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Yesterday at 07:21 pm
Hello all!

I have a new character based in the Arcadia Desert that I would like to toss into a side realm thread, while Ristell remains quiet. He's a good candidate to survive an escapade into the Echoing Sands.

I haven't come up with a good reason for him to be there yet, because he's a homebody who probably wouldn't venture out into some crazy splinter world without darn good motivation. A few possibilities:

-- A freak act of nature/gods sucks him into the Realm, much to his chagrin, and he has to fight his way back home to Ristell.
-- His skills as a desert navigator (well-known at home) have him reluctantly shanghaied into some sort of quest or bounty-hunting mission by unsavory elements
-- Someone manages to bribe or otherwise persuade him to join them on the adventure (he's a bleeding heart, so if you convince him of the mission's merit, he'll probably get on board reluctantly -- like retrieving a MacGuffin before evil-types get their hands on it, or saving someone's life)

If you have any suggestions for this thread, or characters you'd like to throw into it, please holler! Nurzhan's character info can be found here.

Echoing Sands: The Echoing Sands is a desert-bound Realm with a chaotic, abnormal atmosphere, one that can flare out and capture memories leaking from other Realms nearby. As such, the Sands are filled with copies of various items, trinkets and weapons, both powerful and not. Images of happenings in other worlds can shimmer in mirages, past or present, from the same Void hydra or hydras many planes away. Adventurers can often be found wandering the sands, looking for these artifacts, but few return to other Realms alive.
Jul 13 2018, 10:02 PM

Name: Nurzhan ("Light of the Soul")

Gender: Male

Age: Immortal; he does not remember his mortal birth date, except that he was born under the Lightning stars of Heru-Sothet during the Great Sandstorm

Species: Ascendant Salawa

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Nurzhan generally stays in his humanoid form these days, although his sinewy physique and sharply angular face give away his decidedly-nonhuman origins. His pelt remains the deep blue-gray fur from his mortal time, punctuated by clusters of scales over key areas, such as his knuckles, forearms, shins, shoulders, and edging his face and torso. Jagged lines of luminescent markings streak across his body, like lightning strikes. They glow brightly when he uses magic, beginning as a cool blue as he channels reiatsu and proportionally becoming brighter until they are a blinding white at the peak of his power, which is rare.

When traveling in the civilized parts of the Realm, he dons the mithril armor he was gifted by grateful smiths in Edjo. It is quite grandiose for his tastes, but he could not convince them to craft anything simpler. It is not a full suit, as Ristell's suns would not possibly allow for such an outfit; rather, it's a mail pixane capped by forged spaulders, and modest bracers 'round his wrists. The rest is simply the light fabrics most citizens of the aboveground wear to keep cool and protect from raging sands. Bundled up against the harsh midday light seems to be the only time Nurzhan could feasibly pass for human or similar.

Equipment: Nothing of note at this time; he pulls anything he needs out of the spirit-energy

  • Polyglot: Nurzhan has forgotten more about the Realms' languages (current and ancient) than most others ever learn. He retains the natural ability to understand them, though he may struggle with many unfamiliar ones due to decades of disuse.
  • Sight: Nurzhan's visions became more frequent and intense after his ascension; he loathes their effect on him, and often attempts (usually unsuccessfully), to expend his stored reiatsu and keep them at bay. Lately his visions have taken on a nightmarish tone of unchecked warfare.
  • Magical Immunity: True to his kind, Nurzhan has a latent resistance to all magic, including traps, illusions, and scrying.
  • Healing: Nurzhan is able to heal himself quite capably, but must exert heavy focus and energy into healing others.
  • Shielding, Wards, etc.: Nurzhan has learned to channel his storied energy into defensive and protective barriers of all types; generally their size and sustainment depends on how much reiatsu he has available, but he is able to tap into his own lifeforce these days, should a certain level of desperation arise.
  • Offensive Magic: Nurzhan has discovered how to better control blasts with his stockpiled reiatsu over the many decades, though it is generally only done as a last resort due to the terrible memory associated with it. Under the stars of Heru-Sothet, Nurzhan's affinity for lightning magic is only revealed when he uses it to attack, as it generally takes the form of sharp, precise strikes.
Of note, Nurzhan's aura swirls in a variety of colors, namely because it isn't his; he is simply manipulating the reiatsu of his sources.

