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 Rhexic, [x] Vampire || Male
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Taiga Kazuya from Battle Spirits: Double Drive

Personal Stuff

Name: Rhexic

Age: Unknown Years (Assumed 114 Years)

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Status: Pureblood - Adolescent

In Depth

user posted image

Appearance: A fairly young vampire with uniquely styled purple hair and striking yellow eyes, Rhexic stands at a measly 4 foot, 5 inches. His skin bears a healthier complexion to most of his kind, but still appears fairly pale. He typically wears a black jacket with orange bordered outlines appearing around the collar, wrists and edge, with black boots to match. However, his pants are a fairly light grey and seem to contrast greatly with the rest of his clothing.

Though being fairly short has its shortcomings, Rhexic's being thin can have its advantages. Namely there are places he can reach or find that none with bigger builds or taller physiques can hope to reach. And aside from his physical ability increase associated with his vampire heritage, Rhexic has also been gifted with a natural dexterity and agility commonly found in those of his size.

Typically favouring darkened clothing overall, but mostly casual items which can afford him to laze around comfortably, Rhexic isn't interested in individuality associated with clothing styles. As such, he can be found in almost anything, especially when he's certain he will not be leaving the grounds for whatever reason.

Personality: Rhexic is an unusual kid. He's in a fairly unique situation compared to many others of his kind. Most would assume by association that vampires and their kin all share in their levels of bloodlust, but Rhexic couldn't be more different to his own parents. Where his parents have managed to curb their outlandish behaviour of tearing mortals apart, Rhexic is currently sitting on the fence, unable to control his own hunger urges when they spur and unsure about whether he should. He views all mortal beings as food by default, though it is thanks to the teachings of his parents and their enviable calm controlled demeanours that have paved the way for him to see the world with open eyes. Namely, that in such rare cases, playing with one's food just might be okay.

Finding it generally difficult when it comes to making friends of any kind, even so much as starting conversations with others, Rhexic lacks the level of charm associated with vampires in general. High-class, suave and intelligent, this young vampire displays none of these natural gifts and displays no interest in learning how to harness them. His parents would also describe him as being largely lazy by normal standards as he typically prefers to laze about the dwelling and waste any number of years away doing nothing. As one might expect, this becomes a vicious cycle for Rhexic as he is unlikely to find something of interest if he doesn't seek for himself.

Usually preferring when others would undertake tasks for him or perform simple (and difficult) errands/tasks in his stead for him, Rhexic can be easily pleased when others cater to his every whim. Whether they are aware of it or not. This means that should he ever find himself in a foul mood - others who present him with gifts or perform a task for him can very quickly curb whatever negative emotions he happens to be experiencing. Of course, numerous favours undertaken for him can serve to send him into a blissful high.

As mentioned previously, Rhexic is prone to brief moments of uncontrollable bloodlust brought on by his hunger. These dramatic shifts in his behaviour and mannerisms seem to irritate and annoy him to some extent but he never seems motivated to feed himself, which would prevent these very urges. One of the few things he does seem to enjoy is daytime itself and those associated with it. But for obvious reasons, is depressed by it as well.

Mostly seeing himself and his kin at the very top of the 'foodchain' of the various realms, he is under the impression that much of what takes place in the realms is beneath his notice. Or even that all things belong to him and his family in some way or another. Morals are sporadic at best within this youngster, and though he is open to suggestions from others and such, being outright given orders by others (especially those 'beneath' him can usually bring about a negative change in his demeanour.


Physical Prowess: Rhexic's physical capabilities are meet and exceed those of many of his vampire peers. Being a Pureblood vampire ensures halflings of the same species can't hope to best him in these regards and other Purebloods will see themselves matched except in certain circumstances. With this young vampire able to best the underprepared, it ensures anyone foolish enough to cross his path will not live to tell the tale.

