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» TAKING FLIGHT, [closed]
Daedryn hovered over the small city of Auxela, her dark wings outstretched and soaking in the warm sunlight. A very cat-like purr rumbled out of her chest, while her brilliant sapphire blue eyes scanned the town below her with a protective gaze. There were probably a few avians up here in the air with her, but there was no telling to what bird wings they had.

Stifling a content yawn, the scarred half-blind female did a lazy forward flip and stretched her wings out even more. The young woman was proud of her wings,, as they drifted silently on the winds. Dark feathers made up the entire winglength, with a spattering of white spots. Her long, curly black hair often got into her eyes, but every time she brushed back a strand, it only got in the way again.

So she learned to tolerate it.


PLAYERS INVOLVED: Jinn, Hiltabilly [closed]

SETTING: Auxela, Stroen'na, Felnova.

WEATHER: Sunny, with some clouds in the sky.

TIME: current


Tuldul was sorrowed as he towards the small city of Auxela. He arrived in Stroen’na about a week ago hearing that a pack of Kamine were spotted. After flying around almost non-stop for the past week, his spirits were drained. It had been years since he had seen another Kamine and still had no leads as to where his family was.

On this beautiful day, Tuldul decided to take a joy flight just to ease his tension. It had been sometime since he had stretched his wings and simply glided with the winds. Hungry as he was, he felt like bird would be a good feast.

As he neared the city of Auxela, he saw a larger figure flying up ahead with features that looked similar to an owl. Thinking it was odd to see an owl this time of the day, he decided to make a game out of it and go after this owl for a snack. He began to glide closer.

It was time to now stalk his prey…
Daedryn hovered over the city, banking sharply and keeping her eyes lit on the horizon. No matter how much she wanted to relax and revel in the feeling of flying, she had come up to the skies for a reason. It was her turn to patrol with a few others, although she generally preferred being on her own.

Her elven ears twitched as she picked up a pair of wings behind her. What on Earth? Twisting her head around to peer suspiciously at the approaching figure, her suspicion turned into alarm when she noticed a Kamine rushing at her. At her.

Letting out an undignified squawk of alarm, she swerved around a deciduous tree and collided with a pine tree. What was that bloody thing doing coming at her?

Tuldul could sense the fear in his prey. If it wasn’t for his lost family, this would truly be what he lived for… the hunt. Flying towards this owl like figure, Tuldul almost imitated lightning dashing back and forth across the crystal blue sky.


Tuldul’s ears perked up at the sound of this squawk. Something didn’t feel right. It was already odd that this owl was alone in the day, flying around in what appeared to be a relaxing manner. Now it let out a shrill squawk that wasn’t like anything he had heard before.

Continuing to stalk the prey, the tension in Tuldul’s body relaxed as this turned more from a hunt into a reconnaissance mission. It was time to learn what this creature was all about. While following this creature, Tuldul witnessed it crash into a pine tree during an attempt to flee.

As the creature slid down the, Tuldul began to come in for a landing… ensuring enough distance existed between the creature and himself so as not to pose a threat. Coming to a stop about 50 yards from the creature, Tuldul could now see that it was part owl and part humanoid. To ensure he remained a non-threat, Tuldul lowered his wings and laid down in a sphinx like position, head cocked to the side as he tried to understand what this creature was. He had seen nothing like this before.
Daedryn scowled at the wolf-like creature, her feathers bristling in her irritation at the sight of the Kamine. Bloody things liked to go after whatever they saw as prey. Brushing down her tunic and flinging her hair behind her shoulders, the young woman glared at the creature with her one good eye. Adjusting her eye-patch accordingly, she dislodged her bow from within the lower branches of the pine tree.

At it's sphinx-like pose, Daedryn merely rose an eyebrow and continued to scowl at it. The scars across her face itched in reminder of the attack that marred her once beautiful face and took out her right eye. "Soooo," the Elf/Avian hybrid drawled sarcastically as she flung another clump of curls over her shoulder, slightly revealing one of her long, tapered ears. "What are you here for, dragonhound?"

Tuldul watched as this stranger scowled back. He didn’t mean any harm to this creature… now that he realized it was not an owl… but didn’t want to reveal himself quite yet. And then he saw it, a brief glimpse of her slightly pointed ears.

It was then that Tuldul decided to speak.

“Fair lady, I mean you no harm. I mistook you for an owl in flight and was merely hungry as I have not eaten in several days. I can’t say I have noticed your kind before. Put down that weapon and talk to me like a civil being.”

Tuldul then stood on all fours so he could reposition himself to sit in a dog like position. “I heard that a pack of Kamine travel these parts and have been in search for them over the last several days. Not having found them yet, I figured that I should take some time to break my fast. My apologies for scaring you.”
Daedryn merely let loose a breath of irritation, sweeping her fingers across the yew of her bow in a fond gesture. Leaning it against the base of the pine and carefully touching the quiver at her waist, the avian straightened her spine and eyed the Kamine with a different light instead.

"That's understandable now that I know you were doing it out of hunger." the young woman had to resist letting out a large sigh, instead crossing her arms over her chest and pursing her lips. "I might have a nest nearby, with a large stash of venison I caught recently," she offered blandly, studying her fingertips. "Don't worry about apologizing." Gesturing off-handedly, Daedryn glanced up at the guy suspiciously.

"With the war going on, it's most likely going to occur more often." Rolling her shoulders back and flexing her wings, Daedryn gave the Kamine a blank look. "I'm technically on guard duty, but my shift is nearly over. We can head out to my nest now, though." Daedryn pointed up at a few avian in the skies, while several humans and elves were wandering around nearby with wary expressions and loaded weapons.

Tuldul looked around in confusion as he watched the guards come near him. I didn’t even notice that they were so near he thought to himself. “I will return with you to your nest and appreciate the offer,” he said in return to Daedryn. “As we head there, however, I would love to know more about your kind. I have not seen a race such as yourself in my time traveling the realms and find myself intrigued.”

With that, Tuldul slowly stood up, ensuring that he did not pose any threat to the guard around. “I mean your kind no harm. Everyone can put down their weapons so we may travel in peace.”

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