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 Finnigan, [x] Human || Male
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Nash - Black Clover

Personal Stuff

Name: Finnigan "Finn" for short

Age: 10 Years

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Category: L'Zayn Blessing

In Depth

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Appearance: Finnigan is a fairly small boy with short brown hair. His eyes only ever seem to reflect fatigue or disinterest, regardless of whatever he is doing, but there are rare moments where he can be expressive. A generous number of freckles also adorns the bridge of his small nose. The kid rarely seems to crack a smile in his day to day, almost making him seem unapproachable, but his sun-kissed fair skin and relaxed stature convey otherwise. Reaching approximately four foot eight inches in height, his physique is pretty lean, revealing a fairly healthy kid who gets a lot of exercise and has the comings of some muscle definition, despite his seemingly timid attitude.

The boy can usually be spotted wearing his trademark plain blue collar undershirt which holds a brown vest jacket over the top. And beige short pants are also worn which easily show off his plain hardened shoes. Obviously not being able to get any kind of clothing which can show off his individuality or personal style in what he wears, the kid typically comes off as uncaring of his own appearance - which isn't actually the case. Were he granted the chance, he'd more than happy to express himself in much more interesting clothing combinations, with many kinds of shirts, shorts, and boots. But it's quite clear he's wearing clothes which he's not only too big/old for but were possibly handed down from others previously his age.

Personality: Finnigan is an easy-going boy who takes things as they come and prefers to coast along on the whims of others and the direction they take. It isn't always a big deal for him to go along with the group dynamic as he's much more content to sit in the back seat and let others take on a leading role. That's not to say he isn't capable of taking on responsibility that comes with being in the spotlight - he just rather leave that sort of thing to others much more suited to it. He's incredibly helpful to those he values and holds in high regard, however.

He has a considerable amount charm for a boy who appears to hold little to no interest in engaging with others. Able to reason and barter with virtually anyone he comes across. He also makes it a point to pick up on the individual traits of others and ensure he is able to communicate effectively with them in a way that feels natural. Should there be some distance between himself and another, he will only try to close that distance once he's gotten a signal of being accepted in some way. However, going out of his way to get on the good side of others is simply asking for too much, in his eyes.

Finn recognises his limits and prefers to work within them, rather than around them. If he realises he can't undertake a task, he will more than likely try to pass it off to someone much better equipped for it than handle it himself. While he is not a completely sharp mind intellectually, he has copious amounts of common sense with a keen eye for details and people that is just as profound. He takes the wishes and desires of his friends and those close to him seriously, but only to a certain extent. Namely, if he can help a friend with something he will most certainly give it a go - but he won't go above and beyond what he's capable of.

Not much of a fan of jokes, preferring to keep a straight face, Finnigan isn't like most kids when it comes to playing pranks. In fact, where creativity is a question - he won't have much of an answer to give. He prefers traditional ways of dealing with things and whats most obvious as opposed to trying something new and daring. He isn't against meeting and befriending new people, but it will take him quite a bit of time for him to truly accept them. Where accomplices go, they're much too fleeting for Finn to remember and so he runs into a lot of frustration when it comes to recalling past encounters and the like.

Particularly invested in many kinds of magic and abilities, his attention can be grabbed fairly easily with promises of the unknown. Namely, the techniques and abilities of others and of different specie are fascinating to him and he will more than likely hang on every word that is uttered upon the subject. He doesn't seem very interested in choosing favourites in much of anything, but he is partial to what is normally considered positive in nature. He clearly doesn't have too much of an intensity to him in much of what he does, but there have been rare instances where he has freaked out. These would be the moments where his composure is completely whittled down and he will lose the will to do much of anything - let alone fix what is broken. As such, he is more than accepting of a little help here and there, and is why he prefer not to overreach in any task when it's not necessary.

There isn't too much that Finn honestly regards as being fun, but he's open minded enough to give most things a try where he can. But for him, how he can appear to others also plays a factor in whether or not he will engage in something, and this consistently holds him back. Even in the face of adversity, he is much more likely to disengage and leave the matter unresolved then to face it head on and overcome it with force. If he cannot hope to avoid such a conclusion, he will do what he considers necessary - even if it is not considered 'fair' or 'humane'.


Nine Lives Joke: Every time Finn succumbs to death at the hands of another intending to kill him, he is able to return to life up to a maximum of six more times with minor regeneration being involved in order to restore his body to its original state. This is both incredibly valuable for one living in such a dangerous world, but also a detriment due to experiencing the horrors of death numerous times in a single lifetime. There are a total of seven cycles he's allowed to go through - each granting him access to a different ability from the previous. These abilities are; Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, Metal, Poison, Ghost.

