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» Krieg, [x]Human||Male
"Magic... Magic is a tool. But humans... humans were not meant to have it. No, we have tainted it. Soiled it. Ruined it for all of mankind. This is why I left the Faction. To end the ruination of magic for all kinds, not only man. And if it means bringing the Order of Mages and the Faction of Hope to ashes, then so be it."

Name: Krieg

Gender: Male

Species: Human

user posted image
Art by Raziel753

Abilities: Having renounced magic, Krieg has trained long and hard, becoming a speedy, ruthless killer without the use of the dark arts. His hook, sharp and serrated, can easily tear through flesh and skin, as well as lighter armors. While mostly ineffective against more heavy targets, he will still find ways to harass and attack them.

Krieg is a master of stealth, having learned to hide in plain sight, even with his ghastly appearance and mask. If stealth fails, however, then his speed and tenacity will do, as he rushes foes and gives them little time to counter his blows.
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