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» Maeve, [x] Vystrian Elf || Female
Name: Maeve

Gender: Female

Species: Vystrian Elf

Age: 200

Appearance: Maeve’s appearance is extremely rare for her kind; instead of the typical dark features of a Vystrian Elf, her thick hair, reaching the curve of her bottom in length, is the color of freshly spilled blood and masks her delicately pointed ears; her eyes are a bright, catlike emerald; and her pale skin enhances the color of the rest of her features. A small, slightly pointed nose lies under said eyes while full, ruby-red lips that are always curled into a cruel smirk complete Maeve’s look.

Also strange for her kind is Maeve’s height; she is shorter than most of her kind, standing at five feet even. Maeve appears fragile, as she has a very slim figure, slight curves, and all of her limbs are devoid of muscle.

Abilities: Despite her fragile appearance, though, Maeve can more than handle herself; she may not have an abundance of physical strength, but her mental abilities exceed them. Maeve is an excellent liar, being able to bluff her way out of any situation. Manipulation is her specialty, and her mastery of telepathy enhances it tenfold. She also has a weak air affinity, but the only thing she can muster is a slight wind to perhaps cool herself down or warm the air around her.

Weakness: Maeve’s physical ability is lacking, so if she were to ever get into a physical battle with someone, she would be vastly outmatched and would have next to no chance of winning. Also, like all Vystrian Elves, Maeve is prideful and prefers to avoid war at all costs. She is cruel and isolated, preferring to manipulate people instead of befriending them; these could be listed as weaknesses if she would ever need allies.

History: When Maeve’s parents discovered that she had only the slightest trace of elemental magic, they were ashamed and ignored her in favor of making others take care of their daughter. At first, she was hurt by them, but she soon learned that there was no point in trying to earn their love. She built herself a name and amassed a network of spies to feed her information.
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