But one thing to note is that after all seven cycles have run their course, Finn will succumb to a permanent death same as any other being would once dealt a final blow. In order to avoid this, Finn needs to wait for at least one of his cycles to 'reset' after a significant amount of time has passed - this being approximately half a day or so. Depending on the cycle he has currently taken on, Finn's eye color will change to match and once the intention of using the abilities associated with that cycle has been acknowledged, a large tail comprised of the substance will sprout painfully from his tailbone. Regardless of which it may be.

There is an order to the cycles, but no single cycle can be considered the 'first' or the 'last' as Finn cycles through them one after another. All that can be certain is which he is currently using and how it might benefit him. Should an enemy decide not to kill Finn at any time - he will simply remain within that same cycle using the same ability continuously, as he himself has no control over which cycle he can be in at a given time. Though he will likely know which cycle is next in the order. It should also be noted that he cannot use any of these abilities simultaneously.

- Flame Cycle: Within the flame cycle, as one might expect, Finn sprouts a tail comprised purely of flames which can be used to consciously attack and defend him with fire. The tail can enlarge up to ten times it's normal size for short amounts of time for attacks and can wrap around his body to protect himself for a time. Within this cycle, Finn has an increased resistance to all manner of fire, such as abilities, magic and natural, but he is not completely immune. Intense inferno-level situations will see him fall after some some time has passed. With this ability activated, Finn becomes much faster and agile in his movements and speed, becoming comparable to some animals.

- Damp Cycle: Within the damp cycle, Finn is able to spawn a hefty tail comprised of water to attack and defend as normal. However there are some differences between this and other cycles. For starters, Finn gains the ability to swim at incredible speeds, despite being generally terrible in the water without. It also ensures that Finn can largely absorb water-based attacks with minimal damage to himself and protect him from high pressures. This tail does not offer increased speed, instead maximizing it's defensive capabilities. The tail is also able to morph into different shapes after some considerable concentration to bolster such defences. But should be noticed that the pain Finn feels when using this tail is more an annoyance then painful.

- Shock Cycle: With the shock cycle, Finn grows a tail of lightning which is known to stretch incredible distances. This tail itself causes pain comparable to the Flame Cycle tail, but offers greater attacking properties than any other Cycle by 'super charging' his limbs for certain movements. While he is certainly capable of resisting electrical charges and lightning magic in many forms, once again, Finn is not wholly immune to extended exposure. Defence and movement remain the same with this ability.

- Aerial Cycle: With the aerial cycle, he is able to craft a tail of swirling winds. While this ability only causes minor discomfort with its use, Finn is able to move about freely through the air as if defying gravity. This ability simply makes him much floatier and agile than his other abilities but remains the same in all other respects such as attack and defence. As a result, he can even jump considerably higher and perform somersaults with ease. The tail itself can be used for attack and defence as usual, but can also swirl at high speeds to push and pull objects/people near Finn.

- Silver Cycle: Within the silver cycle, a tail of pure metal is generated, causing Finn the most pain of all other cycles. The tail is comparable to most blades and can be made thinner or thicker to improve it's blunt, piercing or cutting prowess. While this tail is not as flexible as it's counterparts, it can be used to contend with non-magical abilities and weapons. Finn himself has a higher threshold for pain than is normal as well. Being able to resist earth-based attacks and magic is also granted by this ability to some extent but there is a limit to just how much Finn can take. Its also possible for Finn to travel through the earth itself, digging furiously with the tail but how long he can remain underneath depends on his stamina alone.

- Miasma Cycle: With the miasma cycle, a tail birthed of venomous gases and liquids births from his tailbone in a similar fashion. Though this ability isn't close to being physically painful, it inflicts the most continuous damage internally. Finn gains a level of resistance against some poisons, but the longer this tail is used, the worse his health becomes over time and continuous exposure to powerful poisons/toxins will override that resistance as well. Recovery is possible after a significant amount of time has passed after the tail's use. This tail and attack and defend as with all other tails, but is most notable for being able to pass copies of itself onto other beings through physical contact. Ensuring others will be continuously poisoned until it is neutralised. Common anti-venoms and magic focused on curing poison can eliminate this tail on others and reverse drawbacks but the last known cure is to exhaust all stamina reserves. Spurred on by this ability, Finn is able to heal from wounds much quicker than before, though this will not help with losing limbs, fatal damage or even broken bones.

- Specter Cycle: Within the specter cycle, a tail of ghostly ectoplasm appears, causing Finn no harm at all despite its nature. The tail itself is hard to see as it is mostly colourless - invisible to the naked eye. But it seems to 'shimmer' in the air. This tail enables Finn to turn intangible for brief moments to avoid certain attacks or to move through solid objects, but failing to become tangible in an empty space guarantees Finn will die. This is the riskiest ability and is better off never used due to possibly fatal accidents. As for the tail itself, it can attack and defend as normal but does not seem capable of offering any other advantages in combat. Although at times, Finn would swear he's seen the realm of the dead...

Weak Points

There are many issues that come with these abilities. For starters, there is a limited number of times Finn can return to life at a time - the magic number being six. Should this be exceeded - Finn will die permanently. This is because he only has a total of seven cycles and will always use one at any given moment.

