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» Errant Venture, Open Thread
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Fyfergrund, Zendekarian

SETTING: Moonleaf Fields, not far from the Bones of the Earth.

WEATHER: Slightly cloudy, light, cool breeze.

TIME: Five days ahead of Current.

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Kyrelia (Fyfer), Skippy (Zen)
Life in a cave was boring, Kyrelia had long since decided. Life inside a cave full of locked doors you were forbidden from opening, and couldn't open if you wanted to (which she did, despite herself) was just aggravating. About the only thing that thrilled her anymore was practicing magic, and that was largely because it was forbidden. But even that was starting to lose its allure.

Still, since that was all she had to distract herself, she'd retreated to a more remote part of the cavern to practice on her own. This time, however, she was going to try something new. While practicing with her fire, she had sensed something new. Magic, but a different kind than the elemental magics Fate had been teaching them about, before he'd made himself scarce.

Since she didn't know what to expect, she'd found the most out of the way part of the cave she could find, just in case something happened. If she was lucky, maybe Fate wouldn't notice anything, if things went wrong. But if he did, she hoped she could at least try to come up with a good explanation. She took a deep breath, dismissing her concerns, and focused.

Slowly, she could feel energy gathering, and forced herself to remain calm and focused as a red mote of swirling power appeared. She hesitated, suddenly aware that she was going well beyond simply practicing what she'd already been taught about without supervision, and heading into more active, willful disobedience. But she so wanted to get out of this cave! "Maybe if I can impress Mom enough, she'll decide to let us out of the cave," she muttered to herself.

Her concentration wavered as her thoughts turned to the brief venture she and Bastien took outside the cave, and she imagined herself in an open field, under the sun. Then she let out a startled yelp as she felt a sudden flare of energy, and saw that the mote of energy was now a gently swirling vortex. She released it but it lingered, and she was hesitantly stepped forward, then paused when she felt a sudden breath of fresh air.

Intrigued, she took another step forward, then another, hesitating at the edge of the vortex before slowly sticking her head through. Energy swirled around her, and she yelped again as it surged over her, then vanished. She flinched, and closed her eyes, bracing herself for whatever might come. But all she felt was a gentle breeze...and grass.

She opened one eye, then the other, then stared around with her eyes opened wide. Her jaw opened slightly in shock and amazement, and she flared her wings a bit before folding them as she began to fully realize what had happened. What she had accomplished. Her sense of wonder turned to dread as she realized she had no idea how to do it again. Or how to get back to Fate's Cavern, even if she could.

"Mom's going to kill me."
Scaleterror, aka Skippy, was roaming through the tall grass, seeking a meal. That blasted dragonfly had escaped from him, but he was on the trail of a mouse. He softly purred at the thought of fresh meat, something other than those unappealing shellfish of his home.
He jumped back as his acute ears picked up a vortex. He heard words of someone or other, and rushed to the scene.
'Maybe someone from another Realm!' He thought, skidding out of the tall grass. He stopped, gazing up at the new arrival. "So.... where are you from?"
Kyrelia half-expected to see her mother come swooping down to deliver a stern rebuke, but the sky remained clear, and calm. Far better than the cave that had begun to feel like as much of a prison as it did a home. She knew she'd have to face her mother sooner or later, but, for the time being, she decided to make the most of her situation.

But her resolve to enjoy herself while she could faltered when something nearby raced towards her. She started in alarm, wings spreading as she backpedaled a bit before stopping and staring at the tiny creature that raced out of the grass and skidded to a stop in front of her. Her ears folded back in embarrassment as she realized she'd been startled by something that posed no real threat to her.

Pull yourself together, KY! she silently scolded herself as she folded her wings, and looked the small creature over. Her tail curled around, and she chewed on its bladed tip as she debated on how best to answer. Probably bet not to mention Fate or his cavern. It took her a brief moment to remember which Realm the cave was on, but she could at least give the creature an answer.