Faster than some can hope to react, strong enough to shatter bone, Rhexic's battle strategies would usually revolve around closing the gap between himself and his chosen targets to then deal a deciding blow. While he normally chooses to simply attack with simple punches for blunt damage, he is not above using his very nails combined with his strength to inflict piercing and cutting damage in especially rare situations.

His durability, stamina and recovery abilities easily enable him to utilize this style of fighting with little regard for caution. Which can be both a blessing and a curse in some cases. His durability allows him to shrug off physical damage on part with his own strength with minimal difficulty, while his very stamina itself can allow him to exert himself to his very limits for several hours without needing to rest. His recovery abilities are also fairly extraordinary in that entire limbs can be regenerated after a week of constant sleep and rest. Though this can be accelerated by a couple of days if he is able to drink substantial amounts of blood. Smaller wounds, however, can take just a couple of hours to disappear.

Reiatsu Control: Though Rhexic's main strength is entirely based upon his physical power, movement speed, and recovery; Rhexic has other gifts which allow him to perform quite a few notable feats. Such as creating and generating limited numbers of Reiatsu orbs which can generate artificial light, alter his center of gravity to the point where he is capable of walking up walls and ceilings (sometimes pulling/pushing small, weaker beings at a whim) and can augment his own physical durability and attacking power by coating himself in varying degrees of his own Reiatsu.

Weak Points

Certain other species known for being natural problems to the Vampire can be factored under this list. In fact, even those not typically found in this list can be marked down as a primary threat to Rhexic for one reason or another. However, most notably, Lightbeasts and Halgians pose a specific problem to Rhexic for their light-based abilities alone. Other such creatures fall under this same category in particular for their natural defences against physical attacks or their immunity to the blood-draining abilities of the vampire. Such being Golems, Ghosts and other such intangible beings like Elementals.

Light magic has been noted as an issue, but natural light is also a cause for concern for Rhexic due to extreme exposure being enough to kill him within an hour. This can depend wholly on whether he has managed to feed himself before exposure as well as whether exposure is sunlight consistent. Agonising pain awaits him in the light, which is enough of a deterrent for him to follow a normal nocturnal lifecycle. Though he still can't help himself staying out 'late' for that same reason.

Not feeding for a couple of days is possible, depending on how healthy Rhexic is throughout. But eventually as one might expect, he will eventually fall into a haze where he will do whatever he can within his power to hunt down and feed upon other beings. In this state of desperation, he is unable to think rationally and will only move based upon instinct alone. Whatever short-cuts are open to him, he will take to ensure he gets fed quicker, and recognising friend or foe in this state is next to impossible. There is no bargaining or reasoning with him when he is like this and the haze will not vanish until he has ingested however much blood his body requires at the time. The longer he's gone without blood, the more he'll need to drink to bring himself back.


Surprisingly, there isn't much to mention for Rhexic's past. He was born to two vampire parents who had already learned to control their urges and had seen what their bloodlust wrought. Neither wanted the same for their son, so proposed to adopt a more peaceful lifestyle in the hopes that Rhexic might in turn do the same. And, for the most part, this was successful. Rather than go on blind rampages fuelled by bloodlust, Rhexic instead adopted a much more relaxed, bored outlook. Preferring to laze around the castle for the majority of the time or sleep wherever possible.

There were occasional times in his first century that he opted to venture out of his castle grounds and explore the realm around him. And from there, he was able to observe others of different species. There were never times when he would try to make friends or engage with others of his own accord, no matter how much his parents tried to encourage him of such. But he had no interest in doing much other than waste his days away in comfort and luxury.

That is until moments when he would experience the insatiable thirst for blood. There were days where he would succumb to the haze of his mind and hunt down any wayward mortals to consume, but once brought out of that daze, he would immediately return to his parents and go straight to sleep. Ready to continue the cycle yet again.

Wyatt Calaeus Human Junior Adventurer looking to become stronger.
Aterax Demon/Human Hybrid Godward of Pestilence looking to cause strife.
Rhexic Pureblood vampire lazy in every respect.
Finnigan Human kid sacrificed to the Dark Five by parents.
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