed when he walks, and he does his best to keep his fangs within his mouth. He has a small set of horns on his head, though they're more like rock hard knobs on his head than horns. His pelt is an almost steel blue, though it leans more to the grey side of the spectrum. His pelt is also crossed with bright cobalt blue slashes, though they are most dense on his flanks, and a few unnatural stripes on his shoulder and head where the fur has turned pure white. He used to have a white ferret companion, but that's explained later.
**Abilities:** Borris is a lethal tracker and can follow even the faintest scent, but his build often leaves a rather large trail behind him. An affinity for the earth element also provides a strange sense of another's motion through his paw pads, but it only works while standing still. Most think his large size is also a benefit, but his attacking strategies usually involve running away, since actually fighting is a clumsy affair. He has some minor barrier capabilities, where he can create up to three moderate barriers about the size of his paw, but without his companion's healing compliment, he isn't confident in using it. Although he also has intense mindspeak abilities, being able to feel some of what the other feels in times of great connection, he prefers privacy.

**History:** Borris was originally from a small pack, barely ten members of mostly dire wolves, who had no need for a wolf who didn't fight. The pack tried to convince him to fight for most of his time there. They started by telling him how difficult it was to defend him when a fight broke out, or how painful it was to not be able to depend on him to defend the territory. They tried to offer him more of a share of each kill if he would just go out and protect the small bit of territory they had like the rest of them. Some of the larger dires began to ignore him, or not so playfully shove him, or steal his portion of the meals he helped find. They tried threatening to tell every nearby wolf that he was diseased and needed to be put down. The last tactic they attempted was to force Borris to fight for the defense of his familiar, a lively white ferret he had lovingly nicknamed Snowfire. The pack went too far, accidentally killing the small creature while Borris was linked tightly to it. He felt a sharp measure of his companion's pain before its mind just... slipped away. Borris was distraught and actively fought for the first time in his life, going straight for the killer. He ended up walking away from that fight with a few serious scratches around his head and shoulders. His pack was ecstatic about his sudden fighting spirit, but Borris disappeared as soon as he was able. He wandered for a time, mainly living off of fish and small game, before he stumbled into the Myr pack grounds. A realization that he was lonely helped fuel his next decision. He hopes this time around will be better and currently tracks the pack's current whereabouts.
**Personality:** Borris is a lively sort who would like to trust, but has a few issues when it comes to relationships. He's prone to teasing, and avoids topics about his past and companion. Privacy is rather important to him, and he gets rather snappish when others try to use mindspeak with him. If and when he does make a connection with the rest of the pack, he grows overprotective ((for obvious reasons)) especially toward those who he is convinced can't defend themselves.
Jun 4 2018, 06:45 PM
@Bucketorandomness and @Couvina

Lizzarkyth, specifically Gotajk

Sunset and cloudy

24 years ago, the start of the end of the solitude, where all the refugees are coming in.

Lyuddmyrh and Hamid
Jun 1 2018, 07:09 PM
**Name:** Cofae
**Gender:** Female
**Species:** Naga, humanoid snakekind
**Appearance:** Cofae is a rather dull snakekind. Her scales do not shine in the light, but they are a kind of dusty brown. Along her spine is a play of opalescent and light yellow diamonds, but these small diamonds are the only truly reflective scales she has. Her eyes are a yellow as well, and her hair has been described as very dirty blonde or lightest brown. Yes, she has hair. It only grows in a stripe in the “mohawk” space. She wears her hair in a long braid that falls thickly down the diamonds of her spine. Her nails are frequently filed down, but her pointer fingernails are sharpened “for self defense” purposes. She wears a casual, airy white top for modesty when dealing with outsiders. She is also often seen with a small flute attached to a cord she wears tied around her wrist or looped over her shoulder. Around her waist is a braided leather belt with a single pouch that contains a small journal and writing utensils. Where there are no scales, her skin shows as a dull copper brown, with white freckles frequently around the stray scales that aren’t distinctly part of her tail.
**Abilities:** Cofae is agile, after her own fashion, and though she doesn't swim well, plains country and dark caves are her sweet spots. She is quite well versed in protective hand-to-hand combat and is unafraid to use it. Other than that, she enjoys playing simple songs on her flute, though something more complicated is not always within her reach, as she is self-taught. Her letters, though, are a gift from her neighbor, and she is neat and accurate, even when copying letters she is unfamiliar with. In a magical sense, the best Cofae can do is summon a small orb of warm light about the size of her fist, so long as she is calm and concentrating.

**History:** Cofae grew up in the civilized underground where most Naga live, hearing stories from her parents about the surface-dwellers and how they shunned Naga. She never understood why people would do such, and has thus set herself the task of letting the rest of the Realms know how amazing Naga are, and though she has had a cold reception, there is still hope. She regularly keeps a journal, mainly to help her keep track of what works and what doesn't when interacting with other people.
**Personality:** Cofae is quiet and unobtrusive, and though she holds ideas of her own, she will quickly acquiesce in order to keep the peace. She is not prone to showing off, but does offer her help freely when a need is presented. When nervous, she tends to pace, a feat for someone with such a long tail.
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