"Um...Evylon. This is my first time away from home. I..." she trailed off as she looked around again, scanning her surroundings. She grimaced slightly. "I don't know where I am right now. What Realm is this?" she asked, reluctant to display such ignorance.
Skippy tilted his head. "This Realm is Xaeri. " But this was an Other! One from another Realm!
To be honest, the little saurian was tired of seeing only xeriin and other saurians and the boringness of his home. Here was something awesome and new! He had a bunch of questions but quelled them.
All in due time, he thought.
Xaeri. Well, Ky now had a name to put with her verdant surroundings, but she wasn't much better off. She knew knew very little about this Realm. Or any of the others, for that matter. She knew a little about Felnova, and a bit about Evylon, but other than that, the rest of the Realms remained a mystery to her.

For a moment, she lightly chewed on the blade on the end of her tail again, uncertain what she should do. Well, she knew what she should do. Since she didn't know how to get back to Fate's cave, she should try to find her mother. But, being out here, beneath the sun, feeling grass beneath her feet rather than cold stone, drove all thoughts of finding her mother from her mind.

If I don't tell anybody who my mother is, they'll just think I'm a normal dragon, she reasoned. After all, if they thought she was a normal dragon, they wouldn't have any reason to hurt her, even if they were angry at her mother for some reason. Pleased with her logic, she stopped chewing on her tail, and gazed skyward for a moment, squinting and blinking before quickly dropping her gaze.

"Whoa, that's bright. it's gonna take some getting used to being out under the sun," she mused to herself. Then she gazed at the small creature before her in curiosity. He didn't look much different than she was, but he was certainly not a dragon. "What are you? I've never seen anything like you before."
"I think I am called a saurian by other species, but the only reason I really know that is because some Orc that tried to kill me called me that. I'm, ah, one of the smallest, but just you wait! One day I'll be big, just like everyone else! Besides, most of my clan can't do this!"
Suddenly Skippy went from one foot tall to fifty. He was grinning, and reached out to touch Kyrelia, but his hand just passed through her. Then he went back to being one foot tall, a toothy grin on his face. "Sorry if I scared ya! It's just I see so few, and everyone thinks I'm harmless. So.... Yeah. I'm pretty lonely...."
He looked in wonder at the creature before him, and finally his curiosity burst. "What are you? How'd you get here? And can you take me out of this damn Realm?"
He clapped a hand over his mouth. "I-I'm sorry. That was rude of me... I'll just um.... Well, you probably wouldn't like my company anyways. No one does, except for butterflies. But I guess it's pretty much pointless trying to make friends..." The little saurian walked off, into the grass, his tail dragging behind him.
As the small creature spoke, Kyrelia decided she didn't want to meet any orcs, whatever they were, if they were the kind of creature that would try to kill something like the small saurian. But, before she could say or do anything else, the tiny saurian suddenly grew, towering high above her. She could only stare in shock, then, as the enormous creature reached for her, she scrambled backwards, frantically trying to conjure a fireball, when his hand closed over her...

...and passed through her. She stared in confusion, then scowled in momentary irritation as she realized it had been an illusion. It took her a moment to realize the little saurian was asking her questions when he suddenly started walking away. Her irritation flared a bit, and she pounced at the little saurian, intending to keep him from disappearing.