Personality: Reserved and thoughtful, Nurzhan generally does not spend much of his time in the cities of Arcadia, preferring the familiar solitude of the desert. An everlasting sorrow permeates his demeanor, even when he is content. Early into his years of immortality, he was still able to appreciate personal relationships with the clans that knew him as a mortal salawa. But now, generations have passed since his ascension, he no longer recognizes the old clans, only their names. And none recognize him as an individual, but only see him as some sort of divine-like creature in their midst. Nurzhan enjoys a good debate, but the clans are much too deferential to him now that he has ascended. He finds the humans, sol’tera, and even an occasional sphinx are far less yielding when he looks for interaction in the cities, which provides some much-needed amusement. He is reluctant to fight in any confrontations, seeking a way to deescalate or escape long before he resorts to aggression.

Past: Nurzhan has kept to himself in the empty heart of the desert, as penance for past mistakes. He often aids Pyree merchant caravans lost on overland trade routes to Eden or Tabari, or Draiyd offering transports between Edjo and Dun Modon, traveling at night and navigating by unreliable stars, or intrepid scholars in search of knowledge in Miina's university. Even the skilled sol'tera guides from Mir occasionally found themselves needing his help in the deep dunes. For now, he is satisfied remaining a lonely guardian in the vast sands, for any who may need him.

Credit to AlectorFencer @ dA
Jul 8 2018, 04:39 PM

First Name: Adamar (Halgian for unyielding); often uses his nickname "Ado"

Last Name: Since he was abandoned at an early age and never knew his last name, this varies. He rotates through a few aliases for deception, most notably, "Rozuyo" and "Mhunei" (his own little inside joke*). Sometimes he makes names up on the spot when in a precarious situation... such as run-ins with law enforcement (he intends to be gone long before they figure out it's fake).
* Rozuyo & Mhunei are Draconic for 'nameless'

Gender: Male

Age: Has no idea, thinks he looks ~30 or so in human years

Species: Shar/Fallen* (he suspects, but does not actually know this)
* Ado came from a Shar woman mating with a Halgian Fallen. This might not be confirmed for him IC.

Alignment: Neutral-Light

Appearance: Adamar has eyes reminiscent of the Shar: hazel-green with strangely elongated pupils. His hair is tawny and thick, but it has a few streaks of pale, almost inexplicably white strands running through it. He generally wears it around shoulder-length; sometimes loose, sometimes pulled back. Every couple of years he gets bored with it and shears it all off, only to grow it out again. Perpetually tanned, sometimes to the point of being burnt. Often travels with his hood up now, no matter the weather. He doesn't spend many daylight hours indoors. Could probably pass for attractive if he wasn't always scruffy, covered in a layer of road dirt, and hiding under threadbare travel clothes.

Of average build, although above-average height due to his genetics makes him look a bit lean, even lanky when he hasn't been eating right. Fairly well-toned through the simple necessity of his lifestyle, and several hard-labor jobs. A speedy runner when needing an escape, which has been often over the years. He’s been in quite a few scrapes and has the scars to prove it, although his friends are always impressed how well he heals from otherwise serious injuries.

Equipment: He dresses practically and travels light, bringing only what he truly needs on the road. There's a bow and quiver strapped to his pack, but he mostly uses them for hunting. The long knives strapped to each of his upper legs are more useful in combat. When faced with a magic-wielding foe, the runes embedded in the metal provide a small protective boost to their bearer. Their acquisition was incredibly costly, thus making this set his most prized possession.

Abilities: Has innate abilities in manipulating light-based powers, due to his (unconfirmed) lineage, but very little technical skill. Most demonstrations of said power arise from life-threatening circumstances where he panics and lashes out with whatever he can call out from himself. It generally manifests as an uncontrolled offensive burst of pale green reiatsu, radiating outward from him and catching anything in its path until it dissipates.

