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 The demon of Lankir Myr
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Fenrir and you

SETTING: somewhere in the wicked range

WEATHER: clear morning without a cloud in the sky

TIME: current

"Hey Tott you hear that?"
"Hear what?"
"There is something in the brush, over here!"

The small child gathered all his sticks into a bundle that he shifted to his shoulder before he turned towards his companion who had disappeared deeper into the mossy woods.

"Rith! You can't go too far from the village! Especially now that the white demon--"
"Over here!"

Sticks and thorns tugged at his clothes as he followed after little Rith. Then a small shadow flew over them and it was followed by a screeching voice so loud that it made Tott scatter his sticks everywhere.

"A HAND I COULD USE A HAND RIGHT NOW SKWAWK" The strange bird announced.

But maybe calling it a bird was a bit generous. As it landed near the terrified children they could see it had a snaking scaly tail and bat-like leathery wings. The strange animal watched them intently as if it expected something from them.

Tott kept his distance from the thing and bent over to recover the sticks that he had dropped. While Rith, hearing once more the strange rustling sound, went ahead to investigate and the strange dinosaur bird skipped after her.

Just as Tott was gathering the last of his sticks, there was an ear-piercing scream.

"Rith! RITH!" The young boy wielded the last stick as if were a sword and charged into the brush to save his little sister.

But his courage evaporated when he saw that THING. There in the forest floor, thrashing madly at air with too many legs was a thing. A brown thing the size of a horse knocked over with horrible segmented tentacles and facetted eyes each the size of the boy's head.

"I'VE FALLEN AND I CANNOT GET UP." The bird explained perched in a nearby pine. But its words were in vain spoken for grabbing his little sister Tott had run away from there as far as his little legs could carry him towards the safe haven of his village.

On a nearby moss-covered cliff grew an equally moss-covered village staring longingly into the green sea below and flanked by great stone crags. However something was not right in this place for many houses had their roofs caved in and others were completely smashed as if a great ogre had brought down his club upon them.
"YOOOOO!!! The morning sun may dawn upon us, but evilry is clearly still afoot! So the world calls for a hero of justice, who fights by daylight and flies through moonlight, blades swinging down upon the neck of the foulest of villains!"

Silhouetted by the sun, bellowing from atop a tall tree in the forest, was a crimson-suited armored samurai, weighed heavily by weapons, balancing on his sabaton's toes on the tip of the highest pine needle, apparently doing a pose which involved joining the points of the fingers of his straightened hands above the top of his helmet.

In the moment it took any sane person to gawk at and register the pose in their minds, the samurai would leap through the air, doing a flip, before landing in a horse stance, his feet SLAMMING into the forest floor, causing the earth to tremble. He thrusts out his palms, together, in an apparent attempt to intimidate the 'villain.'

In spite of his buffoonery, the swiftness and tightness of the movements showed that he was quited skilled. Whether that was at fighting or dance left much to be discussed.

"And your face is that of a villain if I've ever seen one! En garde, thee who terrorizes the most innocent of chilldren! I will take your head and add it to my collection!" As he speaks, his body does not stay still, doing a little twirl, flourish, before pointing dramatically at the creature, a nagainata held in his arm, aimed at the creature's throat...? ...did it have a throat? ...something that looked like a throat! "But enough talk, have at you, you chimera of a beast! Prepare to taste the steel of JUSTICE."

The insectoid heard the warrior's challenge and witnessed the lightning flash of the katana pointed at his neck with its unflinching and unreadable expression. Of course titan beetles lacked a throat as we know it and in its place they had six spiracles on their flanks that they drew air from but being stabbed in the neck would nonetheless be quite the unpleasant experience.

Instead of lashing out at Bankai with his many bladed legs the zirus merely offered him a rather human-looking if mechanized hand. Having performed the strange hand-offering ritual humans do when they meet eachother the zirus felt pretty safe from being stabbed for If the attacker was half the hero he said he was he would not be able to do it now.

"I've fallen and I cannot get up." Explained a voice from the sky.

