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This is a section dedicated to role-play using BTACD lore - the worlds, the species, the magic, etc - without the sitewide main plot or its events that affect your storylines. It's an alternate universe sandbox where you can write your characters using BTACD lore without the chaos of the main plot!
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May 5 2015, 01:24 AM
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This section is dedicated to role-plays not focused on any of the primary main role-plays; they generally take place in alternate universes or other worlds. Please read the rules section before you create your thread!
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This section will hold all staff-held holiday events and special events that happen IC. Examples of this will be IC threads made for Christmas, BTACD's birthday, Halloween, or other such fun things. Prizes can be won here, as well as jaden, and sign-ups are generally found in the Events OOC subforum.
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