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My Content
Feb 15 2017, 01:59 AM
Character Name: Ghanima Alttayih

Character Species: Avian

Character Information Link:
Jan 17 2017, 11:24 PM

WEATHER: Cold and sunny with the potential to cloud over


Ghani slept for a whole day, awakening when her mouth turned much too dry and she was shivering beneath her cloak.

She sat up, turned around in a daze. Where was she, the girl wondered. While her mind was aged, her body was young, and as a result, she could feel the form that she was in weakening. It required water, at the very least, and Ghani regretted that she had not the ability to create food or pull it out from somewhere or grow plants.

The master sorceress glared at her finely made band of mithril with the tanzanite perfectly in the middle. What was it for if she could do nothing useful with her powers? If she could find a branch to carve into a staff, or...

Ghanima's eyes brightened.

Jan 15 2017, 03:02 AM

SETTING: Bay of Birds, Auxela, Stroena

WEATHER: Calm, sunny, but not hot.

TIME: Current.

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Ghanima (Lee) && Luna (Blazeh)

oh my god i hope i am doing this right
Jan 10 2017, 06:33 AM
i did not notice this at all until today ahhhhhhhhhh i am so blur
so blur like sotong
(that is squid)

but i'll need help because there are so few restrictions here that i feel so unsure of what i can or can't do so please definitely absolutely feel free to correct me or suggest stuff or comment or even go like HECK YEAH LEE I LOVE THAT IDEA i welcome all the comments!!!
come at me, bruh B)
<33333333333333333333 looking forward to writing with you all!!! i am so excited homg
Jan 8 2017, 02:16 AM

Name: Ghanima (Alttayih, the Wanderer)

Gender: Female

Species: Avian

Age: As old as her tongue and a little older than her teeth. Way past the stage of adulthood. Physically ten. Will stop "growing older" physically at around 20.

Appearance: Her hair is long and tends to blow about her, appearing windswept, but not messy. She has small eyes, a chiselled nose and lips that are not particularly spectacular. Wings suited for long flight and twists and turns and high speeds launch from her back, large, when unfolded and wingspan twice her height even when not fully unfolded. She is short, around 140cm, appearing as a child.
At her adult stage she stands at 165cm, still considered short. She will stop appearing to age at 20 years old, although her control with magic will progress even then.
If one looked into her eyes very deeply, they would note the youth on the exterior and the eons upon eons of age inside. Ghanima carries herself in the body and mannerisms of a child, but she is very old, and should she be peered at closely one would find evidences of her true age.
A weathered armband of mithril, with a perfect sphere of tanzanite, encircles her arm. The band is simply crafted, for Ghanima has never been one for theatrics. It is very thin, very lightweight, but incredibly strong. The armband looks well-worn and loved, but it shines like a new star, polished with the utmost care by its wearer. It comes undone in a simple clasp that only Ghanima knows how to open - for it is she who crafted her band herself.
She was granted immortality by Scylla, patron of the avians whilst stooped and dying, a woman who had proven her devotion to the goddess throughout her lifetime. She was hence restored to youth - though she looked the same as she did in her past, she bore the weight of very many years within her.

Ghanima's pride and joy is in her being a Runeweaver, a master of the Kv'naer runic language. It is this ability that she is truly powerful: she carves the runes precisely and often speaks the names as she carves them, although it is extremely draining and she rarely, if ever, deigns to put the name into spoken language if it is not called for.
She rarely heals - if anything, Ghanima uses the ability to heal as an outlet to pour all her excess energy into. Her healing magic is often explosive but effective, and it gives a warm, comforting sensation - if one can stand the flash-bang appearance of the magic - it does not hurt.

She is an old, old woman, who had achieved the rank of Sorceress within the Order. Although Ghanima still thinks of herself as a sorceress, her youthful body is not able to contain the sheer power of the magic that flows within her and she is hence unable to control it well enough as she once did in her old age. As she experiences aging again, this will get better.
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