"Now wait a moment! If you leave so soon neither of us will know if we like each other's company," she huffed, backing up a pace and settling onto her haunches. "I'm a dragon. My name's Kyrelia. I...I really don't know how to get off the Realm. Not yet, anyways. But you're welcome to stick around until I do," she offered. She fell silent for a moment, tail twitching back and forth. "After all, you know this Realm better than I do."
Skippy had heard of a dragon but had never seen one. He was a bit perky at the thought of showing off his knowledge of the land, however, which was something his Clan lacked. He grinned, showing his tiny needle-sharp teeth. "I never thought of that! Excuse my manners, I am oft by myself.... Well, excepting my ever-constant white shadow. Yes, that means you Eveningsong! I see you watching this!"
The bushes rustled yet again, and a beautiful white saurian strode out of a bush. Skippy bowed, still grinning, but the saurian's gaze was stern but playful. She was beautiful, with silver-white feathers adorning her body. She stood a solid nine feet over Skippy, who seemed unintimidated. A crown of three golden feathers lay atop her head, and an aura of light seemed to exude from her. "Do not address me in that way, outcast. I am still royalty."
"Aw, c'mon. Astrax and Rithaal aren't around. Besides, I was right! Look, a real live dragon!" He pointed to Kyrelia with a tiny claw.
The saurian Skippy had called Eveningsong looked at Kyrelia with surprise. "A dragon? Here? I thought they had died out years ago!" The saurian sniffed Kyrelia, inspecting every scale. "You sure?"
"Pretty sure."
Eveningsong sniffed. "Remember your oath, outcast. Only seek home in a time of real need, especially with a dragon." With that, the saurian vanished, leaving without a trace.
Skippy shrugged. "So, there should be a nice place you could nestle down near here. It'll be dark soon, and believe me when I say you do NOT want to meet the things that come out. Care to join me?"
Kyrelia mentally berated herself for failing to see the white saurian that had been concealed in the bushes nearby. The creature wasn't even naturally camouflaged, yet still Ky had missed it! I'm gonna have to be more careful, and more aware of my surroundings, she told herself as the two saurians bantered back and forth a bit.

But when the white saurian, Eveningsong, mentioned thinking dragons had all died out, Ky felt indignant, and almost snapped out a retort. But she paused, and wondered if there were any other dragons on Xaeri at all. After all, this wasn't Evylon. As it was, she only just caught the white saurian's comment before the tall creature strode out of sight.

As Skippy spoke, Ky gazed around at the wide open field, suddenly very aware of just how vulnerable she might be if something really big, and really nasty, wandered by. She suddenly found herself yearning for the safety of Fate's cavern, but shook the feeling off. "You'd know better than I about how to keep safe here," she agreed, rising to her feet. "Lead on."
Skippy did his best to keep his tail in sight from within the tall grass, but occasionally he disappeared. Finally, Skippy just created a glowing blue wolf illusion to take Ky to the area he called his home.
The wolf led the pair to a clearing surrounded by stones glowing with tiny claw marks shaped into runes.
Well, at least that's what it looked like to Skippy.
To Kyrelia, it looked like a very, very, thick thorn thicket. Flies flew by and got thorn whipped, and any birds that wandered near were smacked out of the sky.
Skippy just walked right into it.
Even when the little saurian disappeared from sight, it wasn't hard for Kyrelia to follow along behind him even before the illusory wolf appeared to help her keep track of him. However, she abruptly stopped when she was suddenly confronted by a large mass of thorns. As the little saurian disappeared inside it, she warily kept her distance as it flailed a thorny vine at an insect buzzing nearby.

She circled around the mass of thorns, but saw no way to get in. "Hey, you still in there? I don't think these thorns want me getting close!" she called, scowling at the spiky mass. Covered in tough scales though she was, she had no desire to get smacked by thorny vines.
Skippy, slightly amused, poked his head out directly in the middle of a thorn stalk. "Oh, yeah, one sec." He vanished back inside, and a few moments later, to Kyrelia the bush vanished in a puff of blue smoke. A clearing was now before her, with no trace of any thorns. A small campfire, lit, sat in the middle, which Skippy was sitting beside, idly turning a twig that had a dragonfly on it. "Welcome my my humble little home! I doubt the burrow I have is your size, but I'm sure not even a dreadmaw is stupid enough to approach a mass of thorns. So... not entirely sure what to offer you to eat... but anyways, this place is ideal as any in Xaeri for a short stay." He poked the dragonfly, then, unsatisfied, but it back over the fire.
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