A death that doesn't involve another being with the intent to kill him can override all Finn's remaining cycles and will see an end to him permanently. Ignoring all cycles. That said, were he to naturally break his neck after a fall or drown in water, Finn's cycles will not suffice. Also, remaining within danger can also lead to him being unable to revive properly while continuing to exhaust his cycles. For example, remaining in a pit of fire or at the bottom of a lake unable to move.

Only a single cycle is restored at a time and only after a significant amount of time has passed that this can happen. This is done automatically so there is no possible way to ensure a stock of cycles for himself in the middle of fights.

With each cycle, he is granted the use of a single elemental tail tied to that cycle alone. These cannot be switched out for others or used alongside any others.

Each tail only grants a single boost to his own natural physical prowess. I.E Strength, speed, agility. These cannot be used simultaneously.

Each tail causes Finn pain whenever it's in use - depending upon the tail, the severity differs. The lightning and metal tails specifically cause enough pain to dissuade their use completely while the water and wind tails a little annoyances. The poisonous tail, however, causes internal damage and must be used sparingly regardless of his comfort levels.

Each tail grants some resistance to their particular element, however complete immunity is not possible. Being overwhelmed by constant exposure to a powerful spell of that same element is enough to cause Finn damage.

All elemental tails carry the known weaknesses of their element. I.E Water beats Fire. Lightning beats Water. Etc.

Even if there is no tail in use, it can be easy enough to determine which cycle Finn is currently in based upon the colour of his eyes. Red means fire, blue means water, yellow means lightning, white means wind, silver means metal, purple means poison and black means ghost.

Death is still death. The ways in which people die is often painful. Needless to say, Finn is wholly against dying as much as the next person and will do everything in his power to ensure his own safety.

Without the use of his cycles or tails, Finn is essentially useless. He's not any stronger than other kids his age, no smarter, and isn't much faster either. If someone were to overpower him with brute force - there's little stopping them from doing so.

Finn can still be injured and take damage same as any other kid his age. Breaking an arm or knocking him out generally means he's screwed - his cycles cannot help with this.


Finnigan was born to a pair of religious fanatics who often passed care of him over to others in their hometown. Essentially ensuring he was reared by the collective community as opposed to his birth mother and father. They were neither very invested in their kid, nor interested in shaping the kind of person he would be. Finnigan spent many days of his childhood playing with the other kids in his town or helping various people with chores and such. Namely carrying laundry baskets from one place to get washed. On days when he wasn't offering his help to the town that raised him, he'd spend his own free time reading up on various books with magical text and what abilities they could grant him. Although he was never very proficient in his studies of the world or such, he did seem to catch on fairly quickly to many of the basic spells and even how to wield a few of them.

There was never a dull moment in the kid's life as he grew older, but he did wish he could be closer to his parents and get to know them better as people. And that's what he resolved himself to do. There was a short period of time where he would help his parents out in some of their rituals but he never quite understood what it was they were trying to do. Because they lived in a pretty lively community, right? What more could they possibly want? Well, it turns out that both of Finnigan's parents weren't happy with their normal lives. In fact, while many of the magical books they collected weren't necessarily religious in nature, many were on the subject of eternal life and immortality typically found in others. They were obsessed and so were hoping to reach such heights through the use of any means necessary.

And so, they often experimented with necromancy in the dead of night or dangerously advanced magic which would have an impact upon their very lives. Nothing seemed to work though - or at least, nothing they thought was worth testing out completely, so they turned to gather favor with the Gods. Specifically the Dark Five in the hopes of someone granting their wishes. During one such ritual in which Finnigan attempted to help them, he stumbled upon texts regarding offering the souls of the innocent up for the gods in exchange for their own lives longevity. Unfortunately, while the main function of the ritual had been successful, Finnigan attempted to thwart it and ruin the ritual in its entirety. Both parents become furious with this, and in the midst of their rage, end up using their own kid as a sacrifice - killing him in the process. Unfortunately significant damage had been done and their home soon burned to the ground in the process. Watching this tragic turn of events, it was then that a curse were bestowed upon the fallen child by the gods in the hope that he might yet be able to decide his own fate one day. The 'gift' being whispered into the throngs of his very soul.

Both parents managed to escape with their lives, and were locked away by the community for the murder of their child and for the dark spells they had been using for years, but when the rubble was cleared away from their fallen home, Finnigan was found alive, despite having a broken arm and some broken ribs. The child was sent to live far away in an orphanage in the hopes of him maybe getting to live a new life without his parents and start anew. Although things might not go the way he hopes...

Wyatt Calaeus Human Junior Adventurer looking to become stronger.
Aterax Demon/Human Hybrid Godward of Pestilence looking to cause strife.
Rhexic Pureblood vampire lazy in every respect.
Finnigan Human kid sacrificed to the Dark Five by parents.
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