There was the flutter of wings and then the clicking of nails against metal as the dinosaur-like bird had the audacity to perch on the revenant's shoulder. "These children scared me as much as I did them." The bird chattered, "heavens knows they could be as loud! Listen mister I just had a unfortunate misunderstanding with a dragon and now you. I mean nobody harm I was just passing through. I'll be right on my way if you help me get up, please put that weapon away I assure you my head is perfectly fine where it is."
Miraculously, the vigilante ronin actually seemed to consider the insectoid creature's words. "...Hrm. How do I know this is not a ruse to get me to lower my guard? With but a single thought, I can pierce you through in six different ways, you know this, creature of darkness?" The 'hero' thinks to himself, looking from bird to creature. "Okay but seriously, which one of you am I supposed to addressed!? Bah, monsters are so confusing to converse with!"

"Then again...although I am a bringer of justice, such a man must also be honorable!" With a swift motion, the samurai helps out the giant insect mechanical thing, grasping its wrist firmly - with a sudden mighty cry of HUWAHHH! he YANKS on the arm, attempting to flip the beetle on its feet with a single swift motion. He sheathes his blade, eyeing the creature with golden glowing eyes through the slits of its demonic mask.

"Hopefully, you are a creature of a similar code, and will not attack me now that I, the Great Kamen Ronin Benkei, have aided in your recovery!" With that, he adopts another pose, involving him spreading out his arms as if they were wings, and standing upon the toes of his sabaton, lifting his other leg, bent at the knee - a crane stance for the lack of a better term. As he does so, he bellows with another echoing YOOOOO! bouncing around in his seemingly hollow helmet.

"YOU ARE VERY STRONG FOR A MAN!" The cockatrice observed, flapping its wings in a small dance of celebration, as the stranger had seemingly no problem lifting the huge beetle-shaped hunk of empyrium back onto his feet. "YOU HAVE MY GRATITUDE! SQUAWK! I HAVE BEEN STUCK LIKE THAT FOR HOURS!"

The bird's pupils contracted and then expanded turning its perfectly round eyes even brighter yellow as it tried to spy the face of their benefactor behind his ornate mask. But its curiousity was rewarded, as curiosity often is, with a sudden bone-chilling scream of 'YOOOOO!' The reverberating cry spooked the cockatrice and caused it to fly off into the trees.

Pataimel did not even notice how his thoughts were no longer being voiced by his interpreter as he continued to think apologies for whatever manerless zirus rogue the ronin had met in his travels that made him think so poorly of the poor inhabitants of the underdark.

And so the zirus was left standing there, without any way to explain the cannon he had just salvaged from the crater of his forced landing in the fragant carpet of pine needles. Absent-minded, as one often gets after being upside down for three hours or so, he may have pointed it vaguely towards the great ronin as he worked on repairing the heavy chain that acted as shoulder strap for the small ship's cannon with a welder in his mandibles.

Although this cannon was of the trigger kind and its safety catch was safely on, for the untrained eye it would have appeared the treacherous creature was lighting the cannon's fuse with its breath of blue flame!
The bird might have caught a glimpse of...something...boney. Was the being an undead?

The samurai crossed his arms across his chest, nodding in satisfaction. “Hopefully your gratitude will be expressed through honor! Now if you do not mind, I must inform the children of their sa-”

His eyes caught the cannon’s trajectory. The samurai brandished its naginata at the zirus, ducking underneath the cannon’s firing line, pointing the tip right at the creature’s...neck? Where its head would connect to its torso. You get what where. “Big mistake, foul fiend! How dare you point your weapon at me after expressing such generous words of gratefulness! Have you no shame? It seems that in this case, the book should be judged by his cover! Now prepare for my ULTIMATE ATTACK! Lament upon your regrets in HELL.”

The being leapt back into the branches of the trees, and stood with its legs together, two fingers pointed up with his other hand clasped around it. The earth started to rumble….

To say he spotted him through the corner of his eye would not be accurate since those facetted orbs of litmus metal went all the way to the back of the insect's head granting him a hemispherical field of vision around and above himself; but he did catch the revenant's lightning-fast strike and matched it with the insane reaction time that only a machine is capable of-- In a blur of movement his arm was guarding his neck with an armored lower arm so that if the samurai carried through with his attack the bite of the katana would either bounce off in a shower of sparks or become embedded in the enchanted metal and risk being broken by Pataimel's brute force.