Ado also has latent spirit-walking power that will be revealed to him in the future. Thus far, it has simply plagued him with strange dreams of the Spirit Realms, but he has not explored this potential himself.

He avoids touching people, having found it a strange experience, such as sensing emotions and vague intentions. He can't figure out how to avoid this, so he only uses it in circumstances where one must talk their way out; seems like he can sometimes influence the other person this way. Even at the worst moments, Ado finds himself able to talk his way out of the dodgy situations. He has a sneaking suspicion that his ability to coerce someone into doing what he wants is not simply due to his words alone, but Shar-bred males can't control any power, can they? Despite often finding himself in these difficult spots, he has noticed an impending sense of doom precedes getting into said situations. (He should probably listen to it more often.)

Demeanor, Habits, etc: When he was younger, Adamar relished rising to challenges, and sought the excitement of fights; but several years, scars, and near-death brushes later, he's learned de-escalation is generally the more successful course. These days, he first attempts to talk his way out of a bad spot. If that doesn't work and violence becomes necessary, he is capable of holding his own in hand-to-hand combat, having honed this skill for years on the streets. Sometimes he calls on the power within him, but it's never particularly controlled and can occasionally backfire... like hitting allies. The knives come out only as a last resort; he's perfectly capable of ending someone with them, but he's never gotten used to it.

Past & Current: Adamar suspects he was abandoned by his Shar mother for being male; he has no way of officially confirming this, other than his weird eyes, as he only remembers a childhood beginning on the streets. His name is Halgian, which hints at the other half of his line. It would explain the weird white streaks through his hair, if he was being honest about it. He’s too busy trying to survive to worry about where he came from, and makes every attempt to convince himself that he doesn’t care. Ado survived on the streets of Vystriana's cities, doing whatever it took to stay alive and out of prison, whether that was picking pockets at the Great Tournament of Albronel, or smuggling things (and people) in and out Ibenia's labyrinthine dungeons... for a hefty price. When the Gold Queen's guards start to circle, Ado is quickly out of Vystriana until the heat dies down. Thankfully, the Valkyries seem too busy fighting the Faction these days to chase down his half-breed arse, so he spends time in Evylon as well.

He attempts to keep to the shadows and not commit to anything permanent, preferring to wander. Adamar takes odd jobs to make ends meet, such as crewing transport vessels, loading/offloading gigs at docks, hired hand at various farms, and so on. Due to his vast experiences, he's picked up a wide variety of skills. Recently, he's become more and more involved with a smuggling network; he knows it's dangerous, and hasn't quite figured out how to disentangle himself from it... or if he truly wants to. The money's awfully good, after all. And a strange man from Millirand has been sniffing around lately, talking in hushed tones about how "The Fellowship" could really boost his profits. Ado isn't sure he wants to get involved with this lot, but it sure is tempting.

Jul 7 2018, 08:12 PM
Hello all! I'm Leo, and I'm trying to reinvigorate my love of RPing, which began probably 15ish years ago. Because I'm closer to 30 than 20, and quite grumpy about it. I work a semi-normal desk job that sometimes involves a crazy amount of travel, so you will probably see frequent but temporary inactivity notes from me, as I am often overseas for 1-2wks at a time with little internet access.

I started back on the ezboard days (lol), then moved onto sites like this... The most recent big site I RPed at was DaeLuin (RIP). I took a long hiatus from that, mostly because real life is a PITA and my job is demanding. But I'm kinda in a lull now and have some time to pick it back up again.
(Belated edit: upon reading the main page blurb, I feel obligated to say that I still have an account on Neopets that dates back to 2000. Yes, you can make fun of me.)

Because I am an Old, I don't understand the young'un things like Tumblr and Discord, so you may not see me much outside the forums themselves -- never fear! I lurk a fair amount.

I am in awe of BTACD's lore, I've been absorbing it all evening and am a little overwhelmed to be honest! But in a good way :3 It's obviously a labor of love, with so much hard work in it, and I can't wait to settle in and really appreciate it all. Thanks for reading! Hope we get to RP together soon.
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