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» Nova, [x] Hellhound || Female
 Posted: Sep 13 2017, 09:06 AM
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Name: Nova

Gender: Female

Species: Hellhound

Appearance: She has long legs that show an amzing amount of muscle and strength, the rest of her body is also greatly muscled. She is short furred with scales that go down her back that are hidden under her fur. Her fur is completely dark grey and her eyes are of a purple color. She possesses large jaws and long strong teeth, with threatening sabres protruding beneath her lips. Her aura and reiatsu are completely dark purple. She has thick claws she uses well to her advantage. Her tail is a medium length. Her ears are of a triangle shape and pointed at the tips.

Abilities: There is toxin at the tip of her claws. She controls when her aura lights up or not.

Personality: Nova feeds on chaos, taking delight in the suffering of others, besides those she cares about. She likes to inflict suffering on those, mainly by attacking them or maiming them. She is dominant and power hungry, showing others who is in charge. She is loyal to hell and it's leaders, and wishes to create relationships with cerberuses. Xena loves to make others feel low about themselves. She is highly aggressive and is quick to attack. Despite this, she is feminine and attractive to other hellhounds, even Cerberuses. She likes to explore and take advantage of any weak creature she can find. Her strong muscled physique makes her look threateningly scary.
 Posted: Sep 13 2017, 04:17 PM
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