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Hidden Passageway
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Sha'kir's Council
Time's Hoard
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Official Bazaar
Welcome Guest!
Welcome to the BTACD Bazaar! Here you will find a variety of shopkeepers and their wares. These are the items - among other, more mysterious services - that are the rarest among all things found in the many, varied Realms. Come an take a look; you might find something worthwhile!

This IC Shop is run by the staff of BTACD. These items - and other things - will be bought with the jaden (marked as a number and 'j', like this: '100j') you earn with every post. Have fun, and thank you!
Category Name Category Description

Hidden Passageway
So you have found my shopfront; it's wonderful to see you here. Though I have no real wares to show, I can lead you to a secret tunnel hidden beneath the tent. For a price, of course...

* sells species to create as characters. once bought, is like any other OC.
Notis' Wares
Welcome to my shop! Here you will find rare items I've gathered along my travels. Offer well, for they were not easy to come by; and thus not easy to let go!

* sells rare items and gemstones. once bought, can be used freely in the role-play.
Sha'kir's Council
I see you've sought an audience with the Council; very well. My companion here is Speaker for the Gods, as well. Should you have a plea for either the Council or the gods, speak it now.

* offers favors from the gods and Vystrian Council. these are one-time events that happen IC.
Time's Hoard
This 'shop' is very special; it doesn't hold IC items at all! Instead, these items are very rare and very special. They seem to change things about the forum itself...
Zacyn's Cave
All event items, limited items, and god-weapons, will be stored here. These are not for sale!