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 Oro, [x] Xeriin || Male
"HAHAHA... Oh, no, he saw us... RUUUUN."
Nickname: Golden eyes, KleptOro, "You Damned Monkey!"

Age: 77

Gender: Male

Species: Xeriin, Forest-Kin, Monkey

Sexuality: Straight

Origin: Xaeri (Myrae, Zinofl)

Image: "Demon", Daemeon. Wukong. The Demonic Paradise, wiki/Sun_Wukong.
Character Body
Appearance: Oro is a Forest-kin Xeriin withthe affinity of a Monkey. He is medium hight, standing at about 5'10, with a slender build, coming in at about 155 lbs. Oro has no body fat, and very toned muscles, though not large. His chest and core are especially well muscled, from constant acrobatics. Oro is proportioned like a human. Oro has many monkey features, brown fur covers his whole body except his face, chest, stomach, and the bottoms of his hands and feet. He has a long tail that is strong enough for him to sit cross-legged a couple feet off the groud with. Oro's feet are an odd combination of human and monkey, his big toe is more like a thumb and his other toes are more like fingers, but he is still able to wear shoes, and often chooses to do so. Oro's face is more human than monkey, with sharp features, his ears also follow this trend. Oro's eyes are a glowing gold with silver flakes. He wears a little bit of armor, mainly an ornate chestplate, shoulder pads, and shin gaurds. He wears thight black long sleeve shirt, and baggy grey pants under the armor. When not in use, Oro wears his staff like a belt, tied around his waist.

Personality: Oro is a friendly goofball, and doesn't take many things seriously. He could look a very pissed off ogre in the eye and laught at them. Oro is playful and will mess with people constantly, his friends often fall prey to his pranks. He can come off as rude, as he has no real sense of respect for anyone, until they earn it from him. Oro may accidentally steal things occasionally. Oro is very competitive and hates losing. When Oro gets angry, his friendly expression vanishes entirely, and his eyes seem to glow with malice.

Likes: Winning, Salad, Humans, Xeriin, Jokes.

Dislikes: Buzzkills, people who are full of themselves.

Character Bio
Character History: Oro was an incredible acrobat from a very young age. He would do flips from trees and jump onto people's heads to mess with them. Oro was orphaned at a young age. He trained himself to become the strongest that he could, he did stregnth training constantly. Oro did this to win competitions for money, and food, though usually he survived off of what he could forage from the forest. He would constantly fight with the other orphans and he ended up training them himself. They became local legends and most of the area in which Oro lived knew his group. He was on good terms with most of his neighbors considered him to be a good kid. They would give him food when he would leave for his solitary training once a month for a few days, and when he returned he would always bring back neat little knick-knacks to give to those who gave him food. Upon reaching adulthood, Oro and his group were called in by the village chief to preform the coming of age ritual. They were given the task of retrieving something unique from the forest, and returning to the village with it. Oro's group returned in a day or two with small carvings made by some unknown creature, and some old teeth. Oro however did not come back for a full week.

Oro had to come back with the most amazing thing of all, he felt that he needed to win, even though this was not a competition. He ventured deep into the forest and heard a whisper, he searched for a days and couldnt find the source of the occasional faint whisper. Oro finnaly got upset and climbed to the top of a nearby tree, and upon reaching the top he found a red and gold staff lodged into the wood of the tree. Oro took this staff and it bent and changed its size, wiggling like a snake for a few moments, and startled Oro so badly he almost fell from the tree. The staff finally stopped wiggling and just went limp like a rope, so Oro decided to tie it around his waist like a belt. He returned from the forest with the staff around his waist, and the festivities comenced. There was a great feast, and Oro's staff was the topic of mush conversation. He had figured out how to make it straghit, limp, extend and retract in the small time that it took him to return to the tribe. Oro continued to grow, and mature, he became stronger, more agile,and more acrobatic as time went on. He became bored with the dull life in the tribe, all of his friends had mellowed, but he was still the same adventurous kid he had always been, and prepared to leave the village.

Abilities: Oro is an incredible acrobat and gymnist, he can preform any tumble on any surface and launch from any position. Oro is very physically gifted and can jump 10 feet into the air when running, and can accalerate at unnatural rates. Oro's senses are razor sharp, especially his sight. His sight is so well tuned that he can see details that would evade anyone but some avian species. Oro can also move with complete silence. Oro's staff can extend to any legnth, bend in any way, become as hard as titanium, and will occasionally whisper faintly. Oro's weakness is that he has no magical ability whatsoever.

Oro's staff is an ancient spirit weapon that goes be the name, "Bō." It houses an Ancient spirit that has lost nealy all of it's sense of self. Bō can extend almost infinitely, become as hard as titanium, and can bend in any way, shape, or form. It will also whisper occasionally. Bō is almost indestructible.
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