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» Hilarity Ensues, JPG, Darkeh, Blazeh, Fyfer
alternate title:
happy tree bar friends

involved players:

inside of the Red Rooster Inn with Baron as barkeep because fuck continuity that's why LOL this is an LB rawr

evening, sun just set

involved characters:
Arnus, Slain (Verridith), Esme, Rem (Dark), Oinari, Balthazar (Fyfer), Kari, Raff (JPG), Cordella, Dorah (Nechesa)

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"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"
Typical custom had bar patrons going to a tavern or inn to get drunk. So, to have a dragon arrive already tipsy might've been quite a sight to see, if the barkeep and common patrons weren't quite familiar with Oinari, and made way for the sinewy dragon to make his way to the bar without missing a beat.

The fox-like dragon made his way to the bar, swaying slightly, and found a barrel of fine ale already waiting for him. "Ya al'ays know wha' I'm after," he slurred, leaning against the bar and offering Baron a pleased smile. He took the barrel, and padded slowly to curl up near the fireplace. He took a long swallow from the barrel, downing half its contents, then sighed happily. Already another barel was being rolled towards him by a barmaid.
Cordella was a homebird - there was no denying it. Though the siren could be commissioned to go on long journeys find information, there was no place like home for her, and she would rarely leave her cave unless it was absolutely necessary. Even her way of working meant that she stayed put. Clients came to her.

Sometimes, though, she liked to come out and do something different. Occasional drinking typically provided a nice change. Already pleasantly tipsy, the siren's nose and cheeks were rosy pink, and she was humming a soft tune to herself a little dizzily. She rested her chin in her palm with a sleepy look on her face, gazing around at all the other tavern attendees, and it wasn't long before her lilac eyes were drawn to the door, pulled there by the sound of a dragon stumbling in. Quite curious it was to see a dragon in a place like this. Cordella's eyes idled on him as he curled up like a giant kitten, accompanied by a whole barrel of drink.


Across the tavern sat a much less graceful and much more loud patron. Having had a few drinks already and finding herself to be somewhat of a lightweight, Dorah was challenging a large, burly orc to a drinking contest.

"I could drink waaay more'n yoouu, Muscles!" she taunted, tripping over her own words a little as the alcohol addled her brain. The orc she had challenged snorted his amusement, and elbowed his friend, who grinned back at him.

"Y'reckon do yer, little lady?" he asked. "Alrigh' then. First round on me."

Unlike Dorah, the orc had the foresight (and sobriety) to know where the mimic's challenge was going.

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