Instead his opponent feinted and dodged away but able to calculate his trajectory by feeling the turbulence in the air with his segmented antennae, placing him somewhere in the trees behind, the zirus charged at the spot where his opponent once was in an attempt to use Benkei's maneuver against himself by widening the berth between the two combatants. Of course that for the untrained eye it looked like the stupid beetle-beast had merely failed an attack against a creature much too fast for its primitive intelligence to keep track of.

Using the precious seconds he had bought the tower shields at the zirus' back parted revealing a pair of wings black as tar, and with a deafening hum he was up in the air... Tactically retreating, wondering to himself if all the stories about demons haunting this place were true after all.
"Form of Asura, HENSHIN."

Without warning bones ripped out of the ground, flying past the mechanical beetle beast. A storm of fossils flyew every which way, threatening to impale or at the very least bonk the insect if he wasn't careful!

These bones gathered and harkened around Benkei, and formed limbs underneath and above his current ones, attaching themselves to where his arms met his shoulders. Suddenly, plating would burst out of his armor, seeming to wrap itself around his new four limbs, for a total of six.

Benkei looked up from his 'technique' and ROARED with rage. "Oh no you don't! You shall not challenge the Great Kamen Ronin Benkei to a duel...and then flee like a coward! I shall not have honor sullied, neither yours nor mine!" Stomping his foot as he ranted about his sulied honor, he then thrust out his extra fists, fire reiatsu gathering into the wrists. He crossed his arms smugly across his chest as he readied, the demonic maskplate seeming to grin with sadistic delight.


The fire reiatsu crackled, shining from beneath into the wrists of the gauntlets.


Suddenly, the fire reiatsu EXPLODED and the recoil sent Benkei flying back into a tree, as four gauntleted fists flew like rockets at Pataimel, fire reiatsu trailing behind them in a series of explosions like fireworks.

The flying bone fragments dancing at the end of reiatsu strings carried enough force to easily skewer an unarmored fleshling, some could even puncture steel plate if the angle was just right. But against enchanted metal plate? The flying bones shattered to splinters on impact. Yeah the retreat was going all fine, there was so much bone-dust and junk in the air the zirus couldn't really see past his own mandibles and his outstanding field of view was rendered perfectly useless. Nonetheless he trundled on, flying gracefully as a brick... he was gaining speed at least... and then it hit him.






If missiles had been invented yet they would have made a nice comparison for what hit him (heck, perhaps we had just witnessed their invention.) Whatever it was that hit him smacked him with enough force to leave a dent in his armor... And sent him crashing through a tree or two, into a cave opening he went down in, wreathed in magical flame.

Luckily the flames didn't have anything but smooth metal to latch onto and not hot enough to melt said metal they subsided as the spell itseld faded. Once again our hexapod friend had managed to land on his back, but this time he was able to cling to the basalt wall he was partially embedded into and freeing himself he hastily skittered towards the cave roof. Bats buffeted his armored eyes and segmented antennae in their mass exodus out of the cave as Pataimel readied his gun and positioned himself to ambush the samurai should he follow him into the cave.

Then a deep rumbling could be heard coming from deep within the mountain....
The six-armed samurai took his time to reform his fists from the impact, repairing them using the bones gathered, before brazenly bursting through the cave entrance - make sure to enter not using the cave opening as expected, but through a thin part of the wall to the side with a mighty boot - debris sent flying everywhere from the impact of his sabaton'd heel.

"Did you think you could run from my fists of justice!? First, you launched your spineless limp-wristed attack at me when my guard is lowered, and now you flee when I present to you the six backhands of divine punishment in furious retribution!?"

It was then the mountain itself seemed to tremble, as if to say 'okay sick of this farcical dumb ass bullshit, rocks gonna fall, everyone gonna die'.

The samurai looked around, clearly puzzled. "...strange. That quaking rumbling was not me. What fiend dares challenge the mighty Kamen Ronin Benkei!?"

Dented and battered as it was the circular aim of the harpoon gun could barely accomplish its purpose of demarcating the armored challenger as he entered the cavern. Pataimel steadied his aim but he just couldn't bring himself to pull the trigger despite of what he had told himself he would do. Clinging to the granite roof with his stilt-like legs the insectoid re-evaluated his options... Should he just stay there and in utmost silence hope to go unnoticed by his demonic benefactor? Or maybe he should try something to clear up this whole misunderstanding? After all the samurai had constantly accused him of fleeing instead of dueling fairly and squarely... Or something like that... Maybe he could appeal to this chivalric code and try to get him off his back, it seemed like it almost worked last time.

Then the mountain roared again sounding distinctly not like a mountain this time as it hissed and gurgled like a none-too happy crocodile of immense size. Pataimel could feel the rocks vibrating as the roar changed in pitch and then subsided into a rhythmical and almost cartoon-like snoring sound.

Pataimel was not a dragon expert by any means but considering the fact that he had run into one this morning and the way his luck was going this was definitely that same dragon's cave... This added a whole new dimension of urgency to the situation. Pataimel concentrated and tried to reach the mind of his opponent.

"Dragon cave silence advised." He broadcasted his telepathic message although he had not used this power in such a long time he wondered if it even got off and the listener, if he heard it at all, would doubt it as well.
"HAH!" The revenant samurai bellowed in derision. "You think such a simple trick will fool the great BENKEI!? YOOOOOSH." The flamboyant warrior took a moment to pose for an unseen audience, rolling his head as he drew out the battlecry, lifting up one leg as he flexed with all six arms. "THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE."

"Clearly," he continued. "...this is an illusion meant to scare off the great hero who claimed 1000 heads...all in order for you to avoid the humiliation of DEFEAT! But if you are insistent on being cowardly...come out and apologize, and the great Kamen-Ronin Benkei might be convinced to grant you mercy!" Benkei slooowly put away his weapons, as he glanced around for Pataimel.

Crossing all six arms in front of his broad armored chest, he waited patiently for the...insectoid bug abomination thing's response.

The mild rumbling evolved into a full blown earthquake that caused large rocks to tumble from the roof of the cavern in a curtain of dust. Pataimel nearly slipped as the vibration of the sound threatened to dislodge the blades from their purchase in the cracks.

The roar grew in intensity as a river of silver scales slithered into view-- the eastern dragon's form coiled into the circular chamber and its long neck extended, towering over the figure at the entrance of its lair.


The dragon's voice was thunder, its red eyes glowing bright as the sun and its blade-like fangs bared at the intruder. Its neck was coiled on the side like a collosal rattlesnake and poised to strike.

But suddenly and with a grinding noise the zirus finally lost his footing and three hundred kilograms of beetle-shaped enchanted metal, blades and miscellaneous weaponry came crashing down on the dragon's head.

In a flash of silver the dragon coiled itself into a defensive ball and contorted and writhed until it managed remove the hideous insect off its face and victoriously clasping him between its jaws it raised him to about the falling distance that would kill a man while its conical teeth clamped down on him with immense strength that threatened to crack his metallic carapace.

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Benkei's reiatsu-lit eyes narrowed at seeing that it was indeed not an illusion. Who would have ever guessed that the foul insectoid beast was actually telling the truth!

"While it was not my intent, it was I, the ultimate warrior, Great Kamen Ronin BENKEIII...! ...who disturbed your slumber." After an awkward pause, his form erupted in a pose, raising a knee up into the air and flaring out all six arms with axes, swords, maces and polearms as if attempting to intimidate the towering dragon. "YOSH!"

It was then the heavyset insectbeast fell unceremoniously on top of the dragon. ...regardless of who was taking advantage of what, a true warrior did not pass up a golden opportunity! ...or wait is that more villain speak for ATTACK WHILE HE'S DOWN!

"Your implied apology is dutifully accepted, my hideous beast of a comrade! And now, for my ULTIMATE TECHNIQUE."

With a sudden burst of speed, Benkei charged forth.


It was at this point that Benkei tripped over a conveniently placed rock in the way of his foot, and the entire armored form of the undead samurai flew forward.


The fall forward unleashed a storm of assorted katanas, spears, axes, what have you at the eastern dragon